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  1. Scott:


    Now you have me puzzled. What do you mean when you say "does not work like it should"? What doesn't wok?




    It works for only 1 package per order, more than 1 package per order and it won't calculate properly because I don't know how to get the order_totals module to import the $shipping_num_boxes variable from includes/classes/shipping.php - also, I'd rather have it on the checkout_shipping.php page, but I can't figure out how to carry the variable through checkout_payment.php to checkout_confirmation.php


    Also, several people have reported tax issues, but I have not verified this personally.





  2. No, I didn't miss it. The instructions were there and correct. However, when I added that to the stylesheet I wanted to isolate it from other additions and be able to come back later and see what it was for and I erroneously added this:


    // USPS Insurance

    TD.tinyText, SPAN.tinyText, P.tinyText {

    font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

    font-size: 8px;


    // USPS Insurance


    That didn't work for me but this did:


    /* USPS Insurance */

    TD.tinyText, SPAN.tinyText, P.tinyText {

    font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

    font-size: 8px;


    /* USPS Insurance */


    Thanks again for the contribution. I have received a dozen orders since adding (none with PayPal yet) and it works great so far.


    Your welcome - the addon does not work like it should, but it is good enough for now!



  3. Doh!


    I had, for some reason, selected California as my Shipping Zone in the USPS methods module.


    Works perfectly without that! I'll just slink away in embarrassment...


    Thanks again. Sorry to have wasted your time! :\


    Well, it wasn't a waste of time, because your problem was fixed!



  4. Yeah, I can change my country just fine, and removing the SELECTED from US in the list didn't fix it.


    I am using 3.0. Just grabbed the most recent version earlier this week. I'm going to triple check my settings in the OSC admin.


    Thanks for being so helpful! :)


    Glad to serve - I wish I had more input - I get fine results on a couple of my websites - I wonder if there could be a server issue (this is a stab in the dark because it doesn't make sense as to why domestic actually works!)



  5. Well, I'm simply using the addresses of businesses (Electronic Arts, Sega) in Canada and the UK. They do appear to be valid. I've tested them in the Print Shipping Labels app on USPS.com and they appear to be fine.


    (Two things I should point out that are not "stock" installs. I'm using the PayPal WPP contribution as my payment solution and have United States SELECTED by default in the countries drop down list from the html_output.php include.)


    Not sure if these two things could have an impact, but just thought I'd mention.



    I'm unsure, but it seems to me that the html_output.php could be an issue; however, if you are able to choose another option as a customer and it is chosen, that wouldn't be the issue...


    Are you using 3.0?



  6. Sorry, Scott, I wasn't clear. I can see all of the International and Domestic options in the OSC admin (I actually have them all checked for testing purposes), but at checkout_shipping.php in the checkout process, the only shipping calculations that are returned in my testing are Domestic rates. Int'l never shows.


    I did make sure to update the set_function field in my database.


    Thanks for clarifying... Did you make sure that the address you are using internationally actually is shipped to by USPS for the Intl options you've chosen? You can verify this on the USPS website to confirm...



  7. First of all, thanks to everyone involved for this contribution. Now, on to my problem.


    My USPS account is set to production and I believe everything is in order on my end per the installation instructions. USPS returns domestic shipping rates just fine (Priority, Express, Parcel), but NOTHING is showing for International USPS rates.


    I turned on e-mailing of the XML response from USPS. These are returned when I test with a United States address, but with an Int'l address, no e-mail is sent.


    Can anyone help?


    See the bottom of the troubleshooting section #1 - this may be the culprit.


    otherwise, it could be that usps.php was corrupted when uploaded. Try removing, reuploading and reinstalling (after the database is updated)



  8. I used the following in the stylesheet and it works fine now. Thanks to the author for a really nice addition.


    /* USPS Insurance */

    TD.tinyText, SPAN.tinyText, P.tinyText {

    font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

    font-size: 8px;


    /* USPS Insurance */


    Thanks for the update! Are you saying that you just missed that part of the instructions?



  9. OK, Now I am at Part 2 of step 3 says: "INSERT this ABOVE the last line:"


    I would suspect that this should be :


    After > 'total' => strip_tags($order_total['text']),


    And before shipping_method?..


    I am also making little notes...( that I'll get to you when I am done ) so that maybe they can be added to the install/help file to also help clarify to others in the future...




    PS.. Just taking my time with it (installing) while doing a few other things also....


    PSS.. I just don't want to end like Amy did... lol.. Never to be heard from again..haha


    Yes you are correct.


  10. I have now updated this addon to version 1.1 a significant update:


    Changes since v1.0


    * Added a link to the USPS website in the admin to check current USPS flat rate shipping rates

    * Added the capability to quote the 12 x 12 x 5.5 package rate

    * Added the capability to choose a maximum package weight to toggle between the two rates

    * Added the ability to quote the correct amount if multiple shipping boxes are to be shipped for 1 order

    * Added the ability to add a handling fee

    * Updated the description and added update instructions

    * Updated the english file

    * Updated the screenshots


    Download it here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5783





  11. Here's my settings. Just can't get the shipping insurance to add sales tax and I don't know much about php coding. I'm open to suggestions.


    Discount Coupons 5

    Gift Vouchers 6

    Low Order Fee

    Shipping 2

    Sub-Total 1

    Tax 4

    Total 7

    USPS Shipping Insurance 3


    USPS Shipping Insurance must be 1 higher in the order than Tax, so re-order them with this in mind. So:


    subtotal 1

    shipping 2

    tax 3

    usps shipping insurance 4

    and so on...



