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  1. Hello Scott!

    This live support mod works beautifully! Thanks for the contribution! Even managed to match the client chat box to my website with photoshop! I'm using the status indicater 1= flash based in my info box at the moment. I would prefer to use the image based indicator, but cannot get the offline/online jpgs to show. Instead, I getting the "no Image".jpg when I change the status indicator to "2" in the live_support.php. I've checked- the jpgs are uploaded to the image folder... in fact the same folder the "no image.jpg" is pulling from ......I'm missing something here???


    Thanks for any advice!


    You cave to copy the images that you want to use (the jpg files from the 1, 2, or 3 folder) and overwrite the default ones in the live_support/images folder...



  2. Dear Scott,


    I used the last version you uploaded dated: 1 Sep 2008 and added the SSL as you explained.


    Everything works for me great.


    Do you think I should reinstall again the last version you uploaded date 19 Nov 2008 ?


    Or there are some little changes for a few files, that I can modify them one by one ?


    Best Regards,





    If you download v1.2, it explains exactly what to do to update your installation from v1.1->v1.2 in the installation instructions. There are only 2 small changes in the addon and not changes to the core phpOnline files.



  3. configuration_group is an already created table in your osC database. You need to insert all that code into your osC database using phpMyAdmin or something similar...


    This is how it works:


    1. The addon creates a row in the configuration_group table and gives it a number, "311" - unique to that addon and a name "Quick Updates"

    2. The addon then creates a bunch of rows in the configuration table that all are keyed to configuration group "311" (it acts like a cross-reference)

    3. After this is done, you go to the Admin osC and click the Configuration box on the left top

    4. You have a new clickable link called "Quick Updates" with all the entries on the right that were inserted into the configuration table



  4. Once the moderators approve the upload due to file size, Live Support phpOnline v1.2 is out: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5795


    Since v1.1


    * The catalog infobox and admin popup were using the same javascript popup function which means

    they'd replace each other if clicked rather than opening up 2 separate windows, this is remedied

    * Added instructions for those with SSL to secure the application

    * Added the default admin username and password to the instructions to avoid confusion

    * Added further TESTING section



  5. Hi Scott !


    Thanks for modifing L.S.P , it works for me great..


    I noticed that their forum is not so active..


    I would like PLS to ask you:


    1. Is the L.S.P is secured script to run (I mean the flash and all the other code..) ?

    2. Could it possible to delete all the Text of "Dayana Networks Ltd" etc.. ? If yes could you advise please how todo it?


    Thanks a lot for your kind attention Scott !!


    Best Regards :)




    Thanks for using my addon! Look at this post: http://www.dayanahost.com/forum2/index.php...3&hl=secure


    To remove the link, you'd need to pay for registration. It is $50 and replaces their name with your business name.



  6. Hi, again, Scott,


    One suggested improvement... My maintenance is taking much longer than planned and to make things easier for customers I added the following lines...



     <td class="main"><?php echo MAINTENANCE_TEXT . ONLINE_DATE_TIME . '.'; ?></td>



    <td  class="main">
     <h4	class="font_listing_title"><?php echo nl2br(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS); ?></h4>
     <u><?php echo '<a href="mailto:' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '">' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '</a>' ?></u>


    This puts the store name and contact information right up front should customers need to get in touch while the online store is closed.




    thanks Franck - good idea - I might opt instead for putting a contact form on the maintenance page so that owners email address aren't harvested by spammers and bots, I'll look into that this morning...



  7. USPS Shipping Insurance 1.51 is out: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5782


    Changes since v1.4


    * Fixed the issue: if customer goes back to the checkout shipping page from checkout payment to change their

    USPS shipping insurance choice, the change is not registered. Now, changes are registered properly.

