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  1. This advice is for ALL versions of CE (Community Edition), including pre Phoenix. Basically ALL questions/comments/concerns and support for anything that is not Official osCommerce are to be done within the walls of the Phoenix Club. This includes addons for CE/Phoenix. If anyone is not a member of the Phoenix Club for whatever reason, now is the time to join if you are a user of CE/Phoenix. And if you need to "re join" because (for whatever reason) you were but are no longer a member, that is fine too - you'll have to PM me and I can arrange it (assuming you are going to play by the rules of the Phoenix Club). Thank you @osCommerce-Official and we all wish you very good luck with the all-new osCommerce.
  2. burt

    Header Tags SEO

    Core is always evolving and getting better, it will eventually end up in a place where everything can be done without core being affected at all. To get to that place means some "hurt" for existing addons. What we have is a small team of addon developers who are actively involved in helping Matt @ecartz and myself to "bend" the core code to better suit their addon needs, which means their addons become much easier to install. Think back to the days of 2.2 (or even 2.3) where you would see addons changing core code on lots of different pages to do something. We've massively reduced that with the help of supportive addon makers and supportive shopowners. On the flip side of that coin are the addon makers and shopowners who have zero input into the core code. If one has zero input, one should expect to have to deal with problems as they arise, rather than know upcoming problems in advance. I can summarise this as so: The core does not stand still because of addons.
  3. A number of posts have been deleted that are about politics or disrespect towards other members of this forum. Thank you @Dan Cole for trying to keep the peace.
  4. If possible please try to keep the discussion on the business aspects of what shopowner needs to do (or wants to do) to make their shop work the best way they can for their needs. I've hidden away a couple of posts which added little/nothing to the conversation (more about politics/eu/uk than about ecommerce/solutions).
  5. Addendum: I can see lots of shopowners (across all ecommerce software) getting parcels returned because of this. Costing the shopowner in time and money, and in time taken to get back to the customer and tell them why their package has returned to sender. Then, of course, because the customer did not get the package, you shopowner need to refund the customer. If that's with Paypal, you lose the fee. You lose time, you lose effort. You also have an unhappy customer who is likely to "word of mouth" how crap the situation is, potentially losing you future buyers.
  6. My understanding is that product value (note not order value as shipping etc is not included) needs to exceed £135gbp (in shopowner currency equivalent) to take shopowner away from the onus of VAT registration etc. Under £135gbp product value...shopowners worldwide have to sign up for UK VAT and submit records etc. This is for WORLDWIDE shopowners selling into the UK as far as I can make out. Which means that some shopowners who are not registered for VAT in their own country, need to be registered for VAT in another country. Note that this same system is due to be introduced EU wide in June (so I have read, though I don't remember where I read this). The simplest option for some (most?) businesses is to simply stop selling into the UK for values less than £135 equivalence (product value).
  7. burt

    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    Ensure that you have uploaded the language file to the correct location ?
  8. There are many ways to do this. Easiest option would be a Hook, but as you are on an ancient version of osCommerce that might not be available to you. In which case use a header_tag module, this module would fire on checkout_shipping.php; look at destination country look at order value If 1 is UK and 2 is <200, redirect back to shopping_cart and show a message "You have $180 in your cart, spend $20 more for shipping to UK" (or whatever). Keep things simple. Simple is always good.
  9. Apologies to @René H4 for splitting out chit-chat in another thread into this one. Because a couple of the posts in that old thread were of an earlier date than the first post in this (Rene's) thread, the merge means that the topic now looks like it was made by me. Hope that makes sense. It (hopefully) should not affect the conversation.
  10. It's important to keep in mind that any changes that anyone needs does not always have to be done at the core code level. It might be possible to come up with some type of addon that would easily allow what you need to become reality. Matt @ecartz and I @burt are gatekeepers of the Core Code. We don't place limits on what is done outside of the core code level, in fact we actively encourage shopowners to chat with our certified developers about "whatever module" or "idea" they have, and it might be that the developer can make something already that plugs into Phoenix nicely, or it might be that the developer approaches one of us to "bend" the core code to make "whatever module" possible. Put another way, the meaning of "open source" allows anyone with requisite knowledge to come up with solutions...
  11. It might be worth someone starting a "Brexit Implications" thread. Definitely not for politics chit chat, but for how you, as individual shopowners, are going to approach and deal with the new changes that Brexit brings.
  12. burt

    Notice email

    Please take the time to explore your admin area. This is available to you, you just need to find it. Hint: Log into Admin, then Configure > My Store
  13. burt

    Clickjacking Vulnerability?

    It's not my area of expertise. You'd need to get independent advice.
  14. burt

    Modernization of OSCommerce

    What bits do you feel are not modern enough ?
  15. burt

    Clickjacking Vulnerability?

    https://htaccessbook.com/increase-security-x-security-headers/ Gives more reading for you (or your host). In my opinion, typical fake email designed to make people worry.