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  1. Just now, jm2.solutions said:

    php 7.4

    Are you sure ?  The reason I ask is that ?? is providing that error and ?? (null coalescing operator) is fine since php7.0

    2 minutes ago, jm2.solutions said:

    I am not using https.

    Most likely your problem.

  2. Would not the simplest option be to add in base data (weight and unit);

    Unit Weight:  X  (a number)
    Unit Type:  y (a unit, could be g, kg, liter, gallon, whatever - maybe this always has to be "grams" ? )

    The output;

    Base Price per Xy; price/weight * X

    Taking your example:

    • Green Tea 50g 5,50 €
      Assuming here that your products_weight is set at 0.05 ??

    If you have input fields where you add:

    Unit Weight:  .1
    Unit Type:  kg

    You could then output on product_info;

    > Base Price per .1kg; 11 €

    Maybe you also need a multiplier ?

    Unit Weight:  .1 (X)
    Unit Multiplier:  100 (n)
    Unit Type:  g (y)

    Which would output

    Base Price per (X*n)y; price/weight * X

    Base Price per 100g; 11 €

    At this point, you should be getting the architecture in place (as best you can) before building it up.

  3. Walls are OK depending what side you're on, right.  EG:  The illegal occupation of the West Bank by Zionists.

    Again, for clarity, because some people are so clouded by other issues;

    1 (repeat ONE) person was denied access to the Club
    Fewer than 5 have been removed for reasons other than activity - just being troublesome as is evidenced in this thread, or sharking for clients.
    A couple of people removed themselves, these sheep should not now be bleating that they have no access.

    Live with your choice(s), people.

  4. 13 hours ago, ecartz said:

    This is tested on a live shop with fopen_wrappers off - the URL is gotten via Curl then and everything appears to work as it should, both the "reading" things (dashboard, certified addon page) and the functionality (currency update).

    With both fopen_wrappers off and Curl off, the advice would have to be one of: 

    • enable fopen_wrappers
    • enable curl
    • new host"

  5. 56 minutes ago, Fast4u said:

    The website seem to work well, before going further, what will be the impact if i can't turn on this setting?


    • You will not be able to view certain things (eg the certified_addons page in admin).


    • You will not be able to update currencies

    I will look at doing something to combat that in as currencies is obviously an important part of core and the certified_addons page is important in helping to keep the whole project alive