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  1. Assuming that ZIP code locations don't change much...and that new ones don't get added very often, you could set up a database table to allow you to insert zip codes into it.  Then you perform a quick and easy lookup at the appropriate time (create_account?  in admin after the order is placed?).

    That sounds like a lot of work, but I am sure you know that the first 3 numbers in the zip correspond to States.   EG:  900 to 961 are all CA, 100 to 149 are NY, similar for the rest of the States.. 

    A little bit of work on the part of the shopowner, but obviously then no ongoing cost.  

  2. Looks good!  I'm not a super-fan of carousels but that's just a personal preference.

    There is a stray ?> just above the Footer area (only on the main index.php page) - not sure where that's coming from though.  Maybe the index.php language file?

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    This Update;

    • adds in Dutch Language fileset link
      TY @Denkster
    • minor clean up of shopping_cart product list
    • solves bugs in write.php
      TY @raiwa for heads up
    • removes cPath from links to product_info.php
    • Update version to

    How to Update if on

    • Download this Zip:
    • Unzip it
    • Upload it
    • Go to admin > tools > security checks and correct any listed problems

    How to Update if on earlier version

    • Find version you are on
    • Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to
    • Then Download zip, unzip it, upload it
    • Go to admin > tools > security checks and correct any listed problems


  4. jQuery is a blocking script (means it blocks the rest of the page loading until it itself is fully loaded), hence it is better placed as late in the HTML as possible (in other words as close to the end of the body as possible).  

    Make the jQuery code of your menu a siteWide Hook and inject the Hook in `SiteEnd`.  See the (deprecated) filterList hook for an example.


  5. I'll try one more time...taking your pallet example;

    • You buy a pallet of laptops. 
      The pallets identifier is 12345678901234
      This means *nothing* to hardly anyone. 
      Who cares about it other than you...the next time you want to buy another pallet.
    • Each Laptop inside has an identifier

    In your shop you would sell individual laptops at 199.99 each, and in the GTIN input field you would insert:  0987654321123

    That would allow your branded laptops to be sold on Google Shopping by you.

    Does that make it more clear?  

    I understand that you are struggling to come up with code to plug into a suppliers CSV, but that's outside the scope of oscommerce.