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  1. I'm sorry you all. I could help develop other mods off of my mod, but that would take more time than I actually have to give. For the last request, you'd probably just need to get rid of the dropdown function and just make it a tep_href_link function, but that is a total guess.


    on the other request, Dropdown Anywhere only works on the Catalog side - maybe I should rename it "Dropdown Anywhere in the Catalog" or something...



  2. Latest download, ver 3.62, non integrated look. I got it to work fine in the create_account + contact_us page.




    have you gone back through the steps for the customer testimonials reCaptcha to make sure it was installed correctly? It sounds like you are missing a part of the code.



  3. Hi again

    Trying to get this working with the customer_testimonials_write, but how I try, I get the "The Security Code was not entered correctly: (reCAPTCHA output: incorrect-captcha-sol)". SSL is activated on my site, and I have tried both SSL and no SSL version, but same result - seems as something is not correct. What can I check?




    are you using the integrated or non-integrated look? are you using Customer Testimonials 3.62?



  4. hello scott


    new question : when i log in, the simple menu categorie loose session id

    how to fix that?



    I apologize, but it doesn't do this on my store, so if I can't reproduce it, it is difficult to fix. Have you checked to verify that your cookie settings are set up properly in the config... both http and https should read "www.your-domain.com" without the "http://" - some servers might want it ".your-domain.com" or "your-domain.com" too...


    It might be helpful to know specifically what is happening too. Describe it step by step...



  5. Hi

    Just installed according to instructions in create_account.php and everything looks fine, but can register an account without filling in the form - what have I missed?




    most likely you missed the error redirect - you should go and double check all entries in that file.



  6. Hi Scott !


    How are you?


    I looked in the database in the "bvars" table, and I see there only this:

    bname bvalue

    conf_GEmailSubject Message from online support

    conf_Msg1 Please Wait...

    conf_Msg2 Locating an Available and Online

    Customer Service ...




    I think it's not there..


    Is there another place I could look for?


    Thanks Scott,


    Happy New Year,



    happy ny to you as well!


    here's what i found on the phponline forum:


    If you forgotten your admin login and/ or password, You need to reset everything to factory default. To do that drop all MySQL tables and let them to be created again. Then you may login with admin as username and adm123 as password.





  7. Hi Scott,


    I think I got into troubles..


    I forgot my admin. user name & password !!


    Is there a way to correct it?


    Waiting please for any advise from you..


    Thanks again dear Scott,





    you can look it up in the store database in the "bvars" table...



  8. hi,


    i'd like to have manufacturers instead of categories


    how can i do that?

    i've changed the first part of code :


    $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select manufacturers_id, manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " order by manufacturers_name");

    $rows_count = tep_db_num_rows($manufacturers_query);


    if ($rows_count > 0) {

    while ($manufacturers = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturers_query)) {







    but i'm stock now, some help, please


    Look at the code in my addon: Manufacturers Dropdown Anywhere


    it should point you in the right direction



  9. I have it all set up and in its most it appears to be working. I am having one major problem though I can not get the window to pop up (user). I am currently using STS and I am assuming this is where the problems are lying and something to do with the javascript commands. I noticed this has been mentioned already, only inliquid never went into detail on how he fixed it...


    Is there any work around for this, (I am not the best at scripting and can not find a solution on my own)


    many thanks in advance.




    Gary, I don't know personally how to fix it; however, I would suggest that you message Chris above and ask him what he did. I'm sure he'd be willing to post his solution or message it to you.



  10. It allows you to copy a category with all its products to another category. All products are only linked to the new category and not duplicated. Subcategories are NOT copied. You will still have to do this manually by copying each subcategory to it new place.







    guys is there any way to :

    - includes sub categories

    - choose to duplicate categories and products , with maybe a renaming pattern


    these are good ideas - I might could work on the duplicate portion and include sub categories; however, I think it best to be able to select subcategories... the problem comes when you have multiple levels of nested subcategories...



  11. Is this hard to include in Guest book with Anti Robot v3.0 becourse i cant get the catchka to work as it is now.


    It wasn't made for that addon; however, I'm sure it could be adapted with some work. I don't use it personally, but you are welcome to give it a stab and let me know your progress. There would be 2 ways to figure it out.


    1. Look where the current Captcha is and just replace it with the proper reCaptcha code

    2. Remove all Captcha code you can find and then look through the file and compare with other addon inserts to determine where to put the reCaptcha code



  12. Scott


    Will this duplicate the manufacturers dropdown menu, in the catalogue side & in the admin side, ie when I create a new product it will give me the same there?


    I want it to say "Shop by Theme" instead of manufacturers & have the themes instead of manufacturers names. BUT I do not want to replace the Manufacturers just create the same facility again.


    If so great...I would also need the existing products to show a default so I can then go in & allocate any suitable ones to the different themes.


    Here's hoping...




    It exactly duplicates the dropdown in the Manufacturers InfoBox; however, without the infobox, just the dropdown. Does this make sense?



  13. Great contribution. Thanks a lot for doing this.


    When I log into my admin panel in the News window I get a message saying:


    I can connect to MYSQL but can not check the tables.


    My database is local and I created the user will all rights except grant.


    Any suggestions how to fix this, do I need to worry about it?


    Thanks angain.




    Unfortunately, I'm not really adept at mysql... Have you verified that your info in the config file is identical to that in your includes/configure.php file?



  14. there are link toyour selling domain website ? how to make it for own website ,




    I triple checked and there are no links to my website anywhere in the code. If you follow the instructions it explains how to make it link to your website.



  15. there are link toyour selling domain website ? how to make it for own website ,


    Message me for my email address or email me through the interface. I need to know what is linking to my site - can you email me a screengrab? I thought I got rid of all the references to my website, bummer.



  16. I got this email today.


    The Postal Service continues to experience intermittent system interruptions in our Webtools API’s.. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing, especially at what is one of the busiest times of the year. We are hopeful that full service, across the country, will be restored as soon as possible. We thank you again for your patience.

    We have taken every step to resolve the situation, and continue to work around the clock both internally and with our external partners.


    We appreciate your business and your patience.


    I got it too, pluse this after a personal request...


    "We are currently aware of issue that is affecting multiple products on usps.com, webtools and shipping assistant. The error is being worked on and a correction will be put into place as soon as possible.


    Unfortunately, we do not have a time table of when this problem will be fixed and apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you."