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    burt reacted to MrPhil in Europe Cookie Laws   
    ROTFLMAO. Just wait until Amazon et al. big boys push through similar legislation in the US to get rid of all their pesky little competitors. Let's see... Microsoft hides some function in IE10 to hide cookie usage from the Feds for selected friends... all competing browsers are outlawed (as insecure)... the little guys' sites can't function very well without cookies and no one shops any more except at the big boys... are we sufficiently paranoid yet?
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    burt reacted to MrPhil in Europe Cookie Laws   
    I had to chuckle when I read that. The "Wild West" never was. It was purely 20th century mythology built up in the movies and TV shows. According to historians, there was actually less gunplay in the dusty streets of almost any western settlement than there is today in most large US cities. Disease, privation, isolation, abuse of Indians and minorities, sure. Wild? No.
    The Internet and the World Wide Web were architected on the premise that its users would be basically honest and fair in dealing with each other. In academic, military, and government usage, that was probably a fairly safe bet. Once it was thrown open to commercial usage, and money could be made, the cockroaches poured out of the woodwork. I'd almost say that you had it backwards -- it started out genteel and is getting rougher and rougher.
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    burt reacted to Mort-lemur in Do contributions go through an approval process?   
    Good points well made... to answer a few.
    I know that my sites would not be doing well if I coded the mods myself, as they would be very very broken!!
    From a number of years lurking around the forum, as Mort-Lemur for about 3 and as another name going back to arount 2003 I have come to trust a small number of contributers of contributions.
    Like 95% (guess) of users of this forum, what I know about PHP & SQL could be written on a postage stamp and we therefore rely on the generous work of others to allow us to change the stock code to do the things we want.
    So There ! :blink:
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    burt reacted to spooks in Need A Template...Tired Of The Stock Look   
    all template monster templates I`ve seen have very poor coding, might be ok if you never need to alter and don't have too many bugs. (w00t)
    Stay clear if you want to keep you hair. :'(
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    burt reacted to pccrafts in Applying a new template to my OSCOMMERCE install   
    boy, Burt, that was nasty.
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    burt reacted to kymation in How to get full cat path?   
    Wouldn't it be easier to just use

    substr(tep_get_path($category_id), 6)
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    burt reacted to John W in Namespaces Explained   
    I found this explaination of namespaces informative and easy to understand. Thought some of you might be interested.
    Namespaces in PHP
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    burt reacted to multimixer in Available on v.2.3.1?   
    Yes I can confirm, it's not just good for 2.3.1 it's perfect, it's the best you could get !
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    burt got a reaction from Foayiid in To follow the development   
    It's gone quiet.
    No answer to questions here, no activity on github.
    No answers or updates on twitter.
    After the fanfare a month ago and the already broken promises
    about the future of osCommerce, it's disappointing for the
    community to be ignored.
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    burt got a reaction from Pronux in OSC V3   
    90% of those webhosting companies would be resellers of the very few "real" hosting companies. So the conclusion is not quite as dramatic as it could be.
    In any case, it does not matter what hosts are ready just now - if *any* people want to use 3 for a live shop, they are;
    a. crazy
    b. delusional
    c. mad
    d. hardcore php developers
    e. all of the above ;)
    It is simple to set up localhost with all the required extensions, which is surely enough for developers to get on with developing, and for potential users to test out the bare-bones code that is being released today.
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    burt got a reaction from Pronux in Modules   
    Wordpress does it well. Of course, wordpress is a simple system for writing blogs and not a fullblown ecomm system. But it might give a way forward.
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    burt reacted to FWR Media in Best seo addons?   
    USU5 is compatible with anything and everything just so long as it is correctly written.
    Header tags breaks when ANY path based uri is used .. it is buggy! Having said that, this bug in header tags can be avoided by choosing the rewrite method of USU5 which emulates chemos old seo urls.
    All products seo breaks because it uses file names with hyphen instead of underscore, if Jack_mcs read the osCommerce coding standards then he might write his contributions correctly. USU5 purposefully will not process this file as it is invalid input.
    This is simple to fix just correct the filename to what it should have been, all_products.php and not all-products.php ( if I'm remembering the correct file ).
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    burt got a reaction from Pronux in Modules   
    No progress will be made until ALL coders follow a standard procedure for creating addons. And that is NOT going to happen as addon makers vary from day 1 newbies to 10 year veterans.
    Shipping Modules follow a standard procedure (usually). So perhaps you can create a system based around the idea of plugins/hooks?
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    burt got a reaction from Pronux in Is OSCOM 3.0 ever going to be released   
    Sometime between January and March 2011.
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    burt got a reaction from Pronux in Is OSCOM 3.0 ever going to be released   
    I think we all know the truth ;)
    I am only stating what HPDL has stated.
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    burt reacted to FWR Media in KissMT Dynamic SEO Meta & Canonical Header Tags   
    The following is a quick stop gap solution to the issue being discussed. It was quickly written so please retain a backup of the original kiss_meta_tags directory in case you need to revert.
    1) Create a new php file ..
    Containing ..

