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  1. mfruech

    How do I add an image as background?

    Sorry, please ignore this. I hit new topic instead of reply. :oops:
  2. Linda, First off, let me say thanks for the hard work you have done. It is a truly remarkable piece of work. With that said, I am trying to add an image as the background of the store and can't figure out exactly where to add it. I have successfully added the image to the header but not the main body of the page. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Is it in the stylesheet or in admin? Mike
  3. Cieto featured products does not have a table and header like the one from Aubrey Killian. If you want it to look like the other version, you will have to add the table and header yourself. :wink:
  4. Thanks for the explanation, emiliano. For a while there, I thought I was going batty. For now, I have commented that line out of admin/categories.php and everyone seems happy. Patiently waiting for the update..... Mike
  5. I am now getting this when adding a new product or editing and existing product... I could not find a products_featured_status in the database, nor could I find where I was to add this during the install. Any ideas? Mike
  6. I believe that the GD library is not enabled by a default php install. You will have to enable it in php.ini.
  7. Emiliano, You are my new best friend. 8) I finally got your mod to work. Nice job!! Mike
  8. Emiliano, Could you repost the instructions that got deleted from your previous post? Thanks....
  9. Emiliano, You might want to check the references to the stylesheet in admin/catagories.
  10. mfruech

    Cieto Featured Products V2 problem

    Just for information's sake, I finally got the mod to work the way I wanted after a LOT of work. But, I now can't add new products to the store. Something seems to be wrong with the admin/catagories.php. I have since bagged the mod in search of one that works. Mike
  11. mfruech

    Cieto Featured Products V2 problem

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can make the Featured Products table look like the infoboxes, with the same header and table border? Screenshot: http://www.marionks.com/images/featured.jpg
  12. I have installed the Cieto Featured Products V2 mod seemingly without problems. But, when I go to view my new addition, the featured products are there but there is no visible table surrounding the products. Anyone have any idea where I went wrong? Since this is a local install, I can't give you an URL, but a screenshot can be seen at http://www.marionks.com/images/featured.jpg Any assistance is very much appreciated.