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  1. Wow - thanks for the prompt response. I never cease to be amazed at the power of opensource development! I tried to do the changes you suggested: 1) I cannot find this code in indvship.php. The closest I can find is within /includes/classes/shopping_cart.php: // mod indvship $this->shiptotal += ($products_ship_price * $qty); // end indvship 2) I notice that in the contribution that you include /checkout_shipping.php & it includes a statetment at the top. // BOF: Individual Shipping if (tep_get_configuration_key_value('MODULE_SHIPPING_INDVSHIP_STATUS') and $shiptotal) { tep_session_unregister('shipping'); } // EOF: Individual Shipping If I upload this file, I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_configuration_key_value() in /xxxxxx/xxxxx/catalog/checkout_shipping.php on line 17 I had to use the original versions to enable correct running of the rest of the store. I thought that since this code is looking for a configuration entry you may be using a new entry omitted from the sql file in the zip archive - is this the case? I assume I am using the correct version of your contribution (uploaded from the url at the beginning of this thread). Thanks
  2. Hi, am having problems calculating tax on the shipping component. (it also happens with prodrate contrib). If I select Flat rate shipping, then the shipping cost is included for tax calculation purposes - so I assume something within the contribution is different? I've got the order total set up so you have (in the following order) Sub total, Shipping, Tax & total - this works ok with flatrate shipping as I've said. When I enable Individual shipping (the shipping amount does not include tax). The tax (or VAT in my case) total does not include the shipping cost for tax calculation purposes. I need to show VAT on shipping within the Total tax amount for my customers in the UK. Am working off 13th August Snapshot Hope someone can point me in the right direction - it's probably me just being dumb! Thanks Steve
  3. sywilkin

    Attention ALL Secpay Users

    Thanks I've got a query running with the guys at Secpay - they're running some test transactions They think that there has been a change (in OSC) since last year (we've got one site up & running in production with a September 2002 snapshot with no issues) which is causing the problem. Will keep you updated. Steve
  4. sywilkin

    Attention ALL Secpay Users

    I've been suffering from the same issue with the Secpay module - did you find a fix for this? Steve
  5. sywilkin


    This is why I am confused. I checked out with Mozilla 1.01, 1.4, Netscape & your site works OK, but mine does not. I also implemented a vanilla store from 20040402 snapshot & coolmenu (no other contributions) on a local linux server & still got the same issue - viewed from IE6 works fine, Netscape Mozilla. Viewing the source html code in the browser, it looks identical to your store, so I can only think there may be something in the javascript which is causing the layers to be treated differently in NS/Moz.
  6. sywilkin


    Hi, this is my 1st post. Andreas, I have installed the coolmenu on my site & it works brilliantly in IE6 - positioning function etc works perfectly. I have a problem when the site is viewed in Mozilla or Konquerer in that the menu appears above the logo etc & does not function correctly. Any thoughts on where I have gone wrong? Thansk Steve