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  1. 17 minutes ago, LeeFoster said:

    OK, I've found the cause of the issue, @burt's supporters code #27 Ajax Buy Buttons overrides the functions of the Add to Wish List button. Turning off this Header Tags module fixes the Add to Wish List addon but obviously removes the function added by this.

    This wishlist mod is coded in a way that is inconsistent with the rest of Phoenix.  

    A null link button in a form SUBMITs the form...that is the root cause.

    Give the wishlist button a href that links to the wishlist action.

  2. Just now, Bordersbloke said:

    No I'm using Paypal IPN and Paypal WPP Hosted IPN. 

    However Paypal Standard (which I do not use but have added to test) is also failing as others describe.

    I cannot use the app as the WPP version is not compatible with pre-2009 WPP accounts.


    Have you updated the CRT ?  
    In 2.3.4 that is at /ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt

  3. 1 hour ago, hungryfrank said:

    This module opens a modal instead of login.php whenever use clicks the link

    Upload and install the footer_suffix module

    Thanks a million to  JcMagpie for all. The help or it would not be possible


    tested one4&5 

    Just to let potential users know that although my name is linked to these addons, they are nothing to do with me.
    OP refuses to engage in meaningful and polite conversation regarding removal of my name from these addons.

  4. 27 minutes ago, azpro said:

    Sorry .. but that is crap. Just read carefully the comments of John - Matt and Gary. If you and others in general can not keep up (dont have the skills) with changes than stick to quite stable ... But for every simple notice moaning about stable is not going to bring us where we want to be.

    I am very sorry if I am blunt but I don’t know how to put it nicely.

    Dutch people - they speak plainly and bluntly, and by god, I love them for it.

  5. The to address or the from address must be your domain name on a number of hosts, else they silently put emails into /dev/null

    In english:

    If your domain name is (say) mygreatshop.com but you use hotmail for your osc admin area (eg) mygreatshop@hotmail.com

    1. email from mygreatshop@hotmail.com TO info@mygreatshop.com SHOULD work
      one end of the email chain is your domain name
    2. email from mygreatshop@hotmail.com TO customer@customer-email.com WILL NOT WORK
      neither end of the email chain is your domain name

    To combat this, ensure to use your actual domain name in your emails.

  6. Change:



    btn-group-vertical d-flex


    undo everything else you've done. eg centering.

    If you do not want the buttons in a group (ie so they do not "touch" each other);

    Remove the buttons from the block entirely and add btn-block and margin on each button. So;


    <div class="btn-group" role="group">




    each button (eg) as so;

    'btn-light btn-product-listing btn-buy btn-block my-1'


    if (defined("SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY")) {
      // IF YES  
      if ((int)SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY > 0) {
        // SET SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY to an integer (number).  
        // THis will always be "0" if SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY IS set BUT is not an integer
        $countries_array = tep_get_countries((int)SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY, true);
        $this->country = $countries_array['countries_iso_code_2'];   //// note 1 - is an INT
        if(!strlen($this->country) > 0) { //when country failed to be retrieved, likely because running from admin.
          $this->country = $this->country_iso('', (int)SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY);
      } else {
        $this->country = SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY;   //// note 2 - is not an INT
    } else {
      // IF NO
      //  this will never be set to anything
      $this->country = STORE_ORIGIN_COUNTRY;    ///// note 3  - is unset


    Note 1:
    define('SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY', 223);
    $this->country = 'US';  // most likely (assuming 223 is the US in your database)

    Note 2:
    $this->country = 'US';

    Note 3:
    and if SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY is not defined at all;
    $this->country IS NOT SET and will likely error out;

  8. 23 minutes ago, Cary said:

    Anyone ever discover the solution to this issue? Just stated happening on our site on Saturday night. I tested the process and "clicking" the return to merchant gives an Error: "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again."

    Nothing changed on the site and more than 24 hrs have passed since this began. All standard credit card pay work fine.

    Please also (as @Mac Fly has done) raise a support ticket with Paypal.  Let's see what they have to say (to both)...