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    Smoky Barnable reacted to hungryfrank in Pop out. login   
    This module opens a modal instead of login.php whenever use clicks the link
    Upload and install the footer_suffix module
    Thanks a million to  JcMagpie for all. The help or it would not be possible
    tested one4&5 
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Password Forgotten V1.0 Phoenix   
    JcM Password Forgotten V1.0 Phoenix
    This is a simple add-on the Password Forgotten onto the login page.
    It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided.
    It’s a hook so nothing else to do, it should just appear on the login page.
    That’s it Enjoy..
    Has been tested on Phoenix Version only. You may or may not need this so check first.
    Can be see working on this site
    On stock Phoenix this is what is shown,

    After adding the hook you should see.

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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Phoenix certified addon   
    Agree 100% just dont have the time to keep updating every add-on every time the core changes. You just have to pick a point in time when its worth moving up but untill then it's simply best to state what version the add-on has actualy been tested on. In many cases the add-on may well work fine on a newer version of phoinex but unless the add-on has actaly been tested on it you can not claim this...
    Add to this that the number of people using Phoinex is low.... and among this small group the number moving to the latest version every time is but a hand full.....and the number using it for a live site?? unknown if any..... The need to rush and update add-ons to the latest release is not a big pull.
    So I would think those doing it out side the club will just do what they can when they can. I personaly simply pick a point in time to update to ( curently and test my (very simple) add-ons to that version. Then when I update my test sites to a new version I check which still works and any new add-ons are then done to the new version. As and when a existing add-on is raised as an issue it is added to a list for update as and when time allows.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Phoenix certified addon   
    I think your missing the whole point of osC!
    osCommerce is released under the BSD licence and is open source so basicly is,

    Free redistribution of the software. The source code should be publicly available. The software can be modified and distributed in a different format from the original software. The software should not discriminate against persons or groups. The software should not restrict the usage of other software. If you care to you can read the full details here
    As far as I know this has not changed... So yes jump in and get to know the code.....
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Header /Footer Message Animated V1.0 Phoenix   
    This thread has been reported to Harold and I assume he will look at it when he has time.
    No need to get worked up over Phoenix, for or against it's just not worth it.
    Anyone intrested in starting an alternative community project should contact Harold he is open to having more than one...
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    Smoky Barnable got a reaction from valquiria23 in Support thread for JcM Header /Footer Message Animated V1.0 Phoenix   
    I thought this was a support thread for JcM Header/Footer message Add-on. What's up with all the irrelevant posts?
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Header /Footer Message Animated V1.0 Phoenix   
    JcM Header /Footer Message Animated V1.0
    This is a simple add-on to let you display 1-4 messages in your header or footer ( install the one you prefer) these can be turned on or off in admin. It also gives one sales message which is set by start and finish date so will only show when required.
    It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided.
    Once it’s installed simply go to admin and install and turn on.
    You can turn the messages on/off in admin. The messages are set in the language file. You can change the text and icons and styling as required.
    You can also select which pages it is to be shown on.
    The animation is set by the header tags add-on which must be installed once only. It’s a bit complicated to explain but if you play with it you will figure it out. Just take a look at the animated version in the stock install. You can also use the animated class’s on any other add-on if you wish by simply adding the required class.
    That’s it enjoy.
    It has only been tested on Phoenix only.
    Can be seen working on this custom test site

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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Phoenix certified addon   
    Moderators ...
    I appreciate moving all the answers that are not publications related to tested and certified addons for Phoenix versions 1.0.X.X to another post called:
    Ideas on how to improve the list of addons compatible with Phoenix
    @Harald Ponce de Leon
    Would you kindly give me moderation rights on this post so I keep it clean and up to date?
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Phoenix certified addon   
    Hi all!!
    The idea of this post is to make it easier for new users who want to migrate to Phoenix, a list of addons available for free in the market, so that users can evaluate whether it is convenient for them to make a migration to Phoenix or continue in Frozen (which is stable and already has all the addons that an average user needs).
    I will list all the certified (by me) addons that are available.
    You can all publish the addons that you tried and are available in the market.
    Its prohibited :
    - Request support (for this you must go to the creator of the addon or the corresponding support page)
    - Mention addons that are not in the market

