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  1. I just have "P.O. Box - Show USPS Only" installed, it works well as the name of the contrib suggested. My case is that I have three shipping modules installed, that is, UPS, USPS and a Table Rate (based on combination of USPS Priority wtih Registered Mail for highest USPS insurance). What I try to do is to allow customers to choose from ALL three shipping methods for standard street addresses (no "PO Box" in the address line), in other words, I need all the modules to be displayed in that situation. However, when this contib applied, the USPS methods are "disabled" for non-pobox addresses. Questions: (1) Is there any way to allow USPS methods to be also displayed for non-pobox addresses with this contrib? (2) How can I control what type of shipping methods to be displayed for po box addresses (in my case, both USPS and the USPS-based Table Rate need to be shown)? Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas!
  2. orverda

    Table Rate Shipping

    If you refer to the tare weight under Config/Shipping-Packaging - (1) The tare weight effects on all shipping modules that counts weight in. But not (2) for those that don't, e.g. Flat Rate, Per Item, Zone Rates and (3) However, Table Rate module could be something different - It depends on whether you choose Weight or Price as the Table Method. You might do a test on it. BTW, there is a contrib: Customer Table Rate with 2 Fields that "you can base your shipping cost on both price AND weight". you might well take a look into it. Good Luck!
  3. orverda

    Please HELP! Shipping Insurance

    Does anyone use shipping insurance with Paypal? Could you share??? :x
  4. :sweating: Please HELP! My store uses Paypal and Shipping Insurance v2.01 by Richard Bartz which works fine within osc. The problem is, as I confirmed with Paypal yesterday, Paypal currently does NOT support and accept 'shipping insurance' as a workable variable. In other words, the amount of shipping insurance passed by osc won't get displayed and included into the total amount at Paypal's checkout/pament page. I'd like to know HOW I can add/route the amount of shipping insurance into the Shipping Cost as a part of the cost, therefore, to get the insurance included at Paypal. Does anyone have any ideas? ALSO if you know any shipping insurance contributions that can provide an option to add shipping insurance under total amount of "Shipping Cost" please recommend! Thanks a lot!
  5. orverda

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks MarcoZorro, In my case, the shipping insurance cost was calculated seperately by the module I use (Shipping Insurance v2.01) and added to the TOTAL (not the SUB-TOTAL, the merchandise price), before being passed to Paypal. Sure, I can simply apply the insurance as a percentage to the item price, however, via an shipping insurance module, you are able to provide buyers the option to allow them to decide whether or not to chose the insurance. As regard to you another suggestion: to add the insurance amount to the shipping cost, I think that is a good idea, and I'm thinking about it now. If you already know how to add an amount calculated by an "Order Total module" to the shipping cost, please DO let me know. (below is what the totaling looks like in my checkout_confirmation page) Sub-Total: $100.00 Shipping cost: $20.00 Shipping Insurance: $1.00 Total: $121.00 Thanks again for sharing your ideas!
  6. orverda

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I could be VERY WRONG, but it seems to me that Paypal never accepts and includes any SHIPPING INSURANCE amount provided by OSC into the final total amount at Paypal's checkout. If YOU do have a SUCCESSFUL experience using any Shipping Insurance contribution with Paypal (with whatever Paypal/Paypal IPN modules), Or, if YOU think this is NOT a trivial issue, PLEASE HELP! and PLEASE SHARE... TIA! http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...20entry721445
  7. Hello Richard, I've been using your Shipping Insurance contribution (SI hereafter) from v1.0 ~ v2.01, it works great within my store, only issue I have so far is the insurance amount cannot be includied at Paypal's website. I'm currently using osCommerce Paypal IPN and did not find any solutions there in its forum. I am glad to find out that you did achieve a solution for using SI with Authorize.net two years ago. And would like to know if your approach (as quoted above) can be adpoted into the Paypal IPN. If possible, how should I apply those changes in the checkout_process.php for Paypal? Here is the link to my detailed post about SI with Paypal in the IPN forum this morning I love the SI module very much and wish to get it working for Paypal - Thanks a lot for any help from you!
  8. orverda

