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  1. I think by bringing in an ajax checker, you are using a modern way to let the user know that the slug is used or available.

    That seems to me, a nice way to allow the system to work but not force an unwanted slug (eg blue-widget-1) on the user.
    If you can show them a msg saying something like "Blue-Widget is in use, so this slug will default to Blue-Widget-1, or you can change it now", this would be I think excellent.

  2. For the Slug, I assume this is added (eg for a product) in the product adding/editing page in admin:  admin/categories.php

    My suggestion;
    use .js and ajax to query the slug DB table and warn the user if they are attempting to use an already defined Slug.

    Then you can forget the logic SLUG-1, SLUG-1-1 etc. 

    Something like (but obviously for slugs, not email checking);


  3. This has been a problem for a very long time - try using the password reset functionality [which is in a module outside the base pages), going back as far as 2.3.3 (with this url rewriter installed).  Put simply, the addon is broken (I reported it to Robert years ago) - rewrite rules is a band-aid not an actual fix.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Rwe said:

    anyone have some ideas how to fix this

    Does the addon have the ability to by pass rewriting by using the old href_link. 

    I remember that one or other of the rewriters allows you to utlise tep_original_href_link or something like that.
    I just don't remember which rewriter allows this.

  5. Warning: constant(): Couldn't find constant UPS_SERVICE_CODE_--none--

    Is telling you that a constant is missing.  What that constant is used for...I don't know as using these ancient addons is not the way forward (in my opinion).    It's a bit like buying a new car then putting on the tyres from your old beat-up car 😕 

    Try add this to the LANGUAGE File of the addon;

    define('UPS_SERVICE_CODE_--none--', 'None');

  6. "Blue Widget" - 2 customers want notifications
    "Red Wodget" - 5 customers want notifications
    "Global" - 1 customer wants notifications

    If you send an update about your Blue Widget, 3 customers will get it;  2+1 global
    If you send an update about your Red Wodget, 6 customers will get it;  5+1 global

    These notifications are accessed (to sign up or remove) at;
    - a side box
    - a checkout success module
    - account_notifications.php

    Newsletter is a separate system which works based on the "subscribe to newsletter" toggle in the create_account.php, it bears no relation to the notifications system. 


    Notifications:  about individual products [typical example:  "blue widgets are back in stock"]
    Newsletter:  anything else


  7. I have never seen "global notifications" used (and that is across hundreds of osc shops). 
    It's very rare that the notifications system is used at all by any shopowners as it is difficult to use.

    Global is to allow customer to sign up to ALL product notifications.
    ANd then you have the usual "single product" notifications.  <--- this I have seen used

    The single product notifications are signed up for by way of;

    • notifications Box
      NOT installed by default
    • checkout success Module
      IS installed by default

    And then...unless shopowner does it manually..nothing ever happens... 

    In the admin side you'll find the notifications system at Admin > Tools > Newsletter Manager
    It is clunky and unintuitive and has had little (no?) attention in years (20?).

    If you run this SQL in phpmyadmin;

    select count(*) from products_notifications

    this number is the amount of notifications in your shop, which is people asking to be notified about things.

  8. Well meant advice;

    You have multiple hook files performing the catcha routine ... this can be done from one hook file.   

    Take a look at the core bootstrap example where it is placing "stuff" in two different locations;

    Having just one File with all the hooks (for a given "XYZ" [in this case captcha]) in it, is;

    • simpler for you in terms of support
    • simpler for user in terms of having to upload/delete etc
      let us say that the user wanted to not use your captcha anymore, and deleted the file that displays the form...the other files gets missed somehow...they have a broken site.  Not good for them [loss of potential sales], not good for you [support issues], etc etc

    Hooks are a big part of Phoenix' future, so well done on being one of the pioneers of them.



  9. Phoenix

    Demo Site:  https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php

    v1.0.4.0 fixes a few bugs in the shop side as well as introducing database enabled hooks and the very first step towards a better template implementation, in addition the manufacturers class is now used in more places.  On the admin side we have a better bootstrapped layout (header/footer) and a few more pages have been converted to bootstrap tabular layout.  We have some more modules, particularly note the "testimonials" page in the shop side is now modular.  

    If you are on v1.0.3.0, it's an easy update. If you are on an older Phoenix, you'll need to get to v1.0.3.0 first before attempting the below steps.  

    A big thank you to everyone who made the release of v1.0.4.0 possible, especially to the Supporters as well as to @raiwa @ecartz and "F Figue".

