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  1. hi i wonder if this contrib. works with linux as well ? my server runs cpanel w/ linux and apache
  2. Thanks man I'll search over the forum to solve the problem and I'll post the solution if I'll find something
  3. a few question after I've try the contribution in the past week I'm getting some mismatch amount if the product in tax zone, my store located in Iowa so if person order from Iowa he's getting Iowa tax class but I'm getting a different of around $1 from the amount in oscommerce to receipt in is lower. the second thing is in admin >> order.php aim save the full name and credit card and the expiration date םמ the website that a good thing for quick info. but even my site is secure in SSL i prefer not to keep the cc numbers online in the website - is there any option to show the only 4 digit the cc will be like this " john smith Master Card **** **** **** 7216 exp. 0307" instead of show everything another issue in the receipt email from the order number doesn't show the order #, it's always shows invoice: 1 instead of the real order #. also the additional information is blank doesn't appear the tax or any info. from the osc. the last thing is when customer make purchase and get error the description of the error appear only in the URL line but not in the page. thanks a lot for this contrib. and for the answers and the support.
  4. thanx man it's working now finally i got the the checkout success
  5. Well i would love to use your contrib. the osc module is as u wrote in sim and i want to go with AIM with CVV but, i can't make your contrib. work on my site i try that with all the setting with or without Delimited Respone or comma, it's working i'm getting a email with the purchase but i can't reach the last step to checkout_success i have curl with linux and ssl config
  6. yes i do i have SSL via godaddy the module that come with OSC work fine
  7. after i done all that i still have problem with this contrib. in checkout_confirmation after i type already the cc I'm trying to get to the checkout_success page to finish the purchase but I'm getting back to the payment page with the message on the top that the card is approval. by this case I'm getting an confirmation email and i can see the transaction in
  8. comma (,) the things is i do see the transaction in but in oscommerce when i try to go to checkout_success i'm getting back to checkout_payment with the error on the top
  9. i did that and now i'm getting this error "|This transaction has been approved.| - Your credit card could not be authorized for this reason. Please correct any information and try again or contact us for further assistance." the card is valid
  10. first thanx alot for this but... it seems like i can't make it work i getting this error "- Your credit card could not be authorized for this reason. Please correct any information and try again or contact us for further assistance." while I'm trying to process credit card. i try it in a different ways - in test mod or in production mod my in AIM