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  1. Apologies.. my mistake, I got it solved and it works fine! However, I'm curious about omiting the "NONSSL".. does it pose any problems? I'm not running a store but using OsC as a learning platform for PHP and MySql, so I have no idea how it will affect a live store if "NONSSL" is omited.. anyone can kindly let me know? Thanks
  2. Hi Equillia, I think I'm having the same problem too. Warning: fopen(includes/GeoIP.dat): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/****/public_html/store/includes/geoip.inc on line 322 Another question is.. in /catalog/admin/includes/boxes/reports.php where we have to add '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_STATS_CUSTOMERS, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_REPORTS_ORDERS_TOTAL . '</a>'); , can I replaced by tep_admin_files_boxes('supertracker.php', 'Supertracker') or [tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_SUPERTRACKER, BOX_REPORTS_SUPERTRACKER) [/code] because I've admin access control contribution installed. I can't test out if either works because of the above error I had. Another question which is irrelevant to this contribution is.. I'm rather new to PHP and wonder if omiting the 'NONSSL'. does it pose any conflicts or problems in handling payment or sessions? Thanks for any input in advance.
  3. Oh, I found the code by happybear to fix this. I've uploaded the updated package with the new gift_add.php fixed to the contribution area for easier d/l for other users. Thanks for this contribution and it is working great!
  4. :'( I found out my silly careless mistake. I uploaded to store 1 but checked on store 2. Gosh... Now, I've everything running fine but the delete, update and edit functions are not working. :huh:
  5. Am I doing it correctly? 1. Admin>Catalog>Categories/Products - Assigned a product as a carrot by ticking the check box 2. Admin>Catalog>Gifts - there is only an input box before the word 'treshold' + an empty pull down menu + an add button. I'm stuck here. What do I do from here? I tried adding some digits at the input box and the pull down menu is still emptied. I've double checked, triple checked and triple checked again but I can't find what I am missing from the installation guidelines. Every files are uploaded accordingly. Anyone encountered the same situation can offer some help? Thanks
  6. Thanks Jack, I re-downloaded the contribution and now I got it re-installed following the steps I missed previously. I'm able to see 'Gifts' under Admin>Catalog. There is an empty box besides the word 'treshold' and a pull down menu with empty elements and an add button. Have I installed it correctly? Have I missed out any steps again? I followed the instruction closely step by step.. 10 steps. yes. I can't figure out how it supposed to work. Add gift from admin>catalog>Gifts Key in the dollars amount, clicked Add. Is that all? And what's the treshold for and how do I assigned which product to be included as a gift? I mean... the only new thing that appears in the admin panel is the Admin>Catalog>Gifts Did I install it incorrectly again? :(
  7. I've installed this contribution on a clean MS 2.2 and there isn't any option under admin panel to add gifts. I've downloaded the latest version two. There are only two php files included. gift.php and gift_add.php.. am I right? Did I miss out any files? Please advise.. thanks!! PHP Files included in the package I downloaded: catalog>includes>boxes>gifts.php admin>gift_add.php Steps for installation: 1. upload the sql file to the database 2. overwrite all files to the clean MS 3. edit shopping_cart.php 3) include the following to catalog/includes/languages/english.php // dangling carrot v1.9 in includes/boxes/gifts/php define('BOX_HEADING_GIFTS', 'Special Gifts');. what else I miss?
  8. Hi, I've searched through the contributions database but can't find what I want. In case I missed it, I'll post it here and if you happened to know there is a contribution that works this way, please kindly let me know. Thanks. I'm looking for a contrib that allows download only after the customers have made their purchase. The download links will automatically send to them via emails after their payment is processed. Once it is downloaded, the link will not be valid anymore. I sort of found a contrib that allows PDF download and the credit card contrib that allows sending of hyperlink after payment is processed. For the veterans out there, can I use these two contribs as guidelines to modify the codes to achieve what I want or there is another way to approach this? Is there any contrib that is close to what I need? Thanks for any input and advice.
  9. anyone has installed the 5.14 version and it is working perfectly fine? Please do let me know as I've installed this 5.14 but something seems missing. I spent two days trying to install, uninstall, read the files, figure out the procedures... etc.. but no, it doesnot seem to work properly even though there isn't any error messages. I'm not sure if is my problem or 5.14 has some files or functions missing. Please do let me know if you have this version installed and working perfectly with no problems. If you can do a screen shot, I'll be very grateful. thank you
  10. thanks but no, I didn't find that option under admin>tools I downloaded the 5.14 version and is this version incomplete? I tried it out and it doesn't really make sense. I set an option for to offer gv for new customers but there is not way to redeem the gift voucher, the gv code that sent via email is always invalid and the amount is not deducted at all. The discount coupon works fine but not the gv. I followed the instructions to create the gv as a product. But no, it doesn't work this way I think. Admin>catalog>categories/products> entered GIFT_12 for product model. This appear under new products. When purchased, is not recognised as a GV. No GV code is sent. Signed in again to send GV. Received the code via email and follows the link to a redeem page that says click continue to redeem the gv. Clicked continue and add items to cart, however, when entered the code via check out, the code is invalid. I tried to redeem it via Admin but no, it doesn't work either. The procedures seem odd and I'm wondering if I missed out any files? anyone can kindly help?
  11. tuppergirl