    This release introduces a number of improvements;

    • the foundations of an integrated Template System
      this has been asked for many times over the years, now it's becoming reality...
    • more bootstrapping in admin
      with more to come in future releases...
    • admin Boxes made 100% modular

    How to Update if on;

    1. Uninstall defunct modules;
      - Social Bookmarks BOX (main module + all installed child modules)
      - Card Acceptance BOX
    2. Delete defunct files (eg using FTP)
      - admin/includes/classes/rss.php

      - includes/modules/boxes/bm_product_social_bookmarks.php
      - includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_product_social_bookmarks.php
      - includes/languages/english/modules/social_bookmarks/<all files in here>
      - admin/includes/modules/cfg_modules/cfgm_social_bookmarks.php

      - includes/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php
      - includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php
    3. Download this Zip, unzip and upload
    4. Run this SQL in (eg) phpmyadmin)

    How to Update if on earlier version;

    • Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker]
    • Go back through this topic and perform updates to get to
    • Then follow "how to update if on & after which" instructions

    - OR -

    You can download and install a brand new, obviously making sure not to overwrite your live shop;

    1. clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix
      or grab it direct from osCommerce at https://www.oscommerce.com/Products
    2. choose "download zip"
    3. unzip, upload, install

    - OR -

    You can diff your files;

    1. Find which version Phoenix you are on
      admin > tools > version checker
    2. go to this URL, changing a.b.c.d to your Phoenix version;
    3. Make code changes one by one
      it'll take you a while, but if it floats yer boat...

    - THEN -

    After Installation (whether NEW or UPDATE) is complete;

    • Visit admin > tools > security checks
      and perform any needed actions
    • Enjoy using


    - Join the Phoenix Club -

  10. 21 hours ago, mddel said:

    Annual subscription has been paid and we wish the team all success with the project

    Thank you, it is appreciated very much.  I will get you caught up on the supporters codes tomorrow morning as I have been away all weekend.


  11. 11 hours ago, cables24h said:

    How can put in in osCommerce without change a single line of core code?
    All the others seem to manage THAT.
    Just NOT osCommerce.................. how is that?

    Sure it can. Easy as 123.  

  12. 42 minutes ago, Dan Cole said:

    I don't know if it's appropriate for your application or not but you could always trigger it on a page call...ie someone visits one of your store pages and the call gets executed.


    This is the way to go.  If something needs to happen every time an order is placed...why not do it as (eg) a checkout_success mod.

    EDIT:  I have just noticed that the OP is a spammer.  I have removed the hidden spam link, booted from the community - will leave the thread up as it's actually an interesting question.

  13. As far as I know, no Danes have yet made an updated translation pack for Phoenix.  If you are able to do it...that would be great.

    It means downloading Phoenix and copying the "english" folder, renaming to "danmark" (or whatever), then translating all the english words in all the files.

    How the software grows is shopowners like you doing this.  So far;  spanish, russian, french, german - all done by shopowners. 

  14. Here's a great example, and you can find many more across the forum.  There has never been a problem with talking about other carts, so long as the discussion includes osCommerce;  

    In that thread, there are just two hidden replies (only admins and moderators can see these) - both of these replies had external links.  It's always been that way.  External links (which are usually just spam) get nuked.  One of those hidden replies is from dear old John (Joli), who we all remember as being one of the most active osc supporters there ever was.


  15. 18 hours ago, azpro said:

    I  agree ... Ignoring other carts possibilities/solutions/features/ etc would be a mistake .. I am Totally aware of the fact most of them are kind of forks of oSC in different ways... But still - some of them show nice features which IMHO can easily be adopted into Phoenix as "Certified Addons". ... But it might be good to discuss

    There is absolutely no problem with discussions about other carts, so long as the discussion is in the context of us here at osCommerce. 
    For example, there would be absolutely no problem in someone asking;

    • At the moment I am using "whatever-cart", I'm thinking about changing to osc...does osc have XYZ feature?

    And no problem in someone replying;

    • It doesn't have XYZ, but if you install osc and then download this addon...you will then have something very like XYZ

    There is a problem in that person given advice such as;

    • Keep using "whatever-cart"

    It's a matter of common sense.  Does the reply that is being made "help the situation" with regards to osC gaining positivity.  If yes:  post it.  If no:  dont post it.


  16. 8 hours ago, Dan Cole said:

    I don't think he meant to include personal TEST sites that have nothing to do with osC or are not running on osC software but I believe he has been asked for clarification.  Hopefully we'll have a definitive answer in the near future and can proceed accordingly.



    I'd suggest this bit:


    You are more than welcome to showcase customizations made to any of your osCommerce test installations

    covers that.