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  1. there is one bug that i found. if we login for the 1st time,the system would ask us to change our password.so,after we changed the password, the system will send an email that supposedly containing our new password/changed password.but, somehow when i open the email,it only contains a website address,username and some predetermined text.but, the password is blank or in other words,the system are not sending the password together.so, i do check at admin/admin_account.php and found out this tep_mail($HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_firstname'] . ' ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_lastname'], $HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_email_address'], ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT, sprintf(ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT, $HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_firstname'], HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_ADMIN, $HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_email_address'], $hiddenPassword, STORE_OWNER), STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); that is around line54.plese look carefully at the $hiddenPassword variable as it is suppose to hold the new password.but in this case, there is no other variables that definining the $hiddenPassword.therefore, since the password should not be encrypted(to be send to us on the email) i take the variable $HTTP_POST_VARS['admin_password'] which i found around line 46 in $sql_data_array variable.and then..it works!!.. :lol:
  2. try closing your pdf and browser and start it again.sometime this error occur when the browser didn't clear the cache stored by pdf output(pdf_buffer). actually, i'm not yet test the contribution.but i think that your problem might be regarding to the web browser and pdf thingy.after all..its just my suggestion :lol: g.luck :wink:
  3. regarding here is my solution :D firstly u must add the extra code which is given by zaenal on his post at recently.i paste the code again here: define('ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT', 'OsC Admin Member'); define('ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT', 'Hi %s,nn You can access the admin panel with the following password. Once you access the admin, please change your password! nn Website : %s n Username: %s n Password: %s nn Thanks! n %s n This is an automated response, please do not reply!'); paste the above code in admin/include/languages/english/login.php just like as he said before. Then, checkout this line of code in admin/password_forgotten.php (i assume u have already copy this file from the contribution already :lol: ) on line 55: require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_LOGIN); i think this line should be placed on top since the tep_mail() requires it(see line 26).I think the problem rise because the tep_mail() cannot find the define variable of ADMIN_EMAIL_SUBJECT and ADMIN_EMAIL_TEXT since the require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_LOGIN); is placed after the code being executed. I just bring this line of code to the top which is below require('includes/application_top.php'); and it works!!..
  4. onimusha

    Downloads Controller

    hi linda.. i'm using os commerce 2.2cvs.last time, my download modules doesn't work properly for example, when the product need to be paid before the download link available, the link is still show up, even there is no payment have been made. Therefore, i'm trying to add your download controller V5.3 to my cart and followed your instruction carefully. Actually i did not replace the general.php files in both admin and catalog folder since the changes you make is small, so i just add those couple of lines just like u said. After all, i manage to run the download module without any problems. I want to say thank you very much to u linda. U r great. :lol:
  5. hi there, my oscommerce is 2.2cvs i've installed Catalog products PDF reports V1.3 The problem is there is an error shown up when i try to create the catalog. I have chmod 777 for the image folder.but still cannot work.Please do help me.Thanx in advance