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  1. rotulistaz

    Customer pay before buy with piggy bank

    Hi Chris I searched the contribution you say but can not find it, can you put a link to it and what kind of modification would have to do, can you give me a clue Regards
  2. rotulistaz

    Customer pay before buy with piggy bank

    Hi Burt Thank you very much for your speedy response. Do you know if there are any modules that perform such work Thanks for your help Regards rotulistaz
  3. rotulistaz

    Limit number of products in the cart to 10 units

    Finally found a solution to this module: order max dropdown_1_2_3 Thanks for your help
  4. Well again I have another issue that attempt solutions and also is something a little more complex to solve. Will see it is that a customer makes a payment of 100 euros to the store and is as background and as you go buying things will deduct from the fund. I give you an example, imagine a video store that rents movies and games and want to implement something we call wallet, this wallet is like a piggy bank where the customer gets for example 100 euros and each time you rent a movie or game you will deduct from his piggy bank and notify you when you left for example 5 or 10 euros to replace their moneybox, I hope me explain. The issue is whether there is any payment module to do something, or should we custom programs, on the other hand I think it's a good idea if not already exists. Regards
  5. rotulistaz

    Limit number of products in the cart to 10 units

    Thanks for your response, I tried the change but does not work, because it only allows the purchase of 1 product. Here you put a link to see what I like to do, but not if there are any module to do This shop have drop down menu very nice for number item customer want http://www.popthetop.com/catalog/shopping_cart.php
  6. rotulistaz

    Limit number of products in the cart to 10 units

    Hello again, I tried the module but does not help, because it is to support a minimum amount of money, and I need is to limit the quantity of items equal you can buy, that you can not buy more than 10 identical items. That is limiting the field to two digits and can not enter more than 10 units. I hope explained me because my English is not very good Regards Rotulistaz
  7. rotulistaz

    Limit number of products in the cart to 10 units

    Thank you very much for quick reply, now I try and tell you Regards Rotulistaz
  8. Please I need help understanding how to modify the quantity of identical products in the cart to not allow add more than 10 units of the same product. This means that only supports 2 digits and not 80 as brings defect oscommerce Thanks for your help
  9. rotulistaz


    ShowNewPrice_1_2_3 is here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ch,shownewprice I installed this contribution and I have a small problem that clicking on the buy button does not add to cart the attributes that the customer has selected or difference the original price. I appreciate any help.
  10. rotulistaz


    I have same problem. somebody know solution thanks
  11. rotulistaz

    A password protected category

    Thank you for responding so fast, but it's not what I'm looking for I need that the category is, but when entering before she asked username and password thanks anyway Jan Regards Rotulistaz :)
  12. Greetings to the forum I would like to know whether it is possible to protect a category with access restricted by user name and password. I put an example, a store that sells items porn and want to protect the category of selling X movies meaning that access to this category specifically requested by a user and pass. There is some contribution to make something similar. Regards Rotulistaz :rolleyes:
  13. rotulistaz

    Tooltips as this page

    Yes, but this one never see in any contribution, somebody know how do it thanks
  14. rotulistaz

    Tooltips as this page

    Greetings to the forum please there is any contribution to make this tootips of this page http://www.navlan.es/tienda/ Thanks
  15. rotulistaz

    Shipping module very interesting

    This contribution is only for UPS Postal Service, I do not served :blush: