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  1. how did you get the date to work?
  2. LeeH

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I've lost 1.5 days of prime selling time after installing this. It seems the http_referer field keeps getting deleted from the who's online db, no matter how many times I add it back in. Everytime I think it's ok and leave the site alone, I come back to find an ugly error about the unknown field. What could possibly be causing this?
  3. LeeH

    Multiple-Shipping-Addresses 2

    I've been trying to get this to work, patiently installing each release, but can't get it to add the order totals together, but it just doesn't add them. I've discovered that all orders get added to the db with paid_order set to '1'. I desperately need this to work for the Cmas rush. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. LeeH

    Multiple-Shipping-Addresses 2

    the file that gets modified is checkout_process.php. Now, maybe someone can help me...I'm getting an error on checkout_confirmation.php: Call to undefined function: tep_count_customer_orders() Anybody got this function?
  5. How did you get the date to show correctly in Admin? I've followed this and other threads and just can't seem to get the date correctly formatted.
  6. LeeH


    I tried out the demo, after installing you first contribution with the drop down menus of addresses and products. My preference is the first method, because the customer only has to advance through the cart once, so less time/click throughs required. A potential issue with the new method is that some customers may think they "tricked" the system if the get through to the sucess check out screen and don't read their email invoice correctly where it says something about no shipment until payment. Or maybe they forget to send payment and wonder why their item never shipped. If no payment comes in a timely manner, the shop owner has to call or email to see what their intent was. I had this experience in using the pay by check method and finally disabled it because it caused more confusion than it was worth. Just my two cents....But don't get me wrong, I desperately need a multi-address method, especially with Christmas coming. And I do like that it keeps the items and shipping costs separate, as I'm still struggling with shipping costs on a per item, per method. Thanks for your hard work on a much-needed contribution!
  7. LeeH


    Check out www.popcornfactory.com (part of 1800flowers). It's a nice UI. ...and one I would kill to have in OSC!
  8. LeeH

    Multiple Shipping Options Per Item

    I need exactly the same thing and would be willing to pay if someone could help me out. Ant takers?
  9. LeeH


    Is it possible to somehow modify the multiple zones to multiple flat rates per ship method? I need to ship to multiple addresses, with multiple methods allowed (2-day, ground, etc.) based on a flat per product price.
  10. LeeH


    This is exactly what I've been looking for! However, I'm getting an undefined function error on #213 - "display_price_nodiscount". Anybody got that function code?
  11. Does anyone know how to modify this code to have a fixed shipping price per product, for multiple shipping methods? I have 4 shipping method costs added to my products description table, and depending on the ship method chosen, add a slight mark-up to these costs. It seems like a simple modification, but I haven't been able to pull it off. Anybody else need something like this?
  12. I'm wondering if this could be modified to meet a similar thing I'm trying to do: shipping price per product per shipping method (2 day, 3 day, ground, etc.) I don't use zones, and want to avoid anything tied to product weights. All orders will choose 1of 4 methods, and the per product rate should be added for each product.
  13. LeeH

    SEO SiteMap help needed!

    Thanks for the quick reponse. My host doesn't allow me to access the httpd.conf. I am able to write an .htaccess in the root directory. Will this work, or do I need httpd.conf access as well? Thanks.
  14. LeeH

    SEO SiteMap help needed!

    I can't get this to work. My .htaccess is below. I can view the 2 site map files, but the .html pages referenced in the links create 404 errors. ANy ideas? SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \ nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \ downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0 DirectoryIndex home.html home.php index.php index.html RewriteEngine on Options +FollowSymlinks # -- To execute php in html AddType application/x-httpd-php php php4 php3 html htm # -- For the Sitemap pages RewriteRule ^sitemap_categories.html$ /sitemap_categories.php [L] RewriteRule ^sitemap_products.html$ /sitemap_products.php [L] # For Categories up to 6 levels deep RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1_$2_$3_$4_$5_$6 [L] RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1_$2_$3_$4_$5 [L] RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1_$2_$3_$4 [L] RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1_$2_$3 [L] RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1_$2 [L] RewriteRule ^category_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /index.php?cPath=$1 [L] # For Products (You may have to rewrite this regexp to match your style of product codes # RewriteRule ^product_([1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])\.html$ /product_info.php?products_id=$1 [L] #RewriteRule ^product_([1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9])\.html$ /info.php/products_id=$1 [L] RewriteRule ^product_([1-9][0-9]*)\.html$ /tmt/product_info.php?products_id=$1 [L]
  15. LeeH

    Recover Cart Sales

    Thanks for the code on to add the number of orders! That was great!