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  1. itchyfanny

    Zones within New Zealand??

    Hi Jon, Have you tried the world zones contribution. I'm fairly sure it has the regional locations in NZ Hope this helps
  2. itchyfanny

    cvv2 for entire order

    whew, managed to get it working, by just replacing two files. If you have already installed cvv2 for entire order and it doesnt work, then.. Download contribution Credit Card with CVV2 and replace the files provided in the mod 1) cc.php - replaces catalog/includes/modules/payment/cc.php 2) cc_validation.php -replaces catalog/includes/classes/cc_validation.php with the files in your catalog. and cvv2 for entire order will then work. The two contributions seem very much the same except cvv2 for entire order doesnt work correctly and should be removed. Or at least moved to a timewaster/ohmygodwhathaveIdone category
  3. itchyfanny

    cvv2 for entire order

    I have the same problem also. In phpMyAdmin, the cc_number is missing from the database The CVV number is ok Is there anyone who has succesfully installed this contribution?