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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Jack_mcs in Jssor Slider   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added code to delay javascript to make it compatible with Phoenix. Changed code to be compatible with the new advert system (Phoenix only). Changed code to allow text to be shown on the banners. Moved the jssor images to the correct location to match the code.  
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Fredi in Article Manager v1.0   
    Thanks a lot for answering Jack.
    I know these guys won't give an answer. They have such a principle.
    Harald's updates required a lot of work, but were very simple. Updating in connection with the transition to the SSL was also not very difficult. Updates related to changes in the PHP version were also not very difficult. Most of the users did all these updates themselves.
    Order from professional coders. It is possible, but if you need 1-2 modules. When you need to update an old, large, multifunctional store in which there are many modules, everyone refuses such work. I made applications to almost all the leading coders of OsCommers, but everyone refused my order. I have kept the applications and answers to them in my archive. The main answer is "sorry, I have a lot of work and I don't have time to deal with your store ..."
    The problem is big.
    Today's concept - a stable breaking of the kernel code once a month, creates additional problems. Which coder would dare to adapt an existing store for a phoenix? What guarantees can the encoder give to the customer?
    Nothing wrong. Life is a difficult and difficult path. We will go forward, even if there are artificial obstacles on the way.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to raiwa in Stripe v3 module for SCA   
    Stripe v3 SCA Version 1.1.0
    Thanks to @ecartz for the base update of the module and the help.👍
    Thanks to @Mikepo for testing!👍
    Package includes:
    Full version 1.1.0 for Phoenix!
    Changes 1.1.0
    - Update for Phoenix
    - removed duplicated language constant
    - Fixed javascript error to allow to save cards
    - Updated account card module
    - changed save card tick box to bootstrap slider
    - Updated Stripe SDK to 7.61/3.01
    Full version 1.0.17 for Phoenix!
    Changes 1.0.17
    - Fixed javascript error to allow to save cards
    - Updated Stripe SDK to 7.61/3.01
    Full version 1.0.16 for all previous OSC and Phoenix versions
    Changes 1.0.16
    - Fixed javascript error to allow to save cards
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    Smoky Barnable got a reaction from Fredi in Error In Admin   
    Any serious shop owner should really just learn PHP.  It really isn't difficult and quite empowering. You should never have any fear of changing the core. Putting yourself in a position to be reliant on a developer is rather foolish in my opinion.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to burt in Error In Admin   
    Walls are OK depending what side you're on, right.  EG:  The illegal occupation of the West Bank by Zionists.
    Again, for clarity, because some people are so clouded by other issues;
    1 (repeat ONE) person was denied access to the Club
    Fewer than 5 have been removed for reasons other than activity - just being troublesome as is evidenced in this thread, or sharking for clients.
    A couple of people removed themselves, these sheep should not now be bleating that they have no access.
    Live with your choice(s), people.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Fredi in Error In Admin   
    Dear Mr. Burton, my teacher and savior, here's how the bug was fixed:

