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  1. Hey Geoffrey Of course they did lots of changes on import functions but your way still works fine ;) They just added more variations like direct API etc. I will test your code very soon and report if it works. THANKS!
  2. Hello. Why should this be obsolete? It's not! We STILL USE your contrib (thanks for this!) as it produces a good datafeed which Hitmeister can download directly from our webspace. Import methods still allow to generate a feed on your own webspace and let HM download them at predefined times. Used as Cronjob it works 100% automatically. It is perfect for everyone who can't use there API. Bute still there's one problem i could'nt solve: Stores special prices are not used in export!?
  3. Sir.K.O.

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Think i fixed it. Now total is being calculated correct. "Per item" AND "move tax to total" are completely working in newer versions. next uploader please remove the admin warning ;) fix to your problem: includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php line ~330 $virtual_items = 1; this must be set to 0 like in older versions and then it works fine. someone changed this for some reason in this newer versions and this caused this trouble. have tested several ways and didn't get any errors
  4. Sir.K.O.

    Supertracker Development

    Hello. Someone still developing this contrib at the moment? I just added Agent tracking by Klicks and Agent Tracking by Orders to my version but since its not the actual version i am using i would give some code to someone that is developing actual version. also i am trying to figure out how to count the total of the sales an agent refered tu us. with my try&error coding i managed to get some totals counted but unfortunately not those i needed. maybe someone could please help me here??
  5. hi. your doing great in modifiing this contrib, but why was the agent tracking removed? newer versions since 3.1 do no longer track the agents (?rep=xxx), thats just one step back instead oh ahead. a really appreciated what your doing here but it would be less trouble updating when the last official version is used instead of your own files. 3.1 has agent tracking then several updates and 3.3 does not have this anymore. just made me downgrade last night because i missed my stats.
  6. Sir.K.O.

    Supertracker Development

    the last supertrackers DO NOT HAVE the agent update. Since version 3.1 there is no possibility to track Agents by ?rep= Just downgraded yesterday to get them back!! Please for newer version always use the latest online release instead of your own files. this would be much better.... -------------------------- btw: this contrib in version 3.1 is awesome! the salesagent tracking is cute. exactly what is needed to keep track of campaigns running on those several ppc-platforms around there. to get better overview i would prefer to add not only the klick count but also the sales count AND to total of alle refered sales by an agent. would be great if someone can help me with this as i'm not so good in doing new thing ;)
  7. Sir.K.O.

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    The images are all ok, the even have short names below 8 chars and without any special chars. IE shows them without problems - FF3 not. Emtpying the cache doesnt effect. the black background is not within the images, it is to the left and right of my products images. fileformat is JPG. image width maybe 100px, the box to show them is 200px, the black appears right and left to the image. its the background of the box.
  8. Sir.K.O.

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    WOW, was impressed by this Contribution! Looks really good, but unfortunately i didn't get it to work on my store. It displays the text, but does not sho up any images or any errors. just one simple plain textline "product titel, price" and this one is fading ;) have to correct myself: it just DOESN'T WORK IN FIREFOX. Internet Explorer shows up the images as they should be, but mentioned by Carry (nice eye(s) btw ;)), ive got black background too
  9. Sir.K.O.

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Also got a little Problem.... I have hardcoded images in my descriptions. To thumbnail them too i tried to call them like this src="http://www.domain.com/oscthumb.php?src= I put this code into description with str_replace by replacing the original <img src=" with above code. Unfortunetaly it doenst work because of the hash! anyone has any solution on how to thumb this images without having an hash? or any other way?
  10. Sir.K.O.

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hi. Just built in this funny thing some minutes ago. Awesome stuff!! Questions: If installing within a shop thats width is fixed it shows up with big fat white borders. theres much space at the left and right and it looks kinda ugly. is there a possibility to fix this flash so the images use the whole width? ive set it to a width of 500px but theres much white around it (approx 50px every side). would look much better if it fits right into there... hope someone understands what i mean ;) thanks!
  11. WOW! Fast & PERFECT Support! Thanks, will take a closer look as soon as possible
  12. Hello. Great Contrib - been searching for very long :D Unfortunately it just lists the category itself but for me it would be better to see the whole breadcrumb or category tree instead XXX-AAA->KEYWORD instead of just KEYWORD Can someone help me out??
  13. Hi. Great Contrib if it would work.... :/ Older Version worked for me. When i want to include the versions since 4. Juli (v1.2) my shop just always says the folooing instead of displaying anything Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/vhosts/*****/httpdocs/includes/functions/database.php on line 56
  14. Sir.K.O.

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Hello. I just got stuck with this contrib.... reading all the posts in this thread i can see that you must edit everything that somehow shows products or categories. in heavy modded shops this is a real big thing. wouldn't it be much easier to modify the admin/categories.php in this way that not just the categories get dis/enabled but also the products in there!? you just select the category to disable and ALL products in this cat are disabled automatically (products_status=0). so you dont need to modify more and more files in frontend because this just increases your server loads because of more date needed to be catched from the DB. the products status is something thats already in the system. why not just disable them too with just 1 click? for subcategories it works why not for products too? would be nice if anyone of the pros in here could give a solution to this. i just don't get a clue how to solve this correct. THANKS!
  15. Sir.K.O.

    What happened to ajax vote system?

    hi. great contrib. installed and modified it for my shop, works all fine. except 1 little thing. the top_rating.php module does not show any rated products at all. sometimes it shows up 1 product which has not yet been rated but it never shows my top 10? could anyone please help out with this problem? i don't know what is wrong with the sql-query. tried several "solutions" but nothing worked for me :-(