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  1. Looking to do a new 28days project so if anyone has an idea for a SMALL or MEDIUM sized piece of code, let me know...

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    2. ArtcoInc



      I know you have a Mailchimp module, and (in one of your prior bundles) a pop-up module. Do you have one that could do this?

      If not, maybe this could be one of your 28 days modules?

    3. burt


      @ArtcoInc I think if someone had both the mailchimp mod  and the popup mod, it should be fairly straightforward to combine the two.  I think, maybe, possibly.  TY for the idea though!

    4. ArtcoInc



      Quick suggestion: Could you include a screen shot with each module? That would make it easier to see what the module does and looks like, without having to actually install each one.