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  1. gnehc

    Recover Cart Sales

    suggestion. the 'recover cart' tool should be parsed into seperate pages of 20 carts each i think. i'm looking at my carts right now and from the last 60 days, there must be over 200 of them. >_<
  2. gnehc

    Recover Cart Sales

    thanks for this, i'm using it fine (i think) so far on a pre-ms1 (from sept 2002?) with this and no bugs that i've seen so far. there's nothing wrong with the current email being sent out. but, i'd be very interested if someone has come up with something that's worded even more persuasive than what's in the package to entice customers to come back (besides a discount of X amount). thanks.
  3. Haha. I'll take a guess at it ... I think that's the model of his monitor. :) I happen to have a gateway vx700 monitor somewhere ... I think the P&G 'order' contribution that was mentioned could be super useful. Though I'll wait a bit for his code to smooth out and more features added. I was tempted two months ago (or so) to install it. But, a tad too many modifications for my taste. Maybe when I upgrade to MS1 or later ...
  4. gnehc


    fyi for anyone wondering .. i have this working on my 09/17/02 snapshot without a hitch so far ... though, i only have not tried a paypal transaction to see (paypal account problems!). -- but, for the affiliate's management ... think they need a navigation bar that shows on all pages (banners, clicks, sales). pressing the back button isn't too intuitive. -- any reason (security?) why affiliates are not able to modify their own information (payout to etc) after their account is created? *thanks for the contribution
  5. gnehc


    whoops. you're right. must have been when i was copying the files ... somehow the affiliate_affiliates didn't end up where it was supposed to (even though the rest of the admin files did)
  6. gnehc


    henri, v1.01 package is missing admin/includes/languages/english/affiliate_affiliates.php grabbed it from v1
  7. gnehc


    haven't gotten around to installing this yet (soon i hope) ... but, can anyone tell me if affiliate payment can be set to $0 or 0 percent? utilizing the above ... not sure if anyone might have mentioned it .. but the affiliate contribution can/is actually a very good way to see if those pay-per-click (etc) systems work for you. As, you can just give a different refer link to each system and see after a certain period of time -- if any type of sale is made from that link(referer).
  8. hi moyashi do a string replace using php on the TEXT entered for the article replace all "rn" with "rn< br >" tags (i think macs are just r or n -- so maybe have it configured somewhere to replace what type of tag depending on your os) i think that should take care of it and also keep the paragraph intact when you're editing it (aesthetics). though, if you edit and it tries to insert the tags again .. then we have a problem. so, maybe have to look in the text for 'tagupdated' keyword or something and it won't update rn to br tags again.
  9. emiliano is right. having a 'autobreak' (at least) type of feature is good for when you cut and paste a lot articles. which i just did prior and had to put in quite a few < p > tags manually. i believe there's a 'html editor' contribution that utilizes javascript that will do the trick moyashi of adding < br > tags as necessary ...
  10. you are already able to do that. just insert your html tags.
  11. has anyone had their 'orders total' not updating correctly? i've used this 2-3 times in the last week and notice that it doesn't add the shipping fee to the order total properly. my shipping rates are based on the table-rate and using a 9/02 snapshot. been too lazy to go in and fix the problem since i don't update orders much. just wondering if its just me experiencing the problem ...
  12. gnehc

    Is anyone Interested?

    Hi, So ... this contribution right now, doesn't show price of item but user can add item to cart? If so .. how about ... by default, such items, there is no 'add to cart/buy now' button displayed (display a price quote button?) ... in the email, send them information on the price of the item. And, if they want the item, there is a LINK to click to add the item into their shopping cart ... this would presumably take care of users adding it to their cart and seeing the price (if i read your message correctly). That is based on most people will not care/do enough to try and add a 'outofstock/etc' item to their cart by viewing source. ;)
  13. gnehc


    hi henri (and steve), sourceforge lists the following information oscaffiliate oscaffiliate_vs_0.4.zip January 22, 2003 i've been meaning to install this ... but, always haven't gotten around to for want of waiting until a newer version is released ... can you personally say if anytime in the near future (1-2week timeframe) if a version newer/higher than the above listed is going to be out? thanks. *** and can anyone comment on the CVS usage .. never used it before. but, say if i installed the oscaffiliate and made some modifications to it, how easy/workable is it to use the CVS to update newer code (from henri/steve's?) directly into my own files?
  14. gnehc

    NewsDesk v 1.3 Released!

    must have been mind boggling to go through all that code ... anyhow, very nicely done. using it right now. though, i think when you get the chance, you'll want to fix up that 'column' error ... before many others install it and don't search in the forum for help on it ... since you're going to be still working on it .. here's a few things i'm going to comment on .. - images might/should go in a new folder instead of DIR_WS_IMAGES perhaps in a DIR_WS_IMAGES '/newsdesk' folder -an option to make certain news/articles STICKY on the modules section (mainpage) that being said, perhaps not every category should be listed in the 'mainpage' newsdesk module listings other than that, thanks (to you and many others) for the contributions.
  15. gnehc

    IONgate Credit Card Processing

    I was actively checking the forums prior to the first two weeks of September (when I first started to update/redo my CVS). Glad you figured it out. ;-) Had no idea there was some data entry. Guess that's what happens with entering data manually. Human errors! Makes me a 98% accurracy typist. :D BTW: It also doesn't have state/province codes for Canada.