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  1. 1 minute ago, Psytanium said:

    Is there any documentation or forum topic that can help us migrate from 2.3.4 to the latest version ? Because I can't start a new website with all the hardcoded modifications and huge database. Thanks :)

    No two sites from a decade or more ago are the same, therefore it is not possible to write a generic topic that would cover all sites.

    Shopowners need to get out of the habit of jumping to core code changes and instead work out ways to have *similar* functionality without having to resort to core code modifications.  The old awful ways of getting better functionality (in 2.2) were alleviated a bit in the 2.3 series and have been *almost* removed in Phoenix (where it is possible to do most things without touching core).

  2. This is going to be an ongoing problem for the foreseeable future for anyone on osCommerce 2.3.4 (and earlier) and for anyone on very early versions of the Community Edition. 

    As hosts start to enforce php7 (as it is more stable and more secure than php5, and by the way php8 is soon out), we will see more and more shopowners who have run their shop only thinking about "today" rather than also thinking (at least a little) about "tomorrow" and what would happen "tomorrow" if their site went down for a day/week while they scramble about trying to get help with an outdated version or moving to a different platform etc.

    The Community Edition has been available for over 6 years now - that's a lot of "tomorrow" time ;) 

  3. 12 hours ago, ejsolutions said:

    Think, osCmax ;)I argued for modularisation, simplification and reduced bloat, among other things there, for years. ;) If I've confused you with someone else, then I apoligise upfront - it's an age thang (so I tell myself).

    I'd suggest you have.  As my ethos and concept is the very bit I have underlined in your quote which is what you say you support.

    As for oscmax, leave that word at the door from here on out.  I gave up on that when it became apparent that disrespecting copyright was the MO of its illustrious disappearing act owner.

  4. Have a captcha at create_account page.

    Note I have removed the screenshot which showed your admin url - please be aware that almost all members here are OK, but the forum is viewable by the public internet-wide so you should be ultra careful divulging any details...

  5. It's unclear what the OP wants as the image shows a white background changed to grey but the text asks how to change the "btn" (which is the button class).

    Complicating factor that none of us should have to deal with;  it's an addon causing problems

    OP, can you ask again and be more clear?

  6. As Matt states, more or less the answer is Yes.

    Edge was nothing more than a construct - it was never released or tagged (ie it wasn't a "thing") - it was simply the latest code at a given moment in the timeline of the Project. 

    There was far too many complaints about "Edge" from people who could not understand that Edge was simply a construct;
    Phoenix was born to solve that, which has versioning (1.x.y.z) so users (should) know where they are and what they are doing. 

    For example, if you go to Github now (or to the downloads page at the osCommerce site) you can download quite easily version - it is tagged and released.  If you were to go hunting at Github (and it wouldn't take much to find it), you could find the latest changes which will be in v1.0.7.8 - you could download that now (and consider it "edge").  Make sense ?

  7. 24 minutes ago, SafeTBird said:

    It's not my attitude it's yours. CE Phoenix is riddled with spelling errors and broken functionality that needs to be fixed. I've had to ask a thousand questions because as pur one friend said it, I'm NOT a programmer!  And the fact that you expect people who use your platform to he PHP developers is ridiculous!  The whole point to Softaculous is ease of use for the average person and every question I ask even things like "how do I fix a spelling error" is met with hostility!  I've been expected to fiddle and fumble around with my site and I've bricked it twice causing me to fully restore from scratch!  I just can't do this anymore!

    I get it's a small team who produced OS Commerce but seriously it was released 20 years ago and you would think this issue would have been addressed!  It's like trying to sell a car without the steering wheel and when asked about it the community says "what, can't you engineer your own? Or pay someone to make you one??"

    I have posted a query in the developer forum and hopefully someone responds!

    Change of attitude required. 

  8. It makes no sense to add something like this to Core Code. 

    That just means more that Matt and I have to support, and (as you know) the support for the Core Team is coming from some businesses but not enough that we can make core Phoenix a "addons" project.  We prefer to change the core to enable easier implementation of addons for shopowners, but that means that good addons are harder to write, so addon makers must be supported.

    The concept of modularity means that addons like this are easy to install, and the support of them is nothing to do with Matt or I.  Everyones a winner.

  9. 5 minutes ago, usaoldies said:

    Just today my provider gave me all the help I needed. Oscommerce never even answered any request.

    My problem is solved.

    I would just like to state that all the help given in these forums is given by other users of "Oscommerce".  
    "Oscommerce" is the software you use at no cost to you.

    So, it looks like the help you've received is commensurate to the help you have ever given.

  10. Every business owner must do what is right for them.  

    You must understand that if you are leaving osC behind, we won't help you to move to a new software.  That task is;

    • for you to DIY
    • for you to pay to get it done (eg cart2cart transfer)
    • for the cart you are moving to to provide the transfer tools in some way