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    I get the same errors and I was wondering if you got them fixed? Warning: copy(/home/xxxxx/public_html/images/my_image.gif): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/xxxxx/public_html/admin/affiliate_banners.php on line 74 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxx/public_html/admin/affiliate_banners.php:74) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 202 I am using the latest version 6.1 + fix. I do see the image in affiliate_banners_banners.php. Make sure that you created a banner for the category to see it in Banner Links, else see Product Links page. Can anyone help me on how to fix those warnings?
  2. Can you PM me your test site. I think I will uninstall both ccgv and points and rewards, and try to reinstall them cleanly again. I am now wondering what repercussions uninstalling these 2 modules will have on the site? After all, we have ~10,000 users and even more orders. Not just that, but we also have many other modules installed, plus several manual modifications. :( this is going to be a pain.
  3. It could be, since I have Points/RewardsV1.20 but this one has been disabled since the beginning.
  4. I have made a new account and I see: "As part of our Welcome to new customers, we have credited your Shopping Points Accout with a total of 100 Shopping Points worth $1.00. Please refer to the Reward Point Program FAQ as conditions may apply." Even if the "Offrir un chèque cadeau" is set to zero. This is weird. I think that I have to make an update or something.
  5. I disabled both Discount Coupons & Gift Vouchers from admin and the redeem box still appears when purchasing. I think this is some incomplete code in includes/classes/order_total.php inside class member: credit_selection() which states: if (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED) { //show the redeem box } I think it should have some additional values in the if statement. Anyways after some more searching I see that any customer can go to mydomain.com/gv_send.php and send a Gift Certificate. Should this even be possible?
  6. This is URGENT!!!! Possible huge bug in script. I want to know how to temporarily disable this module? I don't really know what version I am using anymore, but it should be like 5.13. Our shop has been live for more than 2 years now with this module enabled. Right now, there is a customer that is ordering and redeems multiple coupons and at the end his total is at $0.00. in Admin >> Gift Voucher's Sent I see everything as admin being the sender except for these 3 coupons that this guy is using and they all have his name on it. This means that he is generating his own coupons through our website... I want to know how to temporarily disable this module?
  7. First thanks for your updates, stonebridgecomputing, and thanks to Chemo for his scripts. @stonebridgecomputing I see that your googleSitemapCategories.php does not index all categories but just the subcategories containing the products. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug? Example: ---------------- test_cat1 test_sub_cat1 test_prod1 test_cat2 test_sub_cat2 test_prod2 test_cat3 ----------------- googleSitemapProducts.php shows the products correctly. googleSitemapCategories.php shows only test_sub_cat1 and test_sub_cat2, but it doesn't show test_cat1, test_cat2 and test_cat3. For those that want to have all categories replace the $sql variable in googleSitemapCategories.php line 50 from: $sql = "SELECT c.categories_id as cID, c.date_added as category_date_added, c.last_modified as category_last_mod, MAX(p.products_date_added) as products_date_added, MAX(p.products_last_modified) as products_last_mod FROM " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " p2c LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p ON (p2c.products_id = p.products_id) WHERE c.categories_id = p2c.categories_id GROUP BY cID ORDER BY category_date_added ASC, category_last_mod ASC, products_date_added ASC, products_last_mod ASC"; to: $sql = "SELECT categories_id as cID, date_added as category_date_added, last_modified as category_last_mod FROM " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " ORDER BY parent_id ASC, sort_order ASC, categories_id ASC"; (preferably just comment the code to replace by using /* and */ and add the new code below it)
  8. I have a question regarding html tags. I googled and search this forum in vain. I am trying to make the Category names to have formating. For this I use a css and the following wrapper around the Category name: <font class="leveling">CATEGORY_NAME_HERE</font> Whenever I plug this inside eazypopulate the quotes get parsed and nothing shows. I changed them to \" OR " OR & # 3 4 ; (no spaces) but nothing. If I put this manually it shows nicely. but as soon as I update with eazypopulate modified category name to the above, a new category is created with no formating. Is there a fix for this, or am I stuck?
  9. cbp

    Easy Populate 2.76

    I am also trying to plug in some html, but in the directory name. This is mostly to give it color and size. I have backslashed the " and ' in the html but for some reason \" gets converted to " and \' get converted to ' and when html reads it it reads it as is and does not reconvert it to " and '. I don't get any errors. Does anyone know a fix other than changing it manually from here into god knows what that may screw up other parts of the script/osCommerce: if (ini_get('magic_quotes_runtime') == 1){ // The magic_quotes_runtime are on, so lets account for them // check if the last character is a quote; // if it is, chop off the quotes. if (substr($items[$i],-1) == '"'){ $items[$i] = substr($items[$i],2,strlen($items[$i])-4); } // now any remaining doubled double quotes should be converted to one doublequote $items[$i] = str_replace('\"\"',""",$items[$i]); if ($replace_quotes){ $items[$i] = str_replace('\"',""",$items[$i]); $items[$i] = str_replace("\'","'",$items[$i]); } } else { // no magic_quotes are on // check if the last character is a quote; // if it is, chop off the 1st and last character of the string. if (substr($items[$i],-1) == '"'){ $items[$i] = substr($items[$i],1,strlen($items[$i])-2); } // now any remaining doubled double quotes should be converted to one doublequote $items[$i] = str_replace('""',""",$items[$i]); if ($replace_quotes){ $items[$i] = str_replace('"',""",$items[$i]); $items[$i] = str_replace("'","'",$items[$i]); } }
  10. Hi, I have installed PRM V1.20 some time ago while creating my site. Now when I finished the website and started making orders I see that this script creates some big problems. As soon as I or the customer uses the points and rewards the order is not processed correctly. This creates a big problem in admin/orders.php and checkout_success.php and the database. Let me explain. There are customer A and customer B. In the meanwhile, I as admin, give some points to a random customer. Customer A makes order #1 but when he arrives at checkout_success.php he sees no products in there. Now customer B makes order #2 and when he arrives at checkout_success.php he sees the contents of order #1 and not his. In admin/orders.php I see B has made order #1 instead of order #2. For customer A I see the previous order in there, or nothing at all, no customer A order. I see this problem happens when PRM is used. Is there a fix to it? I use version 1.20, but I see no subsequent versions addressing this problem. I also have the Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons, which works. thanks, PS: this is really urgent since site is up and running.
  11. I think I found what the problem is. It turns out that I did not put anything in the Product Model column. This made them all to be treated as a new product. As soon as I put the product model 2 behaviours could be detected: 1. two different products with same product model inside the csv; the second one replaced the first in the database upon upload. 2. two different products with different product models worked nicely. Existing products in the database are being updated and the new ones (with different product model) inserted. The subcategory to category problem doesn't apear anymore for some reason. My question now is Why is it important to have different product models for each product for them to be different? I may have products with the same product model inside the same subcategory. Is it possible to make EP not decide what to do based on the product model. Can I make it to compare the product name instead? or product ID?
  12. Hi, I have a problem with easy populate. I installed and everything works nicely until a certain point. I can download the file (tab delimited). I can upload it. And the uploading works. The only problem happens when I try to add a subcategory or new product. I have 3 category levels. (ie. level1 > level2 > level3 > 'products here') Any new subcategory or product from a subcategory of level3 get inserted as a level1 category. So instead of having: level1 >level2 >>level3 .....old_existing_product .....new_product I have: level3 .....new_product level1 >level2 >>level3 .....old_existing_product [Legend: >, >> subcategory; ..... product inside prev subcategory] Can anyone tell me what is the problem. I cannot figure it out. Thanks, cbp