    File admin/products_attributes.php
    Old code: from Line 540
    <?php $attributes = sprintf(<<<'EOSQL' select pa.* from products_attributes pa left join products_options po on po.products_options_id = pa.options_id and po.language_id = %1$d left join products_options_values pov on pov.products_options_values_id = pa.options_values_id and pov.language_id = %1$d left join products_description pd on pa.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = %1$d order by pd.products_name, po.products_options_name, pov.products_options_values_name EOSQL , (int)$languages_id); $attributes_split = new splitPageResults($attribute_page, MAX_ROW_LISTS_OPTIONS, $attributes, $attributes_query_numrows); ?> Correct code:
    <?php $attributes = sprintf(<<<'EOSQL' SELECT pa.* FROM products_attributes pa LEFT JOIN products_options po on po.products_options_id = pa.options_id and po.language_id = %1$d LEFT JOIN products_options_values pov on pov.products_options_values_id = pa.options_values_id and pov.language_id = %1$d LEFT JOIN products_description pd on pa.products_id = pd.products_id and pd.language_id = %1$d order by pd.products_name, po.products_options_name, pov.products_options_values_name EOSQL , (int)$languages_id); $attributes_split = new splitPageResults($attribute_page, MAX_ROW_LISTS_OPTIONS, $attributes, $attributes_query_numrows); ?> The problem is missing spaces and
    Replacement left join to LEFT JOIN
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.1   
    JcM Footer Modal Cart V1.6.2
    Updated to:
    To fix class error
    “PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP”
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to MrPhil in Would you upgrade your store to the latest Phoenix   
    I have some clients using older osC versions that I upgrade to Phoenix. I'm fine with that, except that there are a number of silly errors in the code that I need to fix at each Phoenix release, and I'd really like to see GB incorporate the following changes into (or soon after). They are in two attached files. One is 'fc' (file compare) format, which Linux tools may be be able to read, but each change should be manually examined anyway.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Druid6900 in Would you upgrade your store to the latest Phoenix   
    Well, I'm looking (not seriously) at Phoenix.
    My store works the way I want it to, looks the way it needs to and I doubt that I'll be installing any more add-ons since my current store has a minimal amount of them.
    Now, if I migrate to Phoenix and some of the add-ons don't work, like, for instance, Canada Post REST with dimensions shipping module, then what do I do?
    Since the module was abandoned by the original author, GreaseMonkey and I have, pretty much, been keeping it going.
    If any of the other add-ons don't or can't work in Phoenix, then I have a net loss and have, really, gained nothing.
    I started back when MS2.2 first came out and there was always a way to upgrade to a higher version of OsC, whether it was a database upgrade script (hell, I'd settle for some detailed instructions) or someone who uses a given module and made the leap (and was programmer enough to modify and release it into the wild).
    Phoenix has none of that. "You can do it too" isn't helpful at all.
    The add-ons I have, I need, or I wouldn't have them, so why would I want to move to an environment where I wouldn't have them and why would I want to re-install them all (if possible) if I already have an environment where they ARE installed and they DO work? 
    I've never been the type to require the "latest and greatest" merely because it's the "latest and greatest". If I have to give up things to use "the future", then, again, it's a net loss.
    As long as I can migrate to a version of PHP that keeps me ahead of ones that have been discontinued, then I'm fine.
    This isn't a hobby or part-time thing for me, I run my full-time business on the version I have (2.3.4 BS Gold) and I see no compelling argument put forward to move to Phoenix. It's just too much trouble for too little gain.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Would you upgrade your store to the latest Phoenix   
    I started using osC over 18 years ago, paid a deloper to set up the sites and he did a wonderful job and I was very happy with results. He based the sites on 2.2a which at the time was the current version. Over the 15-16 years they ran all he ever did was a couple of security patches. He never once insisted i change to a newer version and as I had no problems with the sites I never did.
    I only took the desision to move to edge a few years ago based on some poor advice from an old host. They insisted PHP5.6 would no longer be available. Moved to new host with edge and new host says you can use 5.6 as long as you like, it's up to you.
    All sites now on Edge with BS3 and they will be staying on this as they are running fine are stabel and have been modified to give me all the functonality I had in my 2.2a sites.
    Will i change again? not sure maybe if and when V3.O comes out but no rush.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to zefeena in Moving to another platform   
    Oscommerce has served me well for a long time, and I'm very grateful, but I don't feel able to do any programming or maintenance anymore.  I just want to concentrate on my business and a ready made shop, with a monthly fee, and SSl, payment processors already set up, is ideal for me now.  
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to zefeena in Moving to another platform   
    Its not just the oscommerce.  Its all the peripheral stuff.  My website went off-line today, because error logs got to big they consumed all the memory and that was that.  I didn't know whey it had happened and the host deleted the logs, so all is well - until next time.  it just seems endless checking, and messing, and I'm doing nothing but work.  The shop and hosting are all one, so if my website stopped working, I'd hope that firing off an email to someone would suffice - which I could do from anywhere without needing to sit at the computer for hours.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to cigarsforless in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    yep, just edited includes/functions/href_link.php with the changed function and all is good
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to 14steve14 in Stripe v3 module for SCA   
    Whilst I have no idea what any of this means, and again, have no idea whether this is already implemented on the stripe module I found this page after a google search on others that are or were having the same duplicated payments problem.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    Uploaded update:
    KissIT image thumbnailer 3.4.0.
    Requires Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    Change log 3.4.0:
    - Updated for Phoenix
    - moved tep_image function to separate file in includes/functions/
    - use database hook modification to use the kissit tep_image function
    - moved install script to be triggered in admin hook
    - no core changes for store side
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    Uploaded update:
    KissIT image thumbnailer 3.3.0.
    Requires Phoenix
    Tested up to Phoenix
    Change log 3.3.0:
    Added Pi Gallery Kissit module
    Admin thumbs:
    hooked all modifications except tep_image function
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to raiwa in Discount Code BS   
    Uploaded Update:
    Discount Codes 5.3.0.
    Compatibility: Phoenix, tested with Phoenix
    Updated order total module to abstract_module. Updated shopping cart content module to abstract_executable_module. Fixed some minor order total calculation errors. Thanks to @yahalimu for the report and sponsoring Changed checkout payment content module to hook and new page layout. Changed checkout process hook to checkout module. Switched off error reporting in discount.php to stabilize ajax processing if error reporting is on. Added accidentally removed "Include in order info" setting in admin/discount_codes.php.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to ecartz in When is /ext/.../standard_ipn used?   
    Just to highlight something that others have noted in passing but may not have stated explicitly enough.  If you want to test the IPN path, then don't go back to your site after making the payment.  Because if you just click quickly through everything, chances are that you get back to the site before PayPal sends the IPN.  So act like a customer.  When you get to the screen that says something like "Click here to return to the merchant", close the browser window.  Then your test will work like their order.  Because some customers do exactly that. 
    Note that both the IPN and the click through flow use the paypal_standard file.  The IPN file also has some logic of its own.  This contrasts to the logic triggered from the checkout_process file. 
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Solomono in Our First templates   
    Hello, friends!
    I`m Serhii, from Solomono. And I`m glad to introduse you our first templates:
    demo.solomono.net and clo.solomono.net
    This templates are completely diferent from standart oscommerce. Its php 7.1 ready, SEO ready, mobile friendly(bootstrap), has unlimited images for products, unlimited information pages, completely different admin panel (you can try if for free, just put your email on top of page here ), very fast attribute filter, and optimized DB queries and MANY other.
    Our main features comparing to default oscommerce:

