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Instead of waiting for a perfect tomorrow, I and many others are building a better today...

If you are waiting...you are part of the problem.  Be a part of the solution, starting now.
If you do not know how to be part of the solution, then join the Phoenix Club and ask.

ce-phoenix.png.775a5ddc59f94c7510762781b2f3a470.pngCE Phoenix

I am the maintainer of the Community Edition called CE Phoenix.  It's a true community effort where many business owners are putting in their time, knowledge and cash to make Phoenix be the best it can be.  We're constantly improving core code making things easier for developers and by extension easier for shopowners.

The Phoenix Club

If you wish to have a say in where Phoenix goes next, please join the Phoenix Club.  If you are a zero post "newbie" using a throwaway email account, I have no way of determining if you are a real user or a fly-by spammer - if you request access to the Club and don't hear anything inside a day or two, please private message me including your shop URL (it doesn't have to be a Phoenix shop or even an older osCommerce - it can be any type of ecomm software).

What comes next is up to people just like you. 
Join the club and have your say.