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  1. I'm going to look into sendinblue. Looks very interesting and the api looks nice. 9000 free emails per month to start. Going to write an app as soon as I have the time.
  2. I'll do some more research....looks promising.
  3. Being able to print AND pay for shipping labels from within the OsCommerce admin section is something I have always wanted, but the problem was there was no way to pay for the labels via API. Today I discovered Shippo. Does anyone know anything about this company? If they truly only charge 5 cents a label it would be totally worth it for me.
  4. The details button performs as expected but when I click the refund button it just redirects me to the admin index.php page. No window pops up. Also, there is no Paypal tab on the top/tabbed interface. I only see the buttons (details,refund,view at paypal) on the bottom of the page.
  5. Installed the latest version of the app and it works great however I'm having problems getting "Order Administration: Capture full or partial authorizations, refund full or partial transactions" to work. Does anyone else have this working with the latest BS Edge version? I see it uses web-hooks, does something need to be set up in the PayPal developer account to get the refunds to work?
  6. I was using an older version so today I upgraded to the latest version. Hope it solves the problem with the missing apartment numbers. Regardless, I think I will put a reminder on the checkout confirmation page to check that address is complete.
  7. Installed this app today in my BS Edge shop and it works great! Is the Administration Tool/Order Administration compatible with BS Edge? I'm a little unclear on how to install this.
  8. I managed to force SSL on ezsocial_success.php but it breaks and throws a password error upon form submission. I believe it has something to do with mc_decrypt. I read this function has been deprecated. Is it possible to use openssl_encrypt instead? In my opinion any page that contains forms where customers enter sensitive information should be secure.
  9. to force SSL on the ezsocial_success.php page?
  10. I should add that all these customers that have the missing apartment numbers checkout with PayPal express. So the problem is only occasionally when a customer logs in using the oscommerce PayPal app and then checks out using the express button in the shopping cart.
  11. I'm having an occasional but recurring problem of shipments being returned because of no apartment/unit number in the address. The common thread for all these orders is they are logging in via the PayPal app. Is this just a matter of people forgetting to include their apartment numbers when creating a PayPal account or could this be the PayPal login app isn't retrieving the full address? I've read something about a second address line not being returned. Thanks!
  12. also the LinkedIn login doesn't return back to osCommerce if the cancel button is selected.
  13. Works great Frank! Thank you for creating this. The only issue I ran into was the Facebook font wasn't displaying. I'm not certain why, I changed the css to "\f082" for now and that worked for me.
  14. Worked fine when logging in with my Facebook account. I only have name and email address with FB but still very cool!
  15. I have a rule that I don't want customers who don't know where they live or how to spell their email address. It's working well.