    The format for posting would be:
    Addon Name
    Link in the market
    Phoenix version that is certified to work
    Brief description of what that addon does
    Remember that the spirit of OSC is to share.
    love and peace
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Jack_mcs in Automatically send data feed to Froogle   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added gtin as an identifier. Added code for Phoenix compatibility. Installation just requires the files to be uploaded for Phoenix. Changed count code to pass php 7.3. Found by member @yahalimu. Changed default http to https in the googlefeeder file. Removed the code to check if mysql is being used. Mysqli is now required.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Phoenix Dashboard   
    Thank you very much @JcMagpie and @ecartz for your explanations.
    I'm going to play a little with github to see if I learn something new.
    Anyway, I consider that for a simple user to use github is not a friendly way to update OSC and I suggest that for next official versions a easily and Friendly guide to how to change from to (for example) be published as Dan suggests.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Phoenix Dashboard   
    I find the simplist way is just to rename your old shop dir. and do a fresh install. Then you can copy over any mods you have done and just reinstall any add-ons.
    If you do need to change just a few files then use github. It shows which fies have been updated by date. Lets look at configuration.php which is shown as updated 18 days ago.

    Click on the file name to open a new window. Too see what was changed click on history button.

    you now see all the commits in date order, so lets look at the last commit on Jan 10 2020,

    Simply click the middle button

    Now you will see the changes in that file, Also if you look at all this page it will show you all the files changed under this commit.

    I'm sure there are probably better ways of doing this but this atleast gives you a starting point.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to raiwa in Optional Related Products, Version 4.0   
    Uploaded Version Phoenix 7.2 for Phoenix 1.0.4.x:
    Related Products Phoenix 7.2
    Update Version Phoenix 7.2:
    - Updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.4.x
    - hooked the changes for admin/categories.php. No more core code changes!

    Phoenix 1.0.2.x -1.0.3.x, please use Related Products 7.0
    Phoenix 1.0.1.x, please use Related Products 7.1 FROZEN and older BS3 versions, please use Related Products 6.6
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to ecartz in New customers - injected?   
    If it's old enough, you'll still have includes/filenames.php and can just change
    define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'create_account.php'); to something like
    define('FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'secret_create_account.php'); after first copying the file from the old name to the new name. 
    So steps: 
    1.  Copy the create_account.php file to the new name.
    2.  Edit includes/filenames.php to point to the new name as described above. 
    3.  Wait an hour (or day or whatever; enough time that anyone who might currently be creating an account has time to finish) and delete the old file. 
    That way there shouldn't even be an outage. 
    If you don't have includes/filenames.php, in Phoenix, the files that refer to create_account.php are

    But don't be surprised if you don't have all of those (and you may not be using them even if they're there).  Regardless, before deleting the old file, go check that the links are going to the new file. 
    Some older versions may have links in index.php and includes/header.php as well.  And of course I can hardly guess where your template might have put things.  That's why I recommend testing the links after making the change so as to see if you got them all. 
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to ArtcoInc in [Addon] Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search for osC 2.3.4 (BS and nonBS)   
    @Smoky Barnable
    Back in 2016, @burt made a 'Fuzzy Search' module in his 28 days bundle. It might help.
    One other thought is to integrate the Google search function into your shop. I have seen that used before.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to ruden in Hook System   
    Hook System
    Only 2.3.x.x version osCommerce

    Some addons use a hook system, use for compatibility.

