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  1. It looks like a lot of ppl more experienced than me are getting problems, so i think being a complete newbie here i think i will create more problems rather than solve small problems. I have decided that i will have separate products listing for all my products..., <_< that will be easier. Until i can get more experienced anyway...lol azanaz
  2. Hi All, I am kind a newbie here, Everyone kinda knows what they doing except me...trying hard not to collapse, i have worked really hard to get to where i am now,( I am a complete beginner at PHP) the shop opens in about a week and i just stumbled on the stock level problem. I have been advised to download the QTpro contribution which i did , but i'm not sure how to import that in the oscommerce files. Any help would be very much appreciated, Look forward to hear from anyone!! Azanaz