    <?php /** * @example * $important_words = array( 'KissMT' ); */ $important_words = array();
    2) Open up
    Find ..

    protected $root_index = 'root'; // options - root = www.mysite.com/ - index = www.mysite.com/FILENAME_DEFAULT (index.php)
    Change to ..

    protected $root_index = 'root'; // options - root = www.mysite.com/ - index = www.mysite.com/FILENAME_DEFAULT (index.php) protected $important_words = array();
    Find complete function formatTitleWords() ( lines 200 to 220 ) .. replace with ..

    private function formatTitleWords( $text ) { include_once KissMT::init()->includes_path . 'important_words.php'; if ( isset( $important_words ) && is_array( $important_words ) ) { $this->important_words = $important_words; } if ( !empty( KissMT::init()->smallwords ) ) { $words_array = explode( ' ', $text ); $ucfirst_words = array(); $it = new ArrayIterator( $words_array ); while ( $it->valid() ) { if( ctype_alpha( substr( $it->current(), 0, 1 ) ) ) { if ( !in_array( $it->current(), KissMT::init()->smallwords ) ) { $lower = strtolower( $it->current() ); foreach ( $this->important_words as $index => $word ) { if ( false !== strpos( $lower, strtolower( $word ) ) ) { $ucfirst_words[] = str_replace( strtolower( $word ), $word, $lower ); $it->next(); continue 2; } } $ucfirst_words[] = ucfirst( $lower ); } else { $ucfirst_words[] = $it->current(); } } elseif( tep_not_null( $it->current() ) ) { $ucfirst_words[] = $it->current(); } $it->next(); } return $this->trimWordsToLength( implode( ' ', $ucfirst_words ), 'title' ); } return $this->trimWordsToLength( $text, 'title' ); }
    Now add any strings you do not wish to be formatted to the important_words array then reset the cache.
    Please let me know how you get on with it.
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    burt reacted to MrPhil in 960gs   
    It's certainly possible to develop a perfectly usable layout using tables -- indeed, until CSS matured, it was the only way to do it. However, keep in mind the drawbacks: it can be difficult to modify a table-driven layout if it's at all complex, it's slower to load, it can be positively hostile to the visually impaired (using screen readers), and it may not provide as good of search engine results as a div + CSS layout. I would certainly recommend using div + CSS for new work, but it's a judgment call as to whether it's worth converting over something old (and working), unless you're doing extensive changes anyway, or expect it to be around for at least 5 years.
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    burt reacted to FWR Media in My Programmer is completely exasperated - Category in URL - Be a good samaritan!   
    It is very simple Jack .. you made the above comment and the attack is obvious and instigated by you.
    What is also true and obvious is that you have no Seo Url contribution you just hack Chemos Seo Urls version 2 right? ( in fact you hack my cleaned up version of Chemos Ultimate Seo Uls but I shall ignore that bit as you already know it's correct and true ).
    Yet you make claims of competence which I find hilarious.
    I'll leave it there as I feel no further comment is necessary.
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    burt reacted to FWR Media in [contribution] KISS FileSafe ( file security )   
    The correct answer was what I said.
    I take the time to build the contribution and I take the time to write clear instructions.
    In the case of this the install points are: -

    Upload the files. Set your settings Set a cron job ( optional ). Ensure that the data directory is writeable. Run for the first time.
    No I am not going to answer questions that are in those 5 points because it is unreasonable.
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    burt reacted to FWR Media in My Programmer is completely exasperated - Category in URL - Be a good samaritan!   
    I started writing an annoyed post .. then I relented.
    Actually you are just funny in your ineptitude.
    Years of Seo Experience .. LOL .. like your years of coding experience I imagine.
    You take over other peoples contributions because you can't create your own .. the code you do write is a mess like header tags and the hacking of Chemos Seo Urls. You over sell them with claims that sadly some people still believe.
    The only power in your statement is Matt Cutts. Well Matt Cutts own blog uses path based uris as well as others ( obviously he doesn't have your seo skill ROFLMAO ) and he has never stated that path based uris are in any way deficient.
    Also USU5 PRO offers a whole range of uri options not just path based.
    So .. no Jack .. feel no pity for users of my contributions but perhaps a written apology to users of yours ( sorry meant other peoples that you hacked ) would not go amiss :D
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    burt reacted to multimixer in Recreate Template Monster Template   
    ... without hacking around in such a bad way as TM does
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    burt reacted to scorp in PostCode Anywhere with OSCommerce   
    I like the idea of this, and the but is this!!!! obviously the developer doesnt know what OSC stands for Open Source so why should we sign up for an account with him and pay money to use this addon, not very open source if you ask me. Is ANY ONE willing to work with me to get this working FOC like it should be? pvt me your interest.
    Im talking about UK Postcode Address Finder
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    burt reacted to oosoul in STS templae help   
    No I said. I read the "STS MANUAL" "oScommerce Forums" I read were it said to use Google as a way to search the forum.
    It's always the people who has nothing helpful to say or ready to knock someone is the first to start typing.
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    burt reacted to Growgreenmi.com in Looking For Template Design   
    Hello I've recently opened a webstore for our company and need a good looking layout design.
    Our website is www.growgreenmi.com
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    burt reacted to tigergirl in SiteMonitor   
    Site monitor doesn't increase or decrease security - it will help you be alerted if files have been altered and thus reduce the damage if you are hacked.
    Why don't you have SSL? It's only around £50.00 per year. You're worried enough to edit files and FTP them rather than enter info on your site but it's fine for customers to enter data on your site when you're not protecting transfer of their data with SSL?
    To be honest, if a site owner can't be bothered to buy SSL then I shop elsewhere.