    * Added the edits suggested by draculakos which adds rollover color and a function that enables you to click anywhere

    inside infobox in order to toggle the USPS shipping insurance checkbox. (one edit was missing that I have corrected from his post on the forum)



  8. Today, I upgraded to USPS Methods v4.3 Alpha... I was able to duplicate the USPS 3.0 issue mentioned above, timeouts; however, I get the same issue with v4.3 - it hangs and times out often. I must attribute this to USPS Servers as I can't find any problems with the code itself at this point - this is a bummer for those of us who only use USPS to ship.


    Also, for those of you who don't want the weight duplicated in the title in v4.3 (it is listed once as "(1 x 1.6lbs)" and then lists it again broken up into pounds and ounces "1lbs 8oz"), this is my fix:


    Find this:


    	// usps doesn't accept zero weight
     // Modified by Greg Deeth on May 27th 2008
     //$shipping_weight = $shipping_weight - .15;
     if ($shipping_weight <= 0) {$shipping_weight = 0;}  //This will cause an error if the seller forgets to assign a weight for the product. This keeps buyers from having cheap shipping by accident.
       $shipping_weight = ($shipping_weight < 0.0625 ? 0.0625 : $shipping_weight);
       $shipping_pounds = floor ($shipping_weight);
       $shipping_ounces = tep_round_up((16 * ($shipping_weight - floor($shipping_weight))), 2);
       $this->_setWeight($shipping_pounds, $shipping_ounces, $shipping_weight);
     // Added by Kevin Chen (kkchen@uci.edu); Fixes the Parcel Post Bug July 1, 2004
     // Refer to http://www.usps.com/webtools/htm/Domestic-Rates.htm documentation
     // Thanks Ryan
     // End Kevin Chen July 1, 2004
     function round_up($valueIn, $places=0) {
    	 if ($places < 0) { $places = 0; }
    	 $mult = pow(10, $places);
    	 return (ceil($valueIn * $mult) / $mult);


    Insert this AFTER:


    	  if ($shipping_pounds <= 1) {
    	 if ($shipping_pounds == 0) {
    	   $shipping_pounds = '';
    	   $lb_text = '';
    	 } else {
    	   $lb_text = 'lb ';
       } else {
    	 $lb_text = 'lbs ';
       if ($shipping_ounces <= 1) {
    	 if ($shipping_ounces == 0) {
    	   $shipping_ounces = '';
    	   $oz_text = '';
    	 } else {
    	   $oz_text = 'oz';
       } else {
    	 $oz_text = 'oz';



    Find this:


    			  $shiptitle = ' (' . $shipping_num_boxes . ' x ' . tep_round_up($shipping_weight, 2) . 'lbs)' . ' (' . $shipping_pounds . 'lbs, ' . $shipping_ounces . 'oz)';


    REPLACE with this:


    		$shiptitle = ' (' . $shipping_num_boxes . ' x ' . $shipping_pounds . $lb_text . $shipping_ounces . $oz_text . ')';



  9. This is the support thread for:


    Quick stock update from the product listing page




    This contribution adds an input box in the products / categories listing, on which you can enter a new stock level for the product. In this case, you don't need to edit the product to enter a new stock.




    Could you give me a hint or help me integrate this with the addon "Automatic Stock Notification"





  10. Hello,


    I'm sorry but mine doesn't work. My client don't receive the emails.


    I installed the contribution "Automatic Stock Notification 2_3" from olsonsp4C, step 1, 2a and 3a.


    So I modified these files:


    - admin/categories.php

    - admin/includes/configure.php

    - admin/includes/languages/french/categories.php


    Thank you for this one who could help me.




    Could you get me a little more info? have you made sure that your admin email configures has "send mail" and other options turned on? Also, are html emails turned on?



  11. Hello, Scott,


    One typo in your installation text, Step 11: You do not provide the first term in the first DEFINE.




    I think you meant it to be OFFLINE_MESSAGE_1.


    Thanks for a very useful contribution!




