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  1. Hi I tried a bit for myself and with background: transparent in the stylesheet.css I get it work in IE.-great. But nevertheless, there is still the problem with ssl. a nice day carsten
  2. hi yet i tried the original Milestone 2.2 , but it isn?t transparent like i thought. perhaps there is someone who explain me where i must do changes in osc - than while working, i will write it down and we can post it to the contrib. Like : putting osc in an iframe and make the background-color transparent ;) or something like that there are also the problems of ssl to be solved, I?would be glad, if there is someone professional, who can help me. many greetings carsten
  3. Hi i think this is a new topic, because i didn?t get any result by searching. first of all sorry of my english- i?m not a nativ speaker. I want to integrate osC in another homepage with an iframe. I had the hope, that osc would be trancparent, but it?s not. i?ve got installed sts and so i actually don?t know, if the original Milestone 2.2 ist transparent, but i think not. can someone help me to do this changes in osC, so that it would be transparent. i also looked for an contrib, but i don?t find anyone. another problem by integrating osc in an iframe is ssl. There so many popups, that every customer would run away. ;) many greetings carsten