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  1. 1 hour ago, BrockleyJohn said:

    I have a couple of clients live on variants of raiwa's modular product_info which you thought was too granular. Would you like that rolling up into something more suitable - or are you just thinking along the lines of an extra hook or two?

    Plan to keep it very simple.  Working from the bottom of the page up and putting the data into Modules (as I did for the "also_purchased" module).

    1 hour ago, BrockleyJohn said:

    On the subject of which, if they don't come under Everything Else: extra hooks aren't something needing a lot of testing; I'd really like to get index_products in there too if I can - I could do that alongside finishing things in index.php if you're amenable. There are probably other hooks it would be good to get in there before it's set in stone, shopping_cart springs to mind but there may be others.

    Could potentially do index_products, depends on what you have and if it fits in with the rest of it..

    Pre Placed Hooks: probably not.

  2. Here's what I want to get done to set the Community Version to a "Final" release;

    1a.  Modularisation of index

    1b.  Modularisation of index_nested

    1c. Modularisation of index_products

    2.  Modularisation of product_info
    Started this years back.  Needs some modules created.

    3.  Bootstrap v4

    • Updating full shopside to BSv4

    4.  php7.2

    • Updating full shopside and full adminside to be 7.2 compliant.  I think we are mostly there on this.

    5. getContent calls and Hook calls

    • Discussion needed

    What I don't have plans for, so will not happen;

    • Everything else

    Why go "Final"

    • Too many shopowners and developers wanting a fixed release;  almost all feedback tells me rolling updates are not welcome.

    After "Final"

    No further changes will be made other than, occasionally;

    • security tightening
    • bootstrap implementation errors
    • html errors

    Date for "Final"

    I was hoping to get it done by the end of this Month, as this month is osCommerce's 18th birthday. 
    I can tell you that this self imposed target will not be met.  As per the last four years I'll simply forge
    ahead as and when I can with the help of a couple of trusted lieutenants.

  3. Couple more GDPR Modules built by request;




    These will be sent out tonight to 28d Members.


    If any stragglers would like to buy into the 28d, PM me please...you'll get a load of good
    coded things and be helping the Responsive Project move on.  Thanks.


  4. On 3/9/2018 at 9:37 AM, 14steve14 said:

    GDPR modules

    Thinking about GDPR some more and looking at some of the modules Gary has created, I was thinking about the contact us form. Should there be a box warning or consent check box on that page as the name, email and possibly phone number could be kept for future contact. The same sort of thing with the product notification page.

    Not too sure both pages have been set up to allow modules to be added to them, but should something be done just to cover business owners.

    Hoping that [sooner rather than later], these sorts of ideas will come up for discussion and then whatever is decided needs doing...can be coded up in time for the GDPR start date.  

  5. A weeks worth of bonuses brings to a conclusion this years 28d project. 

    A massive THANK YOU to the shopowners who were able to see what I've been trying to do and got behind me.   
    Help and support is available for you guys as and when you need it.

    For the other hundreds (1000s?!?) of shopowners and developers who felt unable or unwilling to get involved, I say this;




  6. Bonus #7 - Latest Orders

    A shop-side Box Module that displays where in the world your latest order came from.  Looks cool (I think) and I believe anything like this gives comfort to potential customers, them seeing that other customers are using your shop.

    Admin Side

    As you can see, you can turn on/off the "time" function (I call it "ago") and you can turn on/off the flags.


    Shop Side


  7. Bonus #6 - Video Tab

    New Tab that shows one video per product.  Could be an unboxing video, or whatever. 
    If you want to be the awesomest shopowner ever...it could be a video of the Red Woman from Game of Thrones.

    Admin Side

    New Page for assigning video to product.  Works only with Youtube at this moment (see Question below).


    Admin Side

    New box and links for these helper pages


    Shop Side

    New Tab showing the Video




    Is Youtube enough, or should there be other video hosting options?


    Created in response to  @bruyndoncx great idea, thank you.


    Delivery: Tomorrow

  8. Bonus #5 - Product Redirect Message

    Allows shopowner to easily set up a redirect from [old] product to [new] product.  Perhaps your old product is out of stock?  Perhaps you just want to make shoppers realise there is a better alternative?  Perhaps you are running low on stock of old product?  I'm sure there are many reason how and why this could be useful to you.  If a product has no redirect...the message does not show.

    Core Code Changes


    Admin Side (new link in box)


    Admin Side (page for setting up redirects)


    Shop Side (message in product_info)



    Simple way to let your customers know of a different alternative.  

    Your Task

    Think of ways in which this can be extended to better suit your own needs. 
    You, shopowner, know your demographic better than anyone else.

    Sending out


  9. 22 minutes ago, MrPhil said:

    I would be careful about actually redirecting to another product. A customer might not be looking carefully, and ends up ordering a Purple Wodget when they had been intending to purchase a Blue Widget. I think it would be sufficient to go to the old page, and have a very distinct "No longer available" notice, with links to one or more suggested replacements. That might be done with a new "redirect" routine that adds the notice at the top of the product page, or just manually coded into the discontinued product's HTML description.

    100% agree.

  10. 1 minute ago, altoid said:

    @burt I have gergelys redirect installed and use it a lot. Mostly for discontinued items. When the last one sells of something I set up a redirect to an appropriate product or category. I also set up a 301 for SEO. 

    I'm really interested in what you come up with especially with edge and PHP 7 in mind.

    Ah I had forgotten about Gergely's thing.  When using that, would you not (eventually) lose the [old] entry from the search engine listing ?

  11. My thought is, always, to try to keep things as simple as possible.  Doing things that way...gets a useable "thing", but that thing because it is quite simple is usually also easy to further change.  makes sense, no?

    Do you think the above (simple!) "redirect" idea could be useable for you ?


    Will send on bonus imminently.

  12. 2 minutes ago, 14steve14 said:

    Are there any good addons available. I had a look and there are some that will show a product as discontinued but all need core code changes which I dont really want to do. May be I should have thought of this before Gary finished his 28 days of code.

    I'm still coding some bonuses, and this might be one if we can think of a way to code it "simple" but also "useable"..


    It's important(ish) that when a URL is in the search engines...that URL stays as it is.

    With that in mind

    1.  new admin page where you can make "redirects", eg;  
    Blue Widget -> Purple Wodget
    Red Doofer -> Pink Doofus

    2.  content module for product_info, this grabs the redirect and
    outputs a message "discontinued but we recommend..."

    So, if they end up on the "Blue Widget" page, they see;

    <div class="alert alert-danger">
      <p class="lead">This product is discontinued...</p>
      <p>We recommend our <a href="abc.com/product_info.php?products_id=123">Purple Wodget</a> instead...</p>

    That is workable and simple...

    And, no core code changes...