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  1. I've upgraded the pollbooth code in a number of areas. First pollbooths are now multilingual, in that you can define title and options in the languages your site uses. Second, you can now define polls which are tied to a catalog category. So you could say have a poll which only showed when the customer was in the DVD category. Finally, it is now possible to post comments against a forum. This is pretty alpha code, and the layout could do with some tidying. But it works. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,20 also see the test site at www.zenwarehouse.com/new_cc_gv/catalog/ a category poll can be seen by clicking on the DVD category
  2. This is a replacement for the products_listing module. I presents a list of all products in a sub-category, including the attributes realated to each product and a quantity box for each product. What this means is that with 1 click you can add multiple products(with multiple quantities to the cart) You can see a demo at http://www.zenwarehouse.com/new_credit_cla...t.php?cPath=1_4 Download at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1129
  3. Now combined into one contribution. Download at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,282 The changes to the previous versions are as follows. Core Credit Class Code. The whole database structure has been changed. This was needed to help with the single redeem box, and to provide better reporting possibilities. Changes to the order_total ouput to allow for a single redeem box. Gift Voucher System Thanks to gdfwilliams, I've done away with separate box to show the amount in a customers Gift Voucher Account. This is now shown in the shopping cart box. The code now uses the get_content_type function to skip shipping selection if the Gift Voucher is the only item in the cart. The decision to queue purchases of Gift Vouchers is now set in admin rather than having to edit a DEFINE in add_application_top.php A new tax option has been added to treat Gift Vouchers like credit notes. If you don't know what that means it probably doesn't concern you. Redemption by email is now much simpler. There is no need to login, as the redeemed value is stored in a session variable until the user checksout. It is now possible to set a variable (in includes/add_application_top.php) to send a Gift Voucher to new customers when they create an account. define('NEW_SIGNUP_GIFT_VOUCHER_AMOUNT', '10'); It is also now possible to set the length of the redeem codes generated by the system. define('SECURITY_CODE_LENGTH', '10'); again this is located in catalog/includes/add_application_top.php If Voucher purchases are queued then the customer is informed by email when the amount is released by admin. Discount Coupon System Lots of tidying up in the admin area, including the addittion of a proper voucher usage report. A new Free Shipping Voucher (again thanks to gdfwilliams for the idea). As for the Gift Voucher a new tax calculation treating the Coupon as a Credit Note. The whole tax calculation logic has in fact been rewritten. Again like the GV system, you can now set a Disount Coupon to be sent to a new customer on signup. define('NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON', '3'); the value (e.g. '3') is the coupon id as created in admin. The discount coupon is now shown in the shopping cart box when redeemed, this also has a 'more info' link that gives full details of what the Coupon is worth including any category/product restrictions. I'm currently working on a much more intuitive way of defining category/product restiction for the Discount Coupon system. I will release this as an upgrade file asap.
  4. A number of methods have been suggested to stop session id's being added to the url when being spidered by Googlebot or other search engine bots that gets trapped by session id's. The two main suggestions are 1. Kill the session id completely. This works but makes the site unusable by anyone who has cookies disabled. 2. Use some sort of spider recognition code. usually a list of ip addresses and or a string match on the http_referer. This can be unwieldy (huge amount of ip's which need constant updating) and of course falls over if the spider suddenly changes ip. The code I have written is very simple, and works of a very simple premise. If no customer is logged in or there is nothing in the cart, we kill the session id. As these two actions can't be performed by a spider/bot then they should never generate a session id. CODE CHANGES. In catalog/includes/application_top.php add this just before the closing ?> tag //================================================================ if ( ($HTTP_GET_VARS['currency']) ) { tep_session_register($kill_sid); $kill_sid=false; } if ( ($HTTP_GET_VARS['language']) ) { tep_session_register($kill_sid); $kill_sid = false; } if ( ( !tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') ) && ( $cart->count_contents()==0 ) && (!tep_session_is_registered($kill_sid) ) ) $kill_sid = true; //================================================================ Now find the function tep_href_link (should be the first one) in /includes/functions/html_output.php After the first line function tep_href_link($page = '', $parameters = '', $connection = 'NONSSL', $add_session_id = true, $search_engine_safe = true) { add the line global $kill_sid; now find the lines if ( isset($sid) ) { $link .= $separator . $sid; } and change to if ( (isset($sid) ) && ( !$kill_sid ) ) { $link .= $separator . $sid; } [code] and that's it. Some older snapshot's tep_href_link function may appear slightly different but you should find where the addittion goes. Warnings. The code above has been tested on a clean oscommerce installation. The only problem reported has been with 'USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY' set in admin. Contributions which require extra session variables to be registered may have problems if these session variables are needed before login or empty cart.