    Thanks Franck! Yes it should be:


    define('OFFLINE_MESSAGE_1', 'Notice: ' . STORE_NAME . ' will be offline from '); // the message customers will see when the Offline Warning is enabled in the admin



  12. 99% of my support requests involve those who do not read the following to obtain the default admin login/password located in the usage doc:


    Admin Area:
     You may wait for a customer using:
     (default login information is: username->admin  password->adm123 , Change the
      password ASAP)



  13. This is the support forum for the addon Live Support phpOnline: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5795


    This is a fully featured and FREE Live Support software for your osC installation. It allows multiple administrative users, client side themes, and a slick admin interface. It is integrated into the catalog as an infobox and integrated into the osC admin as a clickable header graphic. Both the catalog and admin operate through javascript popups. All credit goes to Dayana Networks Ltd. who created this fabulous software. I just modified it to suit osC (they had even done the footwork for creating an infobox!).


    This package includes the latest version of the phpOnline live chat software (2.1.3)


    Official Website: http://phponline.dayanahost.com

    Online Forums: http://www.dayanahost.com/forum

    Powered by http://www.dayanahost.com



  14. Thank you Scott! ;)


    I'll play around with the other edits until I except defeat LOL.


    one hint - I looked through the code of includes/modules/shipping/usps.php


    I don't think that the other edits are handled there - I looked in includes/classes/shipping.php and couldn't find it either - it's got to be handles elsewhere - also, the default coding makes both of the checkout_confirmation page display the SAME variable, so you'd have to find where the variable is set to begin with (in a function perhaps) and find a way to create a 2nd variable for the U.S.P.S. = total part while placing a "\n" in the existing variable to create the line break. When I looked at the usps.php file, I thought that:


    			  if ($time != '') $transittime[$service] = ': ' . $time . '';


    You could try modifying this line:


    		$shiptitle = ' (' . $shipping_num_boxes . ' x ' . $shipping_weight . 'lbs)';




    		$shiptitle = ' (' . $shipping_num_boxes . ' x ' . $shipping_weight . 'lbs)' . "\n";




    		  $this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code,
    							'module' => $this->title . $shiptitle);




    		  $this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code,
    							'module' => $this->title . $shiptitle . "\n");



  15. Hey Scott,


    Sorry but I'm back to rattle your brain a little. I tried posting this elsewhere but got no replies...


    I would like to rearrange how some text is displayed on the checkout_confirmation page.


    Shipping Method (Edit)

    United States Postal Service (1 x 2.25lbs) (Parcel Post:

    Estimated 2 - 9 Days)


    To this:

    Shipping Method (Edit)

    U.S.P.S. (1 x 2.25lbs)

    (Parcel Post: Est. 2 - 9 Days)


    And this:

    United States Postal Service (1 x 2.25lbs) (Parcel Post: Estimated 2 - 9 Days): $10.41

    Total: $30.91


    To this:

    U.S.P.S.: $10.41

    Total: $30.91



    I found this - $time = 'Estimated 1 - 2 ' . MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_DAYS; in includes\modules\shipping_usps.php so I think if I change all instances of Estimated to Est. that might work for that edit. But I can't figure out how to add a line break between the shipping weight and the transit time or where to change "United States Postal Service" to "USPS". I'm not even sure if the last part of my edit could be done (next to the price).


    Any ideas or helpful hints?


    I'll take a crack at it...


    Changing United States Postal Service to USPS


    In catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php (in usps methods 3.0 or less)


    define('MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TEXT_TITLE', 'United States Postal Service');


    to this:




    for the rest of it, I'm clueless at this point...



  16. This is the support forum for the PWA Checkout Cart Info addon: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6356


    This addon replaces the existing text information that appears on the top of the customer login page as well as the '[more info]' javascript popup for those who have installed PWA (Purchase without Account) to better explain the various shopping carts available to customers.



  17. Yes sir, it works on all the emails accept when I update the order status to shipped and include a tracking number.


    OK. Well, honestly, I don't know. I'm sure it's a conflict with the other addon you mentioned which I don't use and haven't tested with my addon for compatability. You could email me your catalog/admin/orders.php file and I could attempt to look at it to see what hacks the other addon made that might conflict.