    1. Mobile ready!

    2. Modern Adaptive Layout (with ability to edit main site colors, edit blocks in left column, main page and other places)

    3. Unlimited Information pages!

    4. High Site Speed (faster than standart oscommerce, opencart, magento, wordpress and other)

    5. SEO READY (SEO-urls, editable meta tags for products, categories and main page, texts for categories pages, editable robots.txt, generating Sitemap.xml, html-sitemap, )

    6. Fast Onepage Checkout

    7. Ajax-functions (adding to cart, wishlist, comparing, search, filtering, sorting, sliders and other)

    8. All new Admin panel!

    9. Unlimited images for products

    10. CSV import-export

    ..and MANY other! https://solomono.net/advantages-a-104.htm

    Also you can change your site colors, phones, meta tags, footer information, mainpage modules directly from admin panel. Its easy to change website design, our version has template system sililar to BTS.
    Also we can move your old oscommerce website to our new versions with full DB importing (products, categories, manufacturers, attributes, orders, customers, admins and other)
    Look more about us: https://solomono.net/about-company-a-99.html
    Solomono on Envato: https://codecanyon.net/user/solomono
    Solomono on Oscommerce: https://www.oscommerce.com/Services&developers&solomono
    So, tell us your reviews and questions pls.
    If you want to order template or some help, we would like to help you: https://solomono.net/contacts-a-76.html
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to burt in From Frozen to Phoenix   
    Let's have a little think on this (so called) useless work that "the team" (I suppose that is me ? and lately Matt ?) has done. 
    Everything we do has a purpose and if (speaking for myself only), I truly believed that most shopowners think as you do, that would be the day I quit.
    In July 2019;
    Pre Placed Shopside Hooks * Manufacturers Class File and usage thereof * Pre Placed Admin Hooks * Split Installer Updated sample products Updated Navbar system Updated jQuery Extra Security Checks * New Phoenix Logo made by external graphic designer Reconfigured Version Checker to tie into main osCommerce website Get rid of php5.3 specific code  Update to Stock Check system Modularize Cart Page  * Update codebase to php7.3 and testing of all pages/modules etc fix gzip system Removal of defunct 3rd party modules Update FontAwesome to v5 and change to new FA system of naming across files Update Navbar BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In August 2019;
    Standardise Product Listing Layout  * Remove broken Grid/List feature Update Sort By Update FontAwesome Update Data Attributes Remove Reviews page Introduce Review Modules * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In September 2019;
    Update FontAwesome Limit Reviews to Verified Purchasers * Introduce Password Forgotten Module Introduce flexibility to Product Listings * Update Hook system  Remove Defunct modules Restyle and update Checkout Tunnel * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In October 2019;
    Flexible Icon Display Show Inactive Modules  Remove Cache System Update admin Categories for Hooking, Tabbing * Start Bootstrap Admin Remove broken Banner System Add Form Injection  BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In November 2019;
    Remove broken Social Bookmarks System More Admin bootstrapping Hooks major update * Introduce Addon certification * Modularisation of Testimonials Page * Update Admin boxes * Introduce new TEMPLATE handling  * Update installation procedure Update Bootstrap BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In December 2019;
    Update Sage Pay Module Update Schema Manufacturers Update Hooks More Admin bootstrapping Liberalise SQL queries  * Update Dashboard Modules  Introduce Autoloader * Hook Reviews Update LIbrary domains  Refactor Admin Login Introduce Admin Autoloader  * Update Fontawesome Hook Admin Column BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In January 2020;
    More Admin Bootstrapping Review Stars & link More Security Checks Restyle Invoice/Packingslip Hooked Invoice/Packingslip Update Hooks page Default Image functionality  * Update installer Selectable address labels  * Updated 20yr old country list BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In February 2020;
    Update email class  * More Admin bootstrapping Refactor Hooks for pipelining * Introduce system files * Introduce customer data mods * Introduce checkout modules * Convert Braintree to an App Hooked Printable Pages Introduce MATC * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In March 2020;
    Block Form processing by Hook/App * Introduce GDPR * Modularise Create Account Success * Introduce Advert Manager * Introduce Notification Modules * Introduce new Gallery system Update for Apache 2.4 Add Hook to infobox class Prepare Switchable templates * More Admin Bootstrapping Review Stars Introduce Advert Class * Introduce PI product layout * Update FontAwesome Introduce page selector * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements So far In April 2020;
    Add Sample Data Update session variables Autostart pipelined hooks * Update page selector module usage New PI modules * Nickname Reviews Update checkout Update jQuery Extend Testimonial Hooks BUG Fixes and other minor improvements You will see some of the items above are in bold.  This is new functionality.
    You will see some of the items above have a red star (*).  This is IMPORTANT new functionality.
    All of the above has been done to modernise osCommerce and allow addon makers to make addons that change no (or very little) core code.
    By doing this, shopowners have a much easier life.  If shopowners have a much easier life, developers have a much a easier life.  You can see the circle joining.
    So, I refute your claim that Matt and I (and others) have wasted our time and effort.  I refute your claim that the above is useless.
    While the above was happening over the months, we gained 63 supporters from July until now.  1 supporter pays for 1 hour of coding time.  Do you believe that all of the above has been done in 63 hours?  I know that I have put in hundreds of unpaid hours since July, and I suspect Matt is the same.  The same goes for raiwa and brockleyjohn - unpaid hours devoted to their addons, yet able to find time to help out giving hours to core code.
    To those absolutely brilliant 63 supporters, you know that you guys allowed (and are allowing) Phoenix to fly high and by extension keeping osCommerce on life support.  To the others who have not yet been able or willing to start supporting...or just did not realise what it takes to run something the size of Phoenix...perhaps this post opened your eyes.
    I'll end with two images;