    Credit Class Gift Voucher

    I don't know if the version I downloaded works differently. Firstly, there isn't an option to create gift vouchers under the "Voucher/Coupon". There are only Coupon Admin, Gift Voucher Queue, Mail Gift Voucher, Gift Voucher Sents. Discount Coupon can be created via the coupon admin but not the gift voucher. I tried to create the gift voucher under admin>catalog>categories/products and use GIFT_25 for product_model. I don't know if this is the right way, this GIFT_25 appears under new products. When purchased as a normal product, it is not recognised as a gift voucher and no code was sent together with the order process email. When I tried to send the gift voucher from the admin>voucher/coupon>mail gift voucher, there isn't an option to choose which gift voucher I want to use. A mail can be sent successfully but the link to the gift voucher is invalid. Admin shows two codes for the gift voucher sent but in fact I only sent once. The code received via the email is the wrong code and can't be redeemed. I'm having no problems of the installation but getting lots of frustrations on figuring out how this work and should be worked. Since there are no error messages, I don't know if I have missed one or two files that caused the contribution not to work to the max. Anyone with this contribution installed, can you kindly let me know how it supposed to work and screen shots on on how it supposed to look like? Everyone is talking about this and swear that this contrib is the best and needed.. but after I installed it, it is rather disappointing. I must have missed some files? I downloaded the 5.14 version. and spent the last night and the entire monring and afternoon trying to install, uninstall, test run, creatte... etc but it just doesn't work fine for me. I'd like to post my screen shots but this site doesn't allow upload of images and I don't own a website. Anyone please help. Thanks p/s: This forum search function is really a test of patience... I tried to search for solutions but the search funciton is really ...... @#$#%$^!@#
  12. I've this contribution installed and there isn't any error messages however something seems not right. - However, I can't find an option to create Gift Voucher. The instruction given was to create GV like adding a product. Ok, I add a product and called it Gift_Voucher but when I test purchase it, it is not recognised as a Gift Voucher and no code is given via the order email notification. There isn't any option that said Add Gift Voucher or Create Gift Voucher. How and where to create GV? I've already set admin>catalog>to offer a gift voucher and admin>modules>order Total to install both GV and DC. So.. what else I missed? How and where to create GV? - The test discount coupons I created, I can't delete it from the admin. When I chose All coupons, all the test DC will show even after I deleted them. Do I have to do it via sql? Please advise. Thanks
  13. I've downloaded this contrib and got it installed. No errors, no problems BUT something is missing. I looked through this long posts and realised there are many things which I can't find in my contribution. Some functions are missing in my installation but there isn't any errors running it. There isn't any option to create Gift Voucher nor set Gift Voucher's values and product limits.. etc. Does anyone has any screenshot on this contrib? Thakns
  14. tuppergirl

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I've installed this on a clean Osc and it works great. However, I'd like to try it out with another Osc that I've been learning with, it has Admin Acess Control and Infobox Skin Manager and Infobox Admin installed. The column_left and column_right.php is too challenging for me to merge. I've tried several ways and I keep getting errors. There seems to be no way to merge them or it will require hell lots of time(for a newbie) to figure out. Anyone has successfully merged the Admin Acess Level Account + Infobox Skin Manager + Infobox Admin together with STS?
  15. tuppergirl

    [Contribution] Infobox Skin Manager

    I tried to use dashed line for the border of the infoboxes but the dashed line is not showing well. It basically sliced the corners but not the top and bottom horizontal, left right vertical. why it works only for straight hard line but not dashed line? anyone knows this?