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  1. GoT S7.  Thoughts?  @Tsimi 
    For sure not enough Red Witch!

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    2. burt


      I did really like Episode 4 (I think it was 4).  The one where Arya came home and had the swordfight with Brienne.  Same ep I think the dragon destroyed a line of wagons and I was like f-----------ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.  Overall though...the whole thing felt rushed.  Would have been better at 10 episodes I think...

    3. Tsimi


      Yeah, wish they would have given 10 episodes each for S7 and S8. But some episodes had a longer runtime instead. I just hope they don't mess up the end due to lack of time.

      For S8 I would like the following;

      The Hound kills Mountain.

      Jaime kills sister. But it is not the real brother but Aria wearing his face.

      Theon kills Uncle

      Jon or Sam Tarly kills King of the Dead

      Red woman returns with an army of sexy, fire religion women and storms the field of battle against the Dead and unleashes fire magic.


    4. burt


      Yeah I think I've seen that last bit in a vision ;)

      My favrourite character is the hound.  What he calls almost everyone cracks me up...