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  1. Errrr... you are clicking the 'Update' button after selecting the dropdown menu aren't you?
  2. edouglas

    fast easy checkout

    I thought I had got this contribution working but I have still been having problems with CCGV which is now on the checkout_shipping page. After clicking on the REDEEM button for a coupon the appropriate message appears however then clicking confirm on checkout_shipping to move on to the checkout_confirmation page usually gives a warning message 'you did not enter a redeem code' and stays on the checkout_shipping page, i.e. it appeared that the confirm button was reapplying whatever was entered in the coupon box. After much investigation I have finally found that the following seems to cure the problem. Simply add 2 lines to the section of code in checkout_confirmation.php as shown below: //fast easy checkout start foreach ($_SESSION as $key => $val) { //print $key.' => '.$val.' - ';print_r($val);echo "<br>"; $HTTP_POST_VARS[$key] = $val; } // first two lines are for ccgv tep_session_unregister('gv_redeem_code'); tep_session_unregister('credit_covers'); // following 2 lines added by Ed to sort CCGV problem tep_session_unregister('submit_redeem_x'); tep_session_unregister('submit_redeem_y'); tep_session_unregister('cc_number'); tep_session_unregister('cc_expires_month'); tep_session_unregister('cc_expires_year'); tep_session_unregister('cc_owner'); tep_session_unregister('authorizenet_cc_number'); tep_session_unregister('authorizenet_cc_expires_month'); tep_session_unregister('authorizenet_cc_expires_year'); tep_session_unregister('authorizenet_cc_owner'); //fast easy checkout end Can anyone else confirm if they have had this problem and whether this fixes it? Ed
  3. edouglas

    fast easy checkout

    Hi Frank, Thanks for the fast response - that seems to do the trick. Ed
  4. edouglas

    fast easy checkout

    Hi Frank & others, I have been installing this contribution and whilst it has been quite a struggle I think I now have a working shop. However I was checking the customer database and the new field confirmation_key seems to store the customer's password UNENCRYPTED!! Surely this is a major security issue as many people use the same password for many things and oscommerce recognises this by encrypting the standard password field. The shop owner should not be able to see their customer's passwords. What exactly is the confirmation_key field used for and can I disable it? Ed
  5. Eh? It's already in there! Have alook at catalog/includes/classes/supertracker.php and the very first function around line 24 allows you to exclude bots. This is what mine looks like: //// **** CONFIGURATION SECTION **** //// //Comma Separate List of IPs which should not be recorded, for instance, your own PCs IP address, or //that of your server if you are using Cron Jobs, etc $excluded_ips = ''; // list is: MSNBOT Just add more ip address separated by commas. Ed
  6. Following on from my post on Nov 26th about SEO problems with SuperTracker I have made a small change that seems to have solved my problem. The problem I was having was that clicks made on the category or product_info pages were not being recorded because the SEO seemed to be hiding the true URL. This was affecting stats on the 'Products Viewed Report' and also on the 'Last 10 Visitors' report where the thumbnails were not being shown for each product plus viewed categories were not being listed. The following change appears to have sorted this problem: In catalog/includes/classes/supertracker.php change the line (in 2 places): $current_page=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; to $current_page=$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']; This now seems to give the true filename and not the SEO version of it and clicks on products and categories are being recorded and displayed in the results. I really don't know if this was necessary due to the way I have configured SEO or the way my particular server operates but hopefully it will be of use to someone else. -- Ed
  7. I'm using this contribution and it's giving me some really good results however I think I'm having some problems with compatibility with Ultimate SEO http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2823 I don't seem to be logging any clicks on products or categories at all because the URL is of the form http://www.caradiaz.com/jewellery/milamey-m-11.html with no reference at all to index.php or product_info.php. I see on this support thread a few pages earlier where Mark said: However I put a small diagnostic into supertracker.php echo $current_page; and it always shows the html URL form as above with no index.php or product_info.php in $current_page hence it is not surprising that supertracker.php is not picking up the clicks on these pages. Is anyone else having this problem or do I need to reconfigure Ultimate SEO? Thanks Ed
  8. Hi, I am using this contribution and it is working fine with no problems at all - very impressive. However... As well as being able to select products by category, the user can and will select product by manufacturer - I have put the 'fix for 1064 SQl error' mod in which stops any nasties however I would really like the thumb bar to show the set of products for the selected manufacturer. At the moment it always shows the products from the category of the selected product - which is confusing if the user originally selected a manufacturer. Has anyone been able to (or would like to) adapt this to get the thumb bar to show the set of products by manufacturer? I've been looking at the code but am rather daunted by it! Ed