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  1. patruskal

    Get 1 Free

    Hi Jim, Great contribution! I think that someone has already asked this question, but not quite the same. Is it possible to modify this to allow the customer to choose which free product to receive from a predefined dropdown menu?
  2. I am having this problem as well and I need assistance ASAP.
  3. Hi Leslie, I had the same problem. Your suggestion to change United States to none worked now my Payment options won't show up, any suggestions?
  4. patruskal

    Checkout Process???

    I need help with reconfiguring my shopping cart... www.newbodynutrition.com/oscommerce/ I installed Purchase Without Account and some orders come through but without credit card and shipping information. I tested it and on some orders, once I have reached the checkout process, it skips the credit card and shipping methods/information and goes straight to checkout success. It is weird. Can you check it out? I don't know what you need to check it out. I have compared my files with the files that you have attached to the contribution and I have done it correctly. Thank you in advance.
  5. Will this new contribution work for me? I contacted Ingo and he suggested that the contribution doesn't work with my version of OsCommerce. What do you think? I will take a look at the most recent version of the contribution to compare the difference. Thanks
  6. For some reason when some customers try to Checkout, they are not prompted to put their credit card number in or choose a payment method. The page displays that there is only one payment method available. But doesn't list the methods. Can anyone tell me why this would happen? www.newbodynutrition.com/oscommerce I follow instructions pretty good, I don't know where I went wrong... HELP!