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  1. hi i personally dont use the upload tool in admin/store feeds/froogle as i have has problems with it myself... i simply download the feed and upload it via the froogle WEB browser upload tool in your froogle account... (dont use the ftp way either as you cant keep track of what goes in or out as there a few steps to get your feed apprived by the editors)... this should sort out any issues you may have and have now found a better way of uploading to froogle... wippeeee... im still waiting for my feed to be approved as i only intergrated it into my website recently and its been like a week now,... ive been told to be patient by the forums!!! urm.. anyways... regards Mh www.stocktogo.co.uk
  2. hi ok problem solved!!!! look at 'quote' the error was in my feed.php file where i had the wrong products ID set... thats all dependant on WHAT YOUR PRODUCT URL POINTS TO SO IN MY CASE - http://stocktogo.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id= HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! regards mh stocktogo.co.uk
  3. hi your problem lies with simply going to the froogle website for merchants and uploading your .txt file via the upload web tool that they provide... ONCE!!! if you get a success (FILE SENT) that means your own your way to the next step ....and then wait for the the next step should be an error - the error being file not ready to go live!!!! (it needs to be reviewd 1st by a editor you see) dont worry about doing it from the admin/store feeds/froogle your error is occuring cause you are most likely been trying to send the feed a few times now and the froogle server has locked you out... try it again in a few hours and it will work, trust me... i had the same problem and managed ot sort it or rahter it sorted it self out....lol GOOD LUCK!!! B) regards mh stocktogo.co.uk
  4. stocktogo

    google xml error

    hi im not much of a coder but managed to install the google xml feed contribution with ease..... if its coming back with the error 'permisiion denied' mayb if you were to change the permissions on the googlesitemap folder you might have luck!!! right click on folder in ftp and goto properties... you need to change 3 digit number to 777 if not then im sorry like i said im not much of a coder, i saw this was posted today and thought mayb it might help!!! LET ME KNOW HOW YOU GET ON!!! Regards M Hussain
  5. hi have manged to fix the bug that i have mentioned below.... someone wrote in a post in regards to the error, to wait as maybe there might be a .txt file which may be uploading to the froogle servers already and thats why you are getting the overwrite prompt... guess what, that was the case!!!! and im now getting a success file .txt sent....... wippeeeee... but hang on, the problem now is when i am in admin and in feeds/froogle, i am clicking on the hyperlinks of the products and images, the images work fine and open in 500 x 500 for me to view but the product urls come back with a error when i click on them... it opens my site and at the top of the page (above the header- comes a txt warning msg ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: ereg(): REG_EMPTY in /home/stock2go/public_html/shop/product_info.php on line 25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the page on my website does opens with no product found on it when it should come back with the product ... ive had a look in product info line 25 and it seemed its refering to the recently viewed contribution i installed .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- line 25 reads; if (!ereg($check_not_duplicate, $temp_recent ) ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the whole paragraph line 23 to 26 reads $check_not_duplicate = $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id']; $temp_recent = $recently_viewed; if (!ereg($check_not_duplicate, $temp_recent ) ) $recently_viewed = $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . ';' . $recently_viewed ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- please help me as im guessing this is not guna work and my products wont show on FROOGLE??? kind regards m h
  6. hi can anyone help me... I have got everything to work WITH THIS CONTRIBUTION - Live Data Feed base class+Froogle - apart from what i have mentioned below.... i can manually download the stocktogo_gmail.com.txt feed file in admin via the download button on th top menu aswell as view both html and txt version of the feed data, the error mentioned below is when i try and hit the upload button.... i read your post and unfortunatley i am getting the same error as you... look below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connected to hedwig.google.com as user stg-co-uk ready to upload... Warning: ftp_put(): stocktogo_gmail_com.txt: Permission denied on server. (Overwrite) in /home/stock2go/public_html/shop/admin/includes/classes/feed.php on line 75 The FTP upload has FAILED! Local file: /home/stock2go/public_html/feeds/stocktogo_gmail_com.txt Remote file: stocktogo_gmail_com.txt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i've looked on line 75 of the feed.php file and theres nothing really thats needed to be changed and it all seems to be the way it was..... line 70 to 75 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function upload ($targetfilename, $savefilename) { $conn = ftp_connect($this->ftp_server); $login = ftp_login($conn, $this->ftp_user, $this->ftp_pass); if ((!$conn) || (!$login)) { echo "The FTP connection to $this->ftp_server as user $this->ftp_user <b>FAILED</b>.<BR>"; exit; } else { echo "Connected to $this->ftp_server as user $this->ftp_user ready to upload...<BR>"; } $upload = ftp_put($conn, $this->targetfilename, $this->savefilename, FTP_BINARY); if (!$upload) { echo "The FTP upload has <b>FAILED!</b><br>Local file: $this->savefilename<br>Remote file: $this->targetfilename<BR>"; } else { echo "Uploaded $this->savefilename to $this->ftp_server as $this->targetfilename successfully.<BR>"; } ftp_close($conn); ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have also changed the 'Paths and Images' in feed.php with my own details ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /***************************/ /** Paths and Images **/ /***************************/ var $autoenlarge = true; //autoenlarge on by default, 500 px / 500 px var $imageurl = 'http://stocktogo.co.uk/images/'; //trailing slash on the address var $imagepath = '/home/stock2go/public_html/images/'; //trailing slash on the path var $feedimageurl = 'http://stocktogo.co.uk/feeds/'; //trailing slash on the address var $feedimagepath = '/home/stock2go/public_html/feeds/'; //trailing slash on the path var $producturl = 'http://stocktogo.co.uk/product_info.php/id/';//make sure you use the URL version of your store. This example is for search engine safe URL's ON. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT AM I DOIN WRONG????? WHY ISNT IT WORKING???? thanking anyone who can help in advance.... Maj stocktogo
  7. HEY DUDE, i was wondering if you could shed some light on this dilema of mine regarding google feed via the OS contribution... i have got as far as putting on of my dummy files onto the server and set all permissions to 777 etc etc... in regards to the cron setup, i have set my cron command to GET http://www.stocktogo.co.uk/shop/sitemapindex.xml the GET infront of the url i have researched and found i need apparantly, ive tried without it and i get a error email quoting /bin/sh: line 1: http://www.stocktogo.co.uk/shop/sitemapindex.xml: No such file or directory but when i add the GET to the command i get a email with the msg <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <sitemapindex xmlns="http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap/0.84"> <sitemap> <loc>http://stocktogo.co.uk/shop/sitemapcategories.xml</loc> <lastmod>2006-02-28</lastmod> </sitemap> <sitemap> <loc>http://stocktogo.co.uk/shop/sitemapproducts.xml</loc> <lastmod>2006-02-28</lastmod> </sitemap> </sitemapindex> does this mean i have successfully acomplished the task and my sitemap file(s) will be thrown to google at any time i wish and everyting works like it should??? please reply to this request asap as i am itching to knw the outcome of what ive been trying for a week now and really wnat to get this working... ive gone to far!!!! thanking you in advance mh
  8. stocktogo

    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    hi the prinable catalog seems very interesting indeed as i am currently trying to build 1 template for my products page so its easy for me when uploading html into the products description section and use for all of my shop items which i am yet to create (all i have is one example on my site).... im creating the html in dreamweaver at the mo and copying/pasting it into the products description but am getting a b and white page when i my design had alot of color in it....??????????? if you know anything about this problem and can help me at all with the template for my products then email me back thanking you in advance!! my url is www.stocktogo.co.uk... the problem is located if you go to the daewoo cleaner and go to its despcription... youlll find all the txt is b/w... oh just letting you know the link you have on this post doesnt work....