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  1. Schmoe

    Process to get approved for payment processing

    You need a "merchant account" to process credit cards. A standard business or checking account won't do. The merchant account usually comes WITH a payment gateway. So they process the charges, THEN send them on to your standard bank account via electronic transfer(just like Paypal). I use CDGcommerce for my stores(and am a reseller). "Authorize.net" or "Quantum Gateway" are offered, both of which have Oscommerce payment modules available. Takes about 3 days from sign-up to approval.
  2. Schmoe

    Processing the credit cards off line

    IFS - If you are storing the ENTIRE credit card number on your site/database, then you are definitely WAY out of PCI compliance. At the very least, you should use the option to split up the card digits/info and have half of it emailed to you via an offsite email address, and store the rest in your database. The PCI compliance rules SPECIFICALLY state that you are not allowed to store full customer credit card numbers on one server/place. BTW: These rules are all fairly new, so I'm not negating your 5 years of experience, I'm just saying that the rules might not have even existed/been a requirement back then. Edit: Ah, I just noticed that you are taking FAX credit card numbers. I was referring to taking online credit card numbers and sttoring them. My bad. As long as you rip up the fax as soon as you process the charge, I believe you are still in compliance. I should really read the ENTIRE post before I respond "off the cuff" ;) Jason
  3. Schmoe

    How to link OSC to store owner's bank

    Hi Buster, In order to link your client's OSC site to their bank account, you will need 2 things: a Payment Gateway and a credit card Merchant Account. The Payment Gateway just hooks the site into the Merchant Account. The merchant account then gives your client the right/approval to accept credit card transactions, processes the transactions, then sends the money on to their bank. Basically, it goes like this Payment Gateway(for example Authorize.net) -> Merchant Account -> Deposited electronically into your client's bank account. The good news is that a "Payment Gateway" is usually included when your client signs up for a merchant account. I usually use CDG Commerce for all my Oscomerce sites. Their merchant accounts either include Authorize.net: CDGcommerce w/ Authorize.net Or CDG also offers their own branded payment gateway "Quantum Gateway" for a lower monthly fee (which I believe there is a payment plugin available for in the "Community Contributions" section on the OsCommerce site): CDGcommerce w/ Quantum Gateway If you're new to this, the authorize.net solution is probably simplest, as it is built in to OsCommerce and supported by the developers. Basically, after your client signs up with CDG, the process is: OSC store ->Payment Gateway(authorize.net or other) -> CDG Merchant Account -> CDG deposits the money into your client's checking or savings account each week via ACH(just like a Paypal withdrawal, but automatic each week). If you need more help, or even help with setup, just drop me a line as I setup these stores regularly. Jason
  4. Schmoe

    Old credit card type method

    I get your point, but the credit card number is not being stored as complete at any point in this process. Just because I can see an email on my screen, and see a web browser page on my screen at the same time in no way means that these items are stored together. The numbers are still separate. One is stored on my local machine, or an alternate email server. The other number is stored in a MySQL database on a different server. The PCI DSS specifically states that the entire number cannot be stored digitally at any one server. This is not storing the number at one server.
  5. Schmoe

    Old credit card type method

    I've read through the PCI DSS compliance rules, and forgive me if this is incorrect, but I don't think they apply to folks who were using the "split credit card number" method and saving only a certain number of digits to their database. For example, I believe the PCI DSS states that it's perfectlt acceptable to actually keep and even DISPLAY to the customer the first 6 and last 4 digits of a credit card number. I realize that some people were just being absolute idiots and storing entire credit card numbers in an unencrypted database, but shouldn't the split option still be included?
  6. Schmoe

    Official thread for Great Categories

    The files and instructions for the "All-CSS" modification are now up on the Great Categories contribution page at: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2802 Let me know what ya think. :thumbsup:
  7. Schmoe

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Hi Will. Thanks for the great contribution! I modified your Great Categories contribution so that the categories are styled via CSS(no tables). I also added a hover effect for the main categories and changed the way "sub-sub" categories are displayed so that they won't look like part of the category below(as some had mentioned in this thread). I changed ALOT of stuff in your original categories.php, so I'm wondering if I should post it as an add-on to your contribution, or if I should post a whole new "split-off" contribution, maybe named "CSS Great Categories". That way users won't confuse the two, since they are incompatible. Which do you think would be best? Here are a few screenshots of my CSS version of Great Categories. It looks pretty much the same, but allows for easy customization using only CSS:
  8. Schmoe

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    To explain further: For example, you have the attributes Color: red, green, blue Size: Small, Medium, Large Sleeves: Long-sleeve, Short-sleeve If you edit the Color attribute, ALL of the attributes are deleted from any products using the Color attribute. IE Size and Sleeves are deleted as well.
  9. Schmoe

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I can also confirm this error. It's actually a pretty serious bug. If you have an attribute assigned to say 100 products, then edit the attribute, ALL of the other attributes are deleted for the 100 products. Then you have to go back in and reassign attributes for all 100 products :( Anyone have a quick fix?