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  1. Upgrade, or change cart?

    The bottom line is the project needs an active engaged leader, a captain if you will. How this might manifest itself I'm not certain.
  2. Mailchimp newsletter Everywhere add on

    This is pretty easy to do, just do the mailchimp api call in the background if the newsletter box is checked on the create account page.
  3. PayPal App v5.010 for v2.3.4BS

    I still run into the occasional problem when a new customer logs in using the PayPal app and then checks out with PayPal express. It usually works fine except occasionally the apartment number is missing. The customer assures me that their default PayPal address has their included apartment number. When checking the logs in the PayPal app I see the UserInfo address response does not include the SHIPTOSTREET2 second address line that was recently fixed in express.php code. So I'm wondering when a customer creates an account using the PayPal login, does the second street address field get fetched properly? It seems I only see this error when a new customer logs in first via the PayPal app and then checks out with express. New customers that check out directly via express seem to include the second street address as expected.
  4. Zip code verification via USPS api during checkout

    I will add that I have implemented the google places api solution discussed in the below thread and it works well. I added to create account page, pwa, address module etc....all address forms. I'm still waiting to hear back from USPS for permission to access their verify address api. For customers who checkout via Paypal Express I want a way to validate their shipping address in background when they arrive back at the checkout confirmation page. If the USPS verify address api call suggests a missing apartment number I want to block checkout and prompt the customer to complete their address. For example I recently had a PayPal express customer complete checkout with his email listed as his street address.
  5. Zip code verification via USPS api during checkout

    Also, I would need to implement this check with purchase without account option and also when customer does a quick checkout via PayPal express and returns to cart before order confirmation.
  6. Zip code verification via USPS api during checkout

    Thanks for the replies. Well I think that using Google places API would definitely help on the create account page. Although I don't think it works with PO boxes or apartment numbers? However it would ensure the correct zip code was used. The USPS API could also be used to see if an apartment number is missing, I've also been having problems with this. I think my best bet is to implement both solutions as suggestions but still let the customer choose the address fields. Also, I see there are free zip code databases available that have the associated states. Perhaps I can use this also to force the issue a bit.
  7. Occasionally I will have a customer complete purchase but his zip code does not match the state. Does anyone know of a way to catch this before checkout? I use USPS for shipping and I know they have an API. I think it would be pretty straightforward to code a zip code verification API call during checkout. Any thoughts on this?
  8. USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Commercial Rates for International quotes seems to be hard coded in the usps class.
  9. USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    First class international large envelope is now limited to documents only and the api call will not return any services if <ValueOfContents> is greater than zero. https://www.usps.com/business/web-tools-apis/2018-jan-feb-release-notes.pdf
  10. USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Two recent orders with first class international shipping did not return a quote and both completed checkout, so something changed.
  11. Customer not charged shipping?

    I'm only seeing this with orders from Canada, but it probably is affecting all international orders that use USPS methods for a quote. I will post a comment on USPS methods support thread. Regardless, in my opinion checkout should never be allowed if a valid shipping method is not available.
  12. Customer not charged shipping?

    Today I had an order where there was no shipping charge. I've never seen this happen and find it odd. I'm using usps methods but my question is how does oscommerce handle this? I assumed it would prevent checkout if none of the shipping modules provide a quote.
  13. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    Well my host uses SpamExperts to filter incoming and outgoing emails. I guess they do this to protect their server reputation. They could never tall me specifically what was triggering it. I just removed some spam trigger words, cleaned up the html, included html and plain text versions via PHPMailer class and added an unsubscribe link. Working fine now.,
  14. Icloud email servers rejecting emails

    Yes, I had this problem with Burts keys emails for review. It was because my host server was marking them as spam. I solved this by using PHPMailer class for added security, including a way for recipient to unsubscribe from the review emails and eliminating common spam trigger words from the emails. I found this website useful for testing purposes. http://www.mail-tester.com/
  15. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    I noticed the latest BS Edge doesn't have DIR_WS_IMAGES defined so the instructions in step 4 regarding the product_info page should be updated.