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  1. burt

    Remove Extra Type from PDF Invoice

    PDF invoice is not standard in any version of osCommerce, therefore the best advice is; download a copy of your site download a program that can search files (eg beyondcompare or grepwin) search your files for the string "Customer's Comments" amend the file in which it is found. Your version went EOL (End Of Life) over a decade ago. You might want to think about upgrading to the latest version.
  2. You will need to contact a good developer and get it re-coded to suit your needs. If what is made is better than core, maybe you would then allow us to replace what is in core with your new version.
  3. Last call for the remaining 67 Forum Members who have requested access to the Phoenix Club, but have no posts and a throwaway email address...  are you real people ? I'll be nuking the list in a day or two...

    Note that this applies only to those waiting to get into the Club.  If you are in the Club already, all is well...

  4. You might like to link to the addon so that anyone else who is using the same can help you.
  5. Use whois to determine where the IP is coming from - if that place is not important, just ban the whole IP range using htaccess.
  6. Raiwa is too modest to mention himself. @raiwa You've already taken hours of his time, so why not pay for those hours and all the upcoming hours he will spend with you.
  7. This means that you are looking at a category that has products. As both osCommerce and Phoenix stand, a category can contain subcategories OR products. Not both. I can see that you believe your category has only subcategories, but I ask you to check again that there are no products in the category, not even inactive products. You can also check in phpmyadmin at the categories_to_products table to make sure there is no orphaned entries showing for the category id.
  8. There is no ability to perform a redirect in admin. Good news for you is that we are in the process of adding in pre-placed hooks now. What you need to do is add in a callout, in admin/includes/template_top.php and test it. Then let me know where you added and what you added and how you tested it...and it might become core code. If any of the items in bold are not provided, it definitely will not become core code.
  9. There is no injectRedirects callout in admin. That is why it does not work.
  10. You will do no better than contacting these two; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix#certified-service-providers @raiwa and @BrockleyJohn
  11. Just truncate (EMPTY) the sessions table. Do not delete (DROP) the table.
  12. They are different products, look at their text...
  13. I'm sorry to tell you but Frozen (which is a newer version than you have!) went EOL (End Of Life) yesterday. You should update to Phoenix if you want to easily get support from here on out. For the error, consult your host and see what they can get from their error logs.