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  1. I have been running os and satisfied with my usage. I have been running this since 2010

    I have requested that I have access to the Phoenix club, but my request seems to be on hold.

    My big question is should I upgrade to V2.3.4 first and then upgrade to the current version of Phoenix.

    If so, how difficult is it to convert my files.  Most likely, I can use mysql and fill in the fields then upload the new fields, however, if there is a script, that would save time....

    PS  I have over 3800 customers and over 15000 items, so these are rather large databases....

    My web url is www.ceitron.com/cart


    Please advise.


    Steve Coy

    1. burt


      I have accepted the request to the Club - you should now be able to see topics etc.

      1.  Size of DB is irrelevant.
      2.  Jump straight to Phoenix.  No point in going to 2.3.4
      3.  Lots of topics for you to read through in the club, and please feel free to be active and ask questions etc
      4.  We have Certified Developers if you cannot (or do not have time to) DIY