    which shows that Matt and I, between us, have about 1650 contributions in 18 months.  That number excludes;
    all the time and effort spent answer questions and giving support here at the forum and by email. all the spam busting we have to do all the times we have to read abuse and idiotic comments by PM, email, and in this forum all the other modules that we give away for free and the support that this takes and most importantly, our actual real life jobs that we have Maybe this post has opened a few eyes as to the reality of the situation we find ourselves in???
    You can either continue on as you are and end up not being a part of anything, or you can change the path you are walking on and support Matt and myself over the coming months and years.  Open your eyes, and start thinking outside your little bubble.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to bcwright in From Frozen to Phoenix   
    Unfortunately, Burt, you are doing a bang-up job of doing that all by yourself.
    I would have been willing to donate both time and money to your project, but because I've been preoccupied lately with a moving into a new house and getting everything reorganized, hadn't been on here much for a while. It is more than a little disingenuous of you to complain that "nobody contributes" when you have never bothered to give a link to where I might contribute or what size of contribution you wanted; instead you removed me from your private Phoenix club, even though I don't think I've ever been one of the "whiners" that you keep complaining about - until now, anyway, and I think that I have reason.
    I'm sure that now you'll claim that I'm one of your "enemies" club that you always fantasize about, but nothing could be further from the truth. I'd very much like to see this succeed, but it's obvious that I'm not wanted in your private clique.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to TomB01 in From Frozen to Phoenix   
    I was not going to post in this thread again, since I sort of chimed in with the complaints.  However, my complaint was centered around the frequency and speed of updates and my inability to keep up with a live store.   I've since come to the conclusion that as a Phoenix Club member, I'm more directly exposed to the development environment than ever before and that was what was frustrating.  Perhaps back in the day, 99% of us would never have been exposed to that and we were happy to implement major upgrades when they were announced (or not, as the case used to be).  So, I'm trying to find my place, learn along the way, and hope that I can perform the major upgrades when they occur, as in,, etc.
    However, I do not know why anyone would think "Access to the code is severely limited." Perhaps becoming a Supporter allows one access to certain code, but the fund-raising is absolutely necessary for any of it.  The basic Phoenix is still left untouched, consistently updated, and completely transparent.  Meanwhile, there are many add-ons that are universally available and some of the key Phoenix Supporters/Coders take it upon themselves to keep them updated - for free.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to hungryfrank in Express checkout 1_2 pages   
    this add-on combines the shipping and payment page and can bypasses the checkout confirmation page as an option.
    there is no core changes. simply upload and install the header tag module
    two folders 4-5 works up to 1.0.5.
    5.5 was tested on .2 and .5
    thanks to JcMagpie 
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to hungryfrank in Pop out. login   
    This module opens a modal instead of login.php whenever use clicks the link
    Upload and install the footer_suffix module
    Thanks a million to  JcMagpie for all. The help or it would not be possible
    tested one4&5