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  1. judoka

    Live Support Fix

    Hi Masterx, Thanks for the reply. I guess I have it set up correctly but it still does not work for me. As for your sound problem first look in you admin/livesupport folder and make sure that you have a beep.wav and a warning.wav files in there. Than in the install instructions you were suppose to have added the following lines in admin/includes/application_top.php, define('LS_COLOR', 'white'); define('LS_ARCHIVE', 'false'); define('LS_WARNING', 'warning.wav'); I do not know where you install these lines but the third line is the one that calls the ring function. Can you tell me where you put these lines? I hope this helps you, judoka :D
  2. judoka

    Live Support Fix

    Hi MasterX, Can you share how you got LiveSupport to work with 2.2ms2? :lol: It would help me if you can tell me the paths of where you install all your files. I know that because of the way ms2 is written that you must break up the way you install some of the files like 1) Open /catalog/includes/application_top.php and add the following lines: // Live support modification define('FILENAME_LIVE_SUPPORT', "java script:void(0);" onclick="window.open('live_support.php','livesupport','width=280,height=280') "); AND ADD: define('TABLE_LS_TECHS', 'ls_techs'); define('TABLE_LS_STATUS', 'ls_status'); define('TABLE_LS_CONVERSATIONS', 'ls_conversations'); 2) Open /catalog/admin/includes/application_top.php and add the following line: // Live support modification define('FILENAME_LIVE_SUPPORT', 'live_support.php'); AND ADD: define('TABLE_LS_TECHS', 'ls_techs'); define('TABLE_LS_STATUS', 'ls_status'); define('TABLE_LS_CONVERSATIONS', 'ls_conversations'); I've install these modification in there respected filename.php and database_tables.php but I'm not sure if this is correct or if I put them in the right place. :? :? Can you please look at my above post and see the problem that I am having? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Very Much MasterX, :D :D Jose
  3. judoka

    Live Support Fix

    Hi Everybody, Ok I got the Live Support Link showing up on the Tools Section of my Admin. However when I click to activate the Live Support Mod. It take me to a new Admin login windows. Where if I login on it, it will take me back to the Admin. and Live Support is never Activated. :? :? Any ideas on this? Thanks everyone. Jose :D
  4. judoka

    Live Support Fix

    Hi Everybody, Does anybody have Live Support working on MS2? I'm trying to install it on MS2 and everything seen to be working ok so far, with the exception that I can not get the LIve Support Link to show up in my Admin in the Tools section. This is the code that I am using; tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_LIVE_SUPPORT, BOX_TOOLS_LIVE_SUPPORT) . When I try to use the original code of; '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_LIVE_SUPPORT) . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_TOOLS_LIVE_SUPPORT . '</a><br>' . I do get the link but I get an error message that states "Access Denied No Right Permission Access" whenever I click on the link. Anybody have any ideas on this? Thank you in advance for any and all help Jose :D
  5. Hi Cannuck, Just posting this to let you know that I got the freeshipper.php and simple.php error I reported above fix, :D :D and to let you know what the problem was so that you can get it fix on your system. I went back to Linda's addon module and follow the install instructions and found the following error's on your Template System, 1) The "webmakers_added_functions.php" needs to be added to both the catalog and admin functions folders. 2) than the following changes needs to be made to; /catalog/includes/application_top.php Replace the line: // Shopping cart actions Replace with: // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library include(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'webmakers_added_functions.php'); // EOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library // Shopping cart actions 3) and than in: /admin/includes/application_top.php Add to the very end of the file, before the ?> // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library include(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'webmakers_added_functions.php'); // EOF: WebMakers.com Added: Functions Library That all I found so far but if I should find anything else I will let you know. 8) I still need help with the Easy Populate questions if you get a chance to help me with that. Thank You, Jose :D 8) :D
  6. Hi Cannuck, Thank you for your reply. I am moving this post from your forum to this forum hoping that if you do not have the time to help me maybe some of the other members here might be able to help me. I checked to make sure that both freeshipper.php and sample.php were present in my module file and they were there however I upload fresh copies just in case the others might have been corrupted but I'm still getting the same error messages. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_free_charger() in c:program fileseasyphpwwwcatalogincludesmodulespaymentsample.php on line 26 and under the shipping module I get this error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_free_shipper() in c:program fileseasyphpwwwcatalogincludesmodulesshippingfreeshipper.php on line 26 Do you have any other suggestion that might help? Also: I do have Easy Populate on my live site but could you please give me a little bit more detail on how I can download my live db to my local machine db? I am new to php and OSC and learning as I go, but I don't want to take a change of losing my live site db or anything doing any trial and error on this. I would surely appreciated it Thank you, Jose, :D :D
  7. judoka

    Easy Populate

    Hi, does any one know where I can get a step by step instruction on how to use Easy Populate? Or could someone give me step by step instructions on how to use it? I have it install on both my live site and on my local machine. And I would like to use it to populate my local machine db. but I am afraid to use it till I know how. I don't what to take a change of losing my live datebase, I have to many products to re-enter if something should go wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Jose, :D
  8. judoka

    Authorizenet missing Column

    :D :D :D :D Disregard this post. After doing some more reading and doing some testing and errors of my own I finally got Authorizenet working. :D :D :D :D Jose, :D 8) :D 8)
  9. Hi Everybody, I am switching over to Authorizenet and I am having a small problem that I hoping someone can help me with. When I try to do a test purchase I am getting the following error: 1054 - Unknown column 'orders_status_id' in 'field list' insert into orders_status_history (orders_id, orders_status_id, date_added, customer_notified, comments) values ('12', '', now(), '1', '') I know that this mean that I am missing the column in my db and I know where I need to go to add the column. My problem is that I am fairly new to PHP and I don't know how to write the coding to add the column. :( I was wondering if someone more knownledgeable than me can tell me what is the coding that I would need to add this column. I would surely appreciated it if you will share your knownledge with me. :) :) Thank you for your help, Jose :D
  10. Hi Linda, I am having the same problem as Jantz did. I'm also getting the same popup message when a customer logs in I read your respond but I do not unstanding exactly what you are saying. I have looked at my login.php file and everything is set to "SSL" when I change it to "NONSSL" I'm still getting the popup message. So I change it back to "SSL" but again I am still getting the popup message. I was wondering am I not in the correct file? Could you please tell me how did you get the problem fix for Jantz. My url is www.giftsuniqueshop.com and I am using my own SSL Cert. from InstantSSL. Thank you, Jose