  5. I thought a new topic was warranted seeing as I seem to have found the fix for this. The problem is obviously related to some problem/bug/misconfiguration with 4.3.0. Hiowever the problem is caused by just one line in my GV code. The line is in includes/classes/order_total.php in the collect_posts function $GLOBALS[$post_var] = $HTTP_POST_VARS[$post_var]; what appears to be happening is that if $HTTP_POST_VARS[$post_var] is null then the $GLOBALS array becomes corrupted. The fix is to change the line to if ($HTTP_POST_VARS[$post_var]) $GLOBALS[$post_var] = $HTTP_POST_VARS[$post_var]; make the change and hey - Bob's your Uncle 8)
  6. Devon, The problem is caused by the redeem process. Originally the redeem process forced you to login. This ensured the redeemed Voucher was associated with a customer account. A lot of people did not like this, so I changed it so that if you were not logged in the voucher could still be redeemed, by storing the details in a session variable. Once you do log in/create an account the value is then associated with your customer id. What is happening in your case, is that you had the voucher amount in a session (in your logged off state) You then came back and created a different account, because the session can not distinguish, the GV Value was given to the new account. Od course this problem will only occur when you are redeemin/creating accounts on the same computer.
  7. Thats one of the problems with post 19/5 snapshots. Create_account_process no longer exists and one of the reasons why my contribution will not work on these sanpshots. Now you know why I'm up to version 5 and there are still the odd bugs, coz I have to keep rewriting the code for new snapshots, rather than just concentrating on stabilization. :cry:
  8. I very much doubt it, the Gift Voucher system relies on using a customer account to track the purchase/redeem of vouchers. 5.1 will partly resolve this by forcing the sending of the GV email during checkout rather than relying on the 'send' link. However, this still leaves the problem of what happens when some one does not use the full value of the GV during purchase. It might be possible to solve this by letting them re-enter the code again at a later time to access the balance. the 2 above would then mean the GV system would be able to work without linking the GV to a customer account.
  9. Joe I've double checked my code and cannot see a reason for this. Is the rest of the email formatted correctly? Can you email me a copy of your gv_mail.php file?
  10. Yes, There is still a problem with authnet ADC. It's easily fixed though In checkout_process.php // load the selected shipping module require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php'); $shipping_modules = new shipping($shipping); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $order = new order; ******************************* Authorize.net contribution code goes here ********************************* // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order_total.php'); $order_total_modules = new order_total; What needs to be done is to move the require/instantiation of the order_total modules to before the authnet code. So, // load the selected shipping module require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php'); $shipping_modules = new shipping($shipping); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $order = new order; require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order_total.php'); $order_total_modules = new order_total; ******************************* Authorize.net contribution code goes here ********************************* // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); HTH
  11. 5.04 is in fact ready, it's out with a couple of people for testing. However this is still written against a pre-19th May snapshot and that is how it will be initially released. The reason for this is that it is a bugfix update from 5.03 and I would upset a lot of people if the bugfix update did not work on the snapshot they first used. :D I'll release a 5.04A which is compatible with newer snapshots straight after(only admin code affected) Both should appear over the weekend.
  12. Devon Is this with a standard payment method, or are you using something else, like paypal or authorize.net etc.
  13. Joe, With such a great surname how can I not help (or is that really your surname and not just a ploy to attract my attention :lol: ) Is the problem you are having with Gift Vouchers sent by admin or gift vouchers sent by a customer to a friend.
  14. Yes, The cvs updates after 18/5 included a complete re-write of the split_page_results class. Because of this any contribution using this class will be broken :cry: I haven't had a chance to go thru everything to work out the changes yet.
  15. Unfortunatel no, The discount module simply uses the cart total. The code would need to be changed somewhat to not discount special prices.
  16. teebee, Very weird, I do have a possible explanation. First does the sent to friend email have an sid in the redeem link ? If so this could possibly explain what is happening
  17. what did the admin->Gift Vouchers sent have to say about this.
  18. The Loaded file version will always differ from core osc files as they use a separate cvs. The only way to tell if the files are actually different is to use a file compare utility such as beyond compare. However I can say that you should will OK with manafucturers.php as their is no custom code in their.
  19. The 5.04 code is now ready, however rather than release now, I was hoping there would be a couple of people who could test the install before a proper contribution release. Let me know if you want to give it a try.
  20. Ryan, Hard to say, the 5.04 version is ready and I would like to see how that goes before releasing a post 18/5 version. Most of the problems would be on the admin side, because of the changes to the split_page_results class. I've already made a small start on this in a new cvs branch but you are probably looking to the weekend for a pre-release version.
  21. Martin, The code i suggested fixed a problem for me where no tax was being charged on Gift Vouchers. The problem is that $sendto is being set to false, becuase of this there is no way that osCommerce can know which country the buyers is from and so can't calculate the tax. Try removing the line altogether, and see if that helps.
  22. I think it's the Credit Class code, actually I know it's the cresit class code. in checkout_shipping.php find this code if (($order->content_type == 'virtual') || ($order->content_type == 'virtual_weight') ) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('shipping')) tep_session_register('shipping'); $shipping = false; $sendto = false; and change $sendto = false; to if ($order->content_type != 'virtual_weight') $sendto = false;
  23. BTW the contribution is based on being insatlled on 5/18 code or earlier. Don't even try installing on later code, it just won't work.
  24. Been a while since I was here, apart from being busy, the topic reply notifications seems to have gotten switched off.:( For those having trouble with the tax calculations, 5.03 seems to have been a bit of a disaster here. However 5.04 wil be released tonight. I'm just finishing the updated install docs. There are full instructions for updating from 5.03. (not too difficult) You also get the benefit of the new product/category restriction code.