  12. Time is now 5:48pm CST, I am holding off on install until questions clarified.


    I read back thru a few posts, and many people just stop posting..


    I would like to help and report, and this is fresh install with "no mods" as of yet..






    I have installed this and tested it on a fresh, unmodded install of RC2a test store with no errors or issues. Also, I updated my personal webstore with 2.1 with no errors, issues, or conflicts (from 1.54).



  13. NO!!! (laughing)




    1) imported tracking.sql


    2) Looked all over your folders first manually for the following file as it says in install.text...then did a disk search for "button_track.php"




    Maybe you meant? .gif ??


    As mentioned, sorry...but that's what is says...lol...and if you're as nit-picky as I am, I thought I'd let you know...




    yes, .gif

  14. I haven't installed a thing yet... and I sure thank you for the reply..


    So, if I install juts > 12-Mar-08 Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods


    This is actually the same thing except with e-mail? Sorry if the questions seem"dumb...lol... But I've done my share of "not asking questions"...lol




    I'll play with the cron stuff...if I ever get this rolling... haha


    March 12, 2008 package is just a file telling you that Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods has been renamed and moved to a different thread.


    Package Tracking Plus includes email notification mods too. It is the same addon, I just wanted a new site for it. If you have NEVER installed either before I recommend using:


    1. Package Tracking Plus 2.0 if you just want the capability to track 1 package per carrier per order

    2. Package Tracking Plus 2.1 if you want the capability to track 2 packages per carrier per order


    Both packages contain profession email notification mods. If you don't know, use 2.1 because as your business grows you may want the capability of tracking 2 packages per shipper per order.


    3. If you are using 1.54 currently of Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods and like it, there is no real need to upgrade as the bugfixes to Package Tracking Plus 2.0 are minor. The real advantage is that the installation instructions of Package Tracking Plus 2.0/2.1 are compatible with osC RC2.


    Make sense?



  15. Hello Scott, and thx for for work...and also for the reply the other day..


    Well, I have 3/8 version...that I was just reading ready to install, but I read this>

    And was wondering if " I was NOT " upgrading, if I had to do it?


    I guess I'll scrap what I am doing at this point, and go get the latest release...But I thought I would ask the question, as not to screw anything up...


    Thx again,




    added, Now I am really confused...lol




    Do I need Both ??

    12-Mar-08 Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods

    v2.2; Features

    09-Mar-08 Package Tracking Plus

    v2.2; Shipping Modules


    No, you don't need both Jim. And you don't have to upgrade, there were no real bugfixes that had to be addressed except for I finally eliminated all remnants of the "comments" error from the code and a few really small things that don't affect much, they just make me feel better about the code :) If you are not getting errors, don't sweat it.


    You really only need to upgrade if you want the additionally flexibility of having up to 2 tracking numbers per shipper/per order and all that that adds to this addon. It effects more than 1/2 the code and is a significant upgrade in functionality.


    I should add that though I updated the cronjob mod for 2 USPS packages, I don't know if it works because I don't use it personally and I am not an expert at writing such additions (though useful).



  16. Nice addition! Thank you.


    I am having a problem getting the module to include sales tax in the calculation. Can you direct me to what I am doing wrong?


    Thanks in advance



    Hi Kim,


    This is a shot in the dark with little info, but here it is...


    1. Make sure that you have set the include tax option to True and click the update/save button (i know that is obvious)

    2. Make sure that the sort order of the insurance module is AFTER the "Tax" in the order totals modules in the admin (per the instructions - see below)


    Sort Order? Set this to the order you want it to appear in the totals table.

    See how your Order Total Modules have a Sort Order? Well, I use Shipping

    as 3 and Shipping Insurance as 4. Be careful NOT to have two modules with

    the same order number. Note that ANY modules ordered after it, excluding

    shipping, will not be included in the total insured.


    Hope this is the solution for you.



  17. okay - I got into the insurance module- however, when I select priorty it is forcing express at checkout?


    This is not a problem with the insurance module, but with the shipping module. I've seen this on the USPS forums several times, please check there.



  18. Wanted to get back with you Jim - today 1.01 worked. It sent 4 emails to 4 orders, but I have changed nothing. I guess I was concerned because i had the delay set at 10 days, but the 4 orders that review emails were sent on today were place on:







    I expected 2 to be sent yesterday and 2 to be sent today... does the script base the number of days on date or does it take into account the time the order was placed as well?


    thanks for the great addon Jim and for your support of it.



  19. Jim,


    I upgraded to 1.01 and now, every time I get an email from the admin, it says that 0 emails were sent even though the database has 4 orders that are over 10 days. I wish I could be more specific, it worked fine with 1.00 - any thoughts? thanks!



  20. now that the post office is adding the larger 12.95 box is there a why to have mulitple flat rate options? also, I teach classes and students pay upfront so there is no delivery of any product. I thought that this would be an easy way to do a 0 delivery? or is there an easier way? my head is swimming at the different pickup mod's


    Please help.


    This is the pickup module I use on my store - it works great: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3354 (the 2nd newest with the address link)


    Thanks for the suggestion - i wasn't aware of the 2nd option - I'm going to write an adjusted Priority Shipping Flat Rate Module with this option. It just might take a few days.



  21. Question. Is there a way to limit what items can and can't use this? Most products will NOT fit into one of the Post Offices Flat Rate Boxes.


    Not at that point, that could be an enhancement for the future. As I wrote, this addon is for people who only use 1 box per order to ship. thanks for inquiring.