    This is commit @haraldpdl Hooks #254



    In /includes/application_top.php

    Add code to the bottom of the file, before the last closing ?>
    require(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/classes/hooks.php'); $OSCOM_Hooks = new hooks('shop');
    In /admin/includes/application_top.php

    Add code to the bottom of the file, before the last closing ?>
    require(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/classes/hooks.php'); $OSCOM_Hooks = new hooks('admin');  
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to ecartz in Shipping address formatting problem   
    That's a problem with charset processing.  You're viewing a UTF-8 string as if it were ASCII. 
    Check that the charset in both HTML and the database is set to UTF-8.  In particular, check per language. 
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Reminder: Frozen EOL   
    😂 PHP 7.4 is now live! so does this mean you have all been wasting your time updating your sites to 7.3!!
    NO of course not....
    EOF is of no intrest to most people they will build a site using a version of software configure it and customise it as they like. They then use it. To update or not is to decide if the update offers any aditional benfits that they need. If the answer is yes then good update. If the answer is no then just get on with running your buisness.
    There is no single answer for all each has to decide waht is right for them.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to Jan Zonjee in apostraphe casuing error in product name for search queries   
    Probably, this contribution does not use the osC way of doing an insert (using function tep_db_perform in includes/functions/database.php) and therefore it doesn't put a backslash in front of the apostrophe, therefore MySQL sees it as the end of the string and when it sees the next apostrophe: error.The function tep_db_perform adds slashes in this line:

    default: $query .= '\'' . tep_db_input($value) . '\', ';
    where tep_db_input does the addslashes (a PHP function):

    function tep_db_input($string) { return addslashes($string); }
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Support thread for JcM Dashboard Plus V1.0 Phoenix   
    WAW !!!!
    This looks amazing !!!
    Thank you very much Zahid for creating these amazing certified modules for OSC and especially for sharing them with the community.
    This is the spirit of a community project and not individualistic.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Dashboard Plus V1.0 Phoenix   
    JcM Dashboard Plus V1.0 Phoenix
    A simple add-on to let you display add more dashboard modules to enhance the admin side on your site.
    It is based on and makes use of some modified code originally posted by @shetch for the frozen BS4 admin. It has been adapted and modified for Phoenix.
    It’s a no core change add-on so just copy all the files over and install the dashboard modules you need. As always backup first.
    New modules included are
    1) Total customers bar chart on which you can set the number of days to show
    2) Total revenue bar chart on which you can set the number of days to show
    3) Live info card that display orders, Products, Low stock, Out of stock
    4) Quick links

    It has been tested on Phoenix only.
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to asro2004 in Stripe v3 module for SCA   
    I've updated the module to version 1.0.13 to remove a potential SQL injection and tidy the account saved cards display when there are multiple cards (thanks @Smoky Barnable).
    @mhsuffolk I'm afraid the current version does not support Apple Pay, etc but looking at the Stripe documentation, it does not look too difficult to add. It just involves adding an extra HTML element to host a 'Payment Request' button which is displayed for certain compatible browsers, and some javascript and server code to support the creation and processing of a 'PaymentRequest' in a similar fashion to the handling of the 'PaymentIntent' in the current version. I'll add it to my list of things to do.
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    Smoky Barnable got a reaction from JcMagpie in Stripe v3 module for SCA   
    I have been using this on two production sites with no problems. Thanks to @asro2004 for a great module! One of my sites has a modified checkout process page so I had to make those changes in the stripe_sca class after_process function. Also the delete buttons in the customer account area are a bit jumbled if more than one card is saved. A <br> fixed that for me. Cheers! ☸️
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Error installing Phoenix   
    Thank you very much Matt @ecartz for your support !!!
    I already updated the PHP version to 7.1 and everything works correctly. You're a genius!!!
    One suggestion to @burt, if the user does not have the appropriate PHP version that work with Phoenix , the installation program should not let you proceed with the installation .... It is frustrating to reach the last stage of installation, go to ADMIN and find an error message
    Its only a recommendation, as a user I prefer to know that I can not move forward with the installation until I get the PHP version than reach the end on the instal and find an error.
    New users may not go to the forum to seek help, they will only stop using Phoenix.
    Best regards
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    Smoky Barnable reacted to valquiria23 in Error installing Phoenix   
    Hi @bonbec
    Your question was correct and appropriate. Thank you very much for taking your time and doing it. I wish all the other answers were the same ...
    I edited my post before you posted your answer.
    Please be kind to delete your last answer.