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    TOPIC: Shipping Insurance via Paypal IPN Not Included at Paypal Seemingly, Paypal never includes a shipping insurance amount into the total aount displayed at its (Paypal's) checkout page. I was using Shipping Insurance v1.x and now v2.01, both versions all work fine within oscommerce, yet, when data passed to Paypal (I'm using latest version of osCommerce Paypal IPN), the insurance amount didn't get displayed, and Paypal only receive from buyers the amount less insurance. For example: My total at OSC is $202 ($2 shipping insurance included) Paypal's total is only $200 even (less insurance) Paypal charges buyers for $200 Paypal sends email notifications for $200 OSC sent notifications for $202 OSC prepares Invoice/Packing List for $202 Though difference in amount, OSC's IPN order page (at Admin) still gets Updated (switching from preparing to pending) I 've noticed that at the Paypal's website there's NO any setting configurable for Shipping Insurance under Profile > Selling Preference - I doubt that the Insurance is NOT even a possible parameter by Paypal's default there (and that could WHY shipping insurance never got included???) I'm much confused as I really have no idea whether it's Paypal problem or the actuall data (ALL parts of the TOTAL at OSC) is fully/actually/correctly PASSED to Paypal after the checkout_confirmation submitted. As I've searched through the forums here, I realized this has been a year-around issue (NOT a trivial one though) still remaining unsolved, regardless, there's not much people talking about it now. Looks like, OSC people using Authorize.net already solved this issue years ago (i.e. insurance gets included)... Just wonder: Anyone use Shipping Insurance with Paypal SUCCESSFULLY? Your solutions? Which Shipping Insurance/ Paypal contributions you are using? Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions shall be highly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. orverda

    Paypal IPN 1.1

    Log into your Paypal account (or Sandbox account) go to "Website Payment Preference" page under Profile section, in Auto Return have radio box "on" checked - this will force payers to automatically return to your site (i.e. to checkout_success.php or any thank-you page) and the Order IPN page within your osc will get updated. So far, this is the easiest way to solve the return issue effeciently. Good Luck!
  10. orverda

    IPN Help please!

    As I tested with Sandbox, It seems like one doesn't have to enable IPN inside the Paypal to allow osc IPN to work properly (the IPN contr is doing everything for you, hopefully). When I worked with ZenCart (which is also based on osc) I enabled IPN in Paypal and use the regular pyapal.php with the program though. Snadbox's IPN not respoing normally in past 10 days, the osc order page just cannot get IPN info updated. Anyone alse notices that?
  11. orverda

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I posted a similar issue related to Parcel vs Priority in Global delivery (see my previous posts right above this one). I just talked with USPS. They told me the parcel pricing (Global economy, up to 5lb, 4-6 weeks) IS INDEED HIGHER than Global Priority Mail - Flate-rate envelopes (up to 4lb, 4-6 days). The reason as they explained is that: parcel dimensions are varied and set by senders, but dimesions of flate-rate envs and boxes are fixed, which is much easier for USPS to handle, hence Priority has lower rates than parcels. Hope you can get some clues here and further find out the pricing issue for Domestic parcel shipping. Good Luck
  12. orverda

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Just found out at USPS International Service Calculation page that my test results is exactly same as those display by USPS website. It seems nothing with USPS Methods module for the Global Delivery Pricing. There could be something to do with USPS' pricing itself. I'll give them a call to make it clearer. Result Link for shipping 1lb item from US to Canda
  13. orverda

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    The topic of Parcel pricing vs Priority pricing has been around here for quite long. My installation of USPS Methods (v.2.8b with no modification) works well in Domestic Delivery (USA) options: Parcel is CHEAPER than Priority. BUT, if Global Delivery applies, Airmail Parcel (4~10days) and Economy (Surface) Parcel (4~6 Weeks) are much HIGHER then Global Priority Mail (4~6 Days) For example: I had tests with a dummy merchandise (1lb total) shipped from Illinois/US to Ontario/Canada The USPS Global Delivery prices displayed are: GXG Doc (2-3 days) usd 33 GXG Non-Doc (2-3 days) usd 36 Express (3-5 days) usd 16.25 >>Priority Flat-rate Env Large (4-6 days) usd 7 >>Priority Flat-rate Env Small (4-6 days) usd 4 >>Priority Flate-rate Enve Var Weight (single) (4-6 days) usd 8 Airmail Letter-post (4-7 days) usd 3.75 >>Airmail Parcel post (4-10 days) usd 13.25 Economy (Surface) letter-post (4-6 Weeks) usd 2.7 >>Economy (Surface) Parcel Post (4-6 Weeks) usd 15.25 JUst wonder if this is mis-calculated by the USPS Methods module or has something to do with USPS's end? Thanks for sharing any thoughts & Ideas!
  14. orverda

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    To "force" your customers to come back to your website, you might try to use "Auto Return for Website Payments" option, found in the Merchant's PayPal configuration: Profile->Website Payment Preferences. See Tdogg's post. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...ndpost&p=701340