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  1. burt

    Russian Language for Phoenix

    You have already been made aware by Private Message in the past few weeks. That is the end of the conversation.
  2. burt

    Russian Language for Phoenix

    Russian fileset must match English fileset. [obviously other than the actual translation] This means no defunct files. This means no addon files. This means no abused copyright. You are not a member of the Club which you have been made aware via Private Message. You can see updates and changes in real time at Github.
  3. burt

    Russian Language for Phoenix

    > The package includes all files in Russian that are fully consistent with the English version of Phoenix You have many files that are not in the english core. You might like to get that problem resolved so that russian users will benefit ?
  4. burt

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    What people say is sometimes what they think you want to hear, and sometimes does not reflect reality. I'll dig out that code and email you tomorrow.
  5. burt

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I can throw you that popup thing you tested (Supp Code) early if you like to try it on your live site. Although it is for Bootstrap 4, it *might* work.
  6. burt

    Can i sell with OSCOMMERCE in UK?

    All URLs of this new member removed.
  7. burt

    Can i sell with OSCOMMERCE in UK?

    You should download and install Phoenix, and try it out. https://www.oscommerce.com/Products&Download=oscom2ce-phoenix-v1.0.7.4 Then come back and ask specific questions as your "I don't know how OSCommerce works" is too broad a question.
  8. burt

    423 php error

    I would suggest that this: &timestamp=here is number particularly the piece in bold...is incorrect and may be the cause of the issue.
  9. burt

    SSL too many redirects

    At least 3 errors there. define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'https://website.com');define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'https://website.com'); to define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.website.com');define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.website.com'); define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/home/username/domains/website.com/public_htm/'); to define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/home/username/domains/website.com/public_html/'); Correcting those will get you a little further.
  10. Is now possible and takes seconds... Log into the Softaculous App on your hosts cPanel and you will find CE Phoenix in the E-Commerce section. We are very pleased to have gotten CE Phoenix onto Softaculous as it opens up a whole new world of users who want/need an easy install. Thank you to @ecartz for his months of hard work in getting Phoenix modernised and to @Heatherbell and @peterpil19 for their hard work in getting Phoenix onto Softaculous. Give it a go if you have a Cpanel host who runs Softaculous - but please make you do not overwrite your live shop installation (I have not tested and am not sure if it gives you a warning prior to potential overwrite). Please give Phoenix a rating/review as word-of-mouth from happy users is the most powerful thing - thank you. Please note that I have since deleted that install that you see in the video as it was performed only for the video.
  11. Please note that we are now announcing on the official News channel Easy Zip Updates are supported by Core Team inside the Phoenix Club - If you are not a member, please join. - If you prefer not to be a member or are a previous member for whatever reason; You can also view file changes via Github, here is the URL - https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/A.B.C.D...E.F.G.H - Change A.B.C.D to whatever version you are currently on - Change E.F.G.H to the version you want to upgrade to You can also view your shops Version Checker, which will look something like this:
  12. v1.0.7.4 is tagged and announced;


  13. burt

    world pay set up

    Now you need to check your hosting error_log to see if there is any errors in there pertaining to this.
  14. burt

    world pay set up

    Contact Worldpay Support, give them these details, report back what they say.
  15. Same idea can be used going all the way back standard 2.3.1 (if memory serves)...