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  1. This is the support topic for the addon USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping. This shipping module is a quick way to add USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping to your store without dealing with connecting to the USPS web API. There are limitations to this addon (ie. does not allow for more than 1 package). This will potentially save you and your customers some money as the USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes are FREE delivered to your home by the USPS and to ship they are the same cost regardless of the weight (no weight limit). Also, you can buy the postage online and print it at home and even schedule the USPS to pick it up at your home

    online all for FREE, meaning you never have to leave your home to ship your products saving time, gas, frustration, etc...


    The contribution can be found here:




    Scott (olsonsp4c)

  2. It took me too long to finish the package because I wanted to include screenshots. Here is where you can find it:


    USPS Shipping Insurance 1.0


    If that does not work: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5782


    Enjoy and please work together to improve this addon; so, all changes and mods to this addon must be discussed here before they will be integrated into the addon. If you have suggestions, feel free to email or message me.


    Scott (olsonsp4c)

  3. This is the support forum topic for USPS Shipping Insurance which displays USPS shipping insurance rates on checkout_payment.php and allows for selection/deselecton of this option. It then adds the proper shipping

    insurance amount to the order total on checkout_confirmation.php. Please read all the installation notes before installing.


    This addon can be found here:




    Hope this serves the community.


    Scott (olsonsp4c)

  4. You could look at one of the several shipping insurance contributions to see how they do it.




    Thanks Jack. I already looked at them and only one is an order totals module - and this one does not make reference to the shipping.php class, so I couldn't learn from other's work on this. I appreciate the response though.



  5. Hello all,


    I'm working on creating a usps shipping insurance option that is separate from the actual module... in order to do it I need to call $shipping_num_boxes in the order totals module. I have called it as follows:


    	function process() {
      global $order, $currencies, $shipping_num_boxes;


    However, the module is not calling the the variable, so the variable has a value of "0" and when I use the variable later on in a calculation I get divide by 0 errors. Any ideas on how to call this in an order totals module?





  6. Scott: That's ... very unusual. The only thing I can think of is that the script got hung up while processing an email, but that should only happen once. Four times is just too much. Please check your error logs for any errors the script may have generated. If you can get this to repeat, you might want to add some information to the email that is sent to the store owner.







    thanks for the info. I'll check that out. I had an idea - I don't know if it is possible... to include a script where if there is more than 1 email to be sent, it delays each email by a set number of seconds. 1st email - wait 5 seconds, 2nd email - wait 5 seconds, 3rd email - wait 5 seconds, etc...


    thanks for the great addon Jim.



  7. Hi,

    I'm using three different languages. How do I make it so that a customer who ordered from my Norwegian part of the shop also gets a review mail in Norwegian, etc?




    Love the contribution. thanks for writing it! It works great...


    I have one issue that I'm working to reproduce. When sending more than three emails, it sends blank emails to my customers for some reason. I'll get back with you as I'm able to reproduce it. I know it happened because on one day, all 4 customers that were sent emails responded to us asking why the email was blank.





  8. I emailed USPS asking to switch the account to the production server. They asked for the specific API I needed but I wasn't sure. I'm assuming it's the rate calculator API. A confirmation on this would be appreciated.





    As Chris said, you just need to tell them to switch to production and that you use 3rd party software called OScommerce and they'll switch you over to production.



  9. Hello,


    I recently installed this and started to configure it, but I am increasingly getting the feeling that I may be duck hunting with a tank. I want to offer two flat-rate shipping options,


    Option 1- USPS priority mail $0 additional cost

    Option 2- USPS Express Mail $30 additional cost


    But it doesn't seem like this is the right contribution.


    If it is, can someone explain how I would set this up?


    If it isn't, can you point me in the direction of the proper contribution?




    You should use the built in Flat rate module, just change the title and stuff in the language folder - you can only do one of these though.

    In order to add the other, download the flatrate files and change the names of the files, adjust the language file, re-upload and install, it should work, theoretically.



  10. I had that problem also and found that if you add the following just before line 269 in usps.php it fixes the problem:

    	  if (!class_exists('httpClient')) {

    I got that code from the USPS module included with 2.2rc2




    Thanks, I will add that to the documentation.



  11. I have installed this three times and I keep getting a "blank" page in the admin section orders.php? I don't know what to look for. I did not get an email when I did a test, but I tested sending an email through the admin area email area and it doesn't work at all so that is not a contribution problem. Any ideas? Thanks, Amy




    That is quite the issue. I have not tested this contribution on RC1 or RC2 yet, though I have posted some fixes on this forum that should make it RC1 compatible. 1st - go to the configuration section under "My Store" and make sure there is an email address in the "send extra order emails to" part so that you get emails when orders are made. I think that you should consider re-uploading the RC2 version of admin/orders.php and it's language counterpart and then reinstall the changes to those 2 files in the contribution instructions because it sounds like those files are corrupted in your installation. Hopefully, you haven't made to many mods to your installation. Another option is to re-upload the backups you made before installing the contribution and forget using it.


    thanks for writing!



  12. Ok I have my store modified so do I just overwrite the files or no? I see a few edits in the installation folder but it says "Files which will be edited" and theirs a along list but don't see no edits for them?


    use a free comparison tool to compare the modified CCGV files to your existing files, like WinMerge.

  13. I have the same issue , when i try to edit the USPS in the admin i get this error


    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_GLOBAL, expecting ')' in /home/abc/public_html/admin/modules.php(217) : eval()'d code on line 1


    Any help ? I know there was a fix not sure where it is in the community board...


    This is addressed in the Troubleshooting part of the installation file.



  14. Hi Scott,


    This may sound a bit uhm... silly but I was wondering about a possible upgrade from my USPS Methods 2.9.2 Upper Case Fix2.

    I am running a MS2 2.2 shop and don't plan on upgrading with the RC versions until the final 2.2 release. I am going to be upgrading the standard PayPal module with the PayPal IPN and I am using PayPal's Website Payments Standard. I am only offering Domestic USPS shipping with options of Parcel Post, Priority, and Express.


    One problem I am trying to resolve would be the inclusion of shipping insurance and possibly signature confirmation. Right now I have them added into the handling fee which of course isn't a very good way of doing it.


    I read thru the USPSMethods 2.9.6 installation.txt and it states it is intended for RC1. I'm a little unclear as to which Methods version I should use - 2.9.6 or 2.9.2+Insurance?


    Also I don't know if it is a glitch with my install or not or because I do not offer international shipping, but I have never been able to display transit times. Any idea why?


    Any guidance on this for a trouble free update would truely be appreciated. ;)


    Thanks for the note. 2.9.6 should work on MS2, RC1, and hopefully RC2 (though I haven't gone there yet personally :) I'd recommend upgrading and it should fix the issues you are having. 2.9.6 includes the option of insurance; however, it is turned either ON or OFF in the ADMIN for all rate quotes, so be aware of that. One option for signature confirmation is to modify another contribution to add another part of the checkout_shipping.php page where, if they check the box, it will add the amount to the total, or something similar. That is about as much direction as I can give you at this point - I'd actually love to mod this addon to add other options that the usps offers like Flat Rate USPS Priority shipping boxes, etc...