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  1. Looking to do a new 28days project so if anyone has an idea for a SMALL or MEDIUM sized piece of code, let me know...

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    2. burt




      1. show logo at top of screen when in mobile

      2.show cart with number of items and maybe an account icon at bottom of screen in smaller screens

      I believe that #1 is covered by the Modular Navbar that is built into Edge.  So long as you have a small enough logo.  This is also covered by the Core logo header file...
      Email me if you are thinking of something different.


      I believe I already covered #2 in my Addons thread (#12);


    3. burt


      @crimble crumble


      Perhaps a simple sales report/sales history in the admin with visual aids. I know there are many available but I've found them overly complex and buggy or too simple.

      My idea of simple might not be yours etc ;)
      Email me with a mockup and will see what can be done...

    4. burt




      Add special offers during checkout, weekly offer or daily offer, maybe an addon where you just add 5 item numbers, that is then shown during checkout or in the cart or similar (maybe this have been made before)

      I'm pretty certain this has been done, 28d Project from 2016 - Day 20...
      But maybe you want something different?  Email me.


      You made a similar module to send e-mails depending on "order status" - but it would be neat to have a "seperate" e-mail template sender function directly from the admin order, could be general delivery terms depending on product, or install instructions that is general for a specific product group - so you have some standard e-mail that could easily be sent from admin-side with "few clicks" :)

      Email me to explain this in more depth.