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  1. This. Absolutely this. Even us "coders" do this. We find the nearest module that does something a bit similar, copy it, and then fanny about with it until it does what we want it to do.
  2. OK, interesting topic...I like these topics where (a) it's something new, and (b) it requires investigations. The first "alert" point is this; Multiple open modals not supported Be sure not to open a modal while another is still visible. Showing more than one modal at a time requires custom code. But there is no mention of what "custom code" would be required... So, let's look at finding that Custom Code. A google brings me here: and that first image looks much like the problem you're I'd first try their code. This fiddle looks good (other than the awful modal loading effects); Anyone got more to add? Different ideas or viewpoints?
  3. @ArtcoInc products_head_keywords_tag is in jack_mcs seo addon. You can use products_seo_keywords instead. I'm surprised that anyone would put out an addon which has artifacts left over from a different (and incompatible) addon, incredibly short sighted and problematic.
  4. You need to take your shop down until you can get to the bottom of this. Exposing a clients data to another client...that's incredibly serious and if one of them takes it forward, you could easily end up with no business at all. Suggestion; get a developer on it asap. Suspect; the problem is somewhere in the guest account system (why anyone has this is just beyond me).
  5. Nothing about logging in ;) Expand your mind, mannnnnnnnnnnn
  6. Assuming you are using the out of the box doesn't use widths like content modules do... <li>navbar item</li> <li>navbar item</li> <li>navbar item</li> <li>search box</li> As you have a way to set the width (of the search box) you are setting the width to "nothing" as there is no parent although you set it to (say)'s guessing what it should do. Get rid of the width div entirely and the search box should then align correctly inside its own List Item (li). Assuming it has a li, unknown as it's evidently an addon!
  7. I suspect that your search input box needs to have a set (smallish) width.
  8. Yeah sure. I might do a new Theme for when 2.3.6 is released. Keep an eye on the thread.
  9. Buy Button (imo does not matter if it says "add to cart" or "buy now", this is easily changeable) should only be at the product page. Everywhere else that the product shows (category lists, manufacturer page, new products, specials etc) should be a link to the product page. Why have I (and I stress that this is a personal viewpoint) come to this conclusion; 1. Shopowner might very well have data that must be read (terms?) or have options that need to be chosen. 2. The look of the overall site is imo cleaner 3. Less code! Repeat Customers Customers that are repeats - we all have them. The ones who know what they want and just want to go add add add add. In this case give them a way to see the products they have previously bought and go "add all to cart" or tickboxes to select which ones to add again. Or something else that saves this type of customer from wasting time visiting product pages. There are many mods that allow this sort of behaviour (wishlist, save for later, personal page, etc etc) - I can think of at least 5 off the top of my head. Conclusion Buy Buttons only at product page. For repeat customers, give them something else entirely.
  10. No input, just wanted to say "good work chaps". Nice to see some teamwork going on.
  11. Take the time now to understand that you do not change core files. f you continue down the path you're going down...there really was little point in making osCommerce modular and you will end up at a place where your osCommerce installation is held together by spagetti (like any old crap 2.3 site). What you would do is create a NEW module for your needs. Then turn it on.
  12. Yeah, this happens all the time and I have given up on draggin unrelated posts into their own thread. It's too much work in this new forum setup :(
  13. I believe the original intent of @ArtcoInc was to discuss this...
  14. Something new from Paypal Paypal Precision Marketing More to follow...but it sounds like; Insights on your customers Automatic basket reminders and more...