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  1. @BrockleyJohn I think I'd prefer to get as much out of the page and into the module. This way makes it easier for other modules to interact, be built etc.
  2. I do not envisage modules on any page that is not already part or full modularised. That does not mean that the call cannot be added ready for third party bits and pieces. It's taken four years to get to where we are now. Let's get it Final and move on.
  3. Sure thing, stuff is not set in stone. I think that some of you know that pretty much whatever you want can be added/done. Other guys have no input at all, they can ask all they want and get nothing.
  4. @Dan Cole @raiwa @BrockleyJohn I don't foresee a modular shopping cart in "Final". It is still in a Branch; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commits/Shopping_Cart_Update
  5. Plan to keep it very simple. Working from the bottom of the page up and putting the data into Modules (as I did for the "also_purchased" module). Could potentially do index_products, depends on what you have and if it fits in with the rest of it.. Pre Placed Hooks: probably not.
  6. Here's what I want to get done to set the Community Version to a "Final" release; 1a. Modularisation of index Title e2828ca 1b. Modularisation of index_nested Title b84136f 1c. Modularisation of index_products @BrockleyJohn to come up with ideas 2. Modularisation of product_info Started this years back. Needs some modules created. Strip Schema dfe5c47 Schema 82a5cfa Buttons d2a5dc4 63fc4ee f1a3dd9 Date Info Options Description Gallery Product Price Product Name 3. Bootstrap v4 Updating full shopside to BSv4 4. php7.2 Updating full shopside and full adminside to be 7.2 compliant. I think we are mostly there on this. 5. getContent calls and Hook calls Discussion needed What I don't have plans for, so will not happen; Everything else Why go "Final" Too many shopowners and developers wanting a fixed release; almost all feedback tells me rolling updates are not welcome. After "Final" No further changes will be made other than, occasionally; security tightening bootstrap implementation errors html errors Date for "Final" I was hoping to get it done by the end of this Month, as this month is osCommerce's 18th birthday. I can tell you that this self imposed target will not be met. As per the last four years I'll simply forge ahead as and when I can with the help of a couple of trusted lieutenants.
  7. 28d, 2018

    Couple more GDPR Modules built by request; and These will be sent out tonight to 28d Members.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, today is osCommerce's 18th birthday.  Wonder if anything is planned for today...

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  9. I had this out for testing on 28d package, results of testing never got back to me, so did not release :( Didn't know you had already made it @BrockleyJohn !
  10. None of my code goes into that Apps download area.