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  1. 8 hours ago, 14steve14 said:

    I may be wrong but if you want an updated Frozen version you should be using Edge as explained above, unless I am reading it wrong. Failing that you need to go to github and find out what has been changed on the latest version of Edge and change your site to match. .

    Not wrong at all :thumbsup:

    At all;
    Edge is what I'm playing with at the moment, but all potential users of this software should be 127% aware that this Edge is my playground, so code may be changed - broken - reverted and so on. 

    Put simply

    • if you are a shopowner who is not technical...use Frozen.
    • if you are a developer...develop for Frozen.

  2. 17 minutes ago, ArtcoInc said:

    Also, moving from one version of Edge to another is not a simple in-place, one button upgrade.

    It should be fairly straightforward if (and I do realise that is a big "IF") user has not changed core code. 

    If no core code is changed;

    • upload new files to overwrite old 
    • check any installed modules for new database entries

  3. 58 minutes ago, JcMagpie said:

    Well it's your code all I did was add a few lines. 😊

    Cool, just thought it was a bit strange to see my name in your addon, but as it's a derivative work I guess it has to be.  You  need to add in your details to that copyright, eg;

    Copyright (c) 2018, Z Iqbal based on code Copyright (c) 2018, G Burton

    (or something broadly equivalent to the above) ... and then make clear that any support requests must come here or elsewhere if you prefer them elsewhere (as I do support for my stuff off forum and wouldn't want people contacting me about it)..

  4. There seems to be some confusion over the Naming Convention chosen...so, as posted elsewhere, let's set the record straight;

    I originally called it "BS" as a bit of a joke. 
    I still like that name as it stands for *cough*BS*cough* err BootStrap.

    When it got quasi-official acceptance, that was changed to "CE" which stands for Community Edition.  
    Under the umbrella of CE are (as of today) TWO releases;

    1. GOLD https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/v2.3.4-GOLD.zip ]
      Bootstrap v3. 
    2. FROZEN https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/2341-Frozen.zip ]
      Bootstrap v3, with loads more modularity. 

    Then there is a "special" rolling release called;

    • EDGE [ https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/master.zip ]
      Edge could be anything that is not GOLD or FROZEN. 
      There are *hundreds* of versions of Edge, it all depends on the date you downloaded it.
      Put simply any changes made after you downloaded your Edge would not be in your shop unless you are making rolling changes to stay up-to-date.

    Simple, isn't it ;) Well, I think so even if you don't.

  5. Edited Topic Title as this discussion is only for Frozen.

    Edge continues as a product.  In case anyone is not understanding the concept of naming;

    osCommerce CE (Community Edition) of which

    • Gold.  A fixed release.
    • Frozen.  A fixed release.
    • Edge.  A rolling release. 
      You should update to Frozen if on an older Edge or keep up to date with releases if you are already past Edge.
      If on Edge that is newer than Frozen, then you are pretty much on your own - you probably won't be able to get much help with it.

  6. Just now, BrockleyJohn said:

    only multi-language support

    That can be done using the HTML input box...

    { "en":{"caption": "Hello"}, "fr":{"caption": "Bonjour"} }

    And then picking up the correct piece of data using the created P_I CM module.

    Following not aimed at you

    We must get away from the old ideas and instead explore new and interesting ways to do things. 

  7. Request Your Modules

    If you have any ideas for small/medium modules/apps/whatever ... Message Me for a chit-chat. 

    Could be a great way to get your ideas into reality ;)


  8. 19 minutes ago, greasemonkey said:

    @burtI did a fresh install to test and the story deepens - to force an update I did as you suggest and changed the version.txt file to a previous version (5.010).

    Ran the PayPal app update and it would seem the PayPal app has changed significantly since I last ran the update on my live store (although the version number has NOT changed) and no longer includes the features I mentioned above.

    I've spent the last hour trying to find the lengthy discussion I had with Harald in the forum about why and how the PayPal app should be fixed to allow the customers selected shipping option to be carried through the PayPal Express checkout - in place of reverting back to the "cheapest" shipping logic always included with PayPal Express.... and the entire discussion seems to be "nuked".

    Sorry, to ring your bell ... I just have no clue why Harald would have nuked the best feature of the newest part of OsC 😒

    A number of threads got destroyed a few months ago when someone went on a rampage.  It might have got tied up in that :( 

    So far as I know ... and I could very well be wrong ... what's in the latest is 5.018 (or at least what is in the official updatable version of it)...

    Do you know approx when the conversation/thread with Harald was ?