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  1. What you describe there is a situation that I can see it happening, but the chances are remote.


    12 minutes ago, KongoCat said:

    it was always like that

    I think so.

    In your scenario:

    1. Customer logged in and looks at site in Chrome, adds to cart several items. 
      Calls husband to get an advise to add more stuff. (same as one users using 2 browsers)
    2. Husband logs in, cart is restored in his browser, he adds to the cart what he wanted. 
      DOES NOT LOGOFF.  If he had logged off here...
    3. Wife doesn't see what he added to the cart.
      Wife would need to log off and log in, cart would then show what the husband added.

    I think. 

    But it's such a far-fetched scenario...I cannot see it happening enough to want to try to fix the standard behaviour of the software.  

  2. It sounds like:

    1. Customer looks at site in Chrome, adds to cart, login, logoff.  Cart is saved.
    2. Same customer looks at site in IE, login, cart is restored, adds to cart.  DOES NOT LOGOFF
    3. Same customer goes back to Chrome, logs in, but the cart is as it was at #1

    Is that the scenario?


  3. Special Price is stored as a price.  It does not know it is a percentage:

    CREATE TABLE specials (
      specials_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
      products_id int NOT NULL,
      specials_new_products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
      specials_date_added datetime,
      specials_last_modified datetime,
      expires_date datetime,
      date_status_change datetime,
      status int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
      PRIMARY KEY (specials_id),
      KEY idx_specials_products_id (products_id)
    ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;

    Therefore what you want, cannot (easily) happen.

  4. The ability to add videos via the "products gallery" was removed.  It was unwanted by a majority of shopowners.

    If you need to add in video, inline it in the product description would be a simple option.

    Or make(or get made) a module to suit needs.  Could be

    • a pi module
    • a content module
    • a tab module

    Would need some type of admin interface, I suggest a Hook for that.

  5. Admin > Certified Addons (yourshop.com/youradmin/certified_addons.php)

    And start typing in the search box...


    or just scan the page for "wholesale".

    Getting a Certified Addon from @raiwa directly benefits the Phoenix project.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Nige-A said:

    Is there an option to retrieve the admin password


    1. You will need to delete the admin user from the administrators table using phpmyadmin.
    2. You may also need to delete the user:password from the admin/htpasswd_oscommerce file and from the admin/htaccess file
      both of which would be obvious what to remove when looking at them

  7. Looks fine in Chrome other than in one particular width where the products push below as you describe. 

    You should change this setting (below) to try to combat that, or not worry about it...as it is not a resolution that matters...

    Setting:  Admin > Configuration > Products Per Row

    Maybe change row-cols-md-4 to row-cols-lg-4

    There is *no way* to suit all devices and all resolutions, it's a tail chasing exercise of futility.


  8. I'd still like to check on your use of php7.4 as 7.4 would not complain about a double ?? (the null coalescing operator)...

    Are you absolutely certain you are on 7.4 ?  I know that's a dumb Q, but it's often the case that users get mixed up...which makes support difficult sometimes.

  9. Just now, jm2.solutions said:

    php 7.4

    Are you sure ?  The reason I ask is that ?? is providing that error and ?? (null coalescing operator) is fine since php7.0

    2 minutes ago, jm2.solutions said:

    I am not using https.

    Most likely your problem.