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Status Updates posted by burt

  1. Taking a break from this Forum.  Should anyone wish to contact me please feel free to do so by email.  Thanks.

  2. The radio reporter said the lines all dead he told me that I ought to write a letter instead...
    Can you hear I've been calling all day...Can you hear me...

    1. burt


      Flippin love that song

    2. MrPhil


      The other day my Verizon landline phone service went out. I went online to the phone company website to try and report it... every help path ended with "call 1-800-xxx-xxxx to report the outage". Really! Fortunately I eventually found a human to text chat with.

  3. 28d Bonus just gone out, sorry for delay !  Enjoy!

    1. mattjt83


      Thanks for all your effort dude :)

  4. If I'm not mistaken, today is osCommerce's 18th birthday.  Wonder if anything is planned for today...

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    2. burt


      There we go.  Nothing :wacko:

      Why do I have that scene from Under Siege in my head :cool:

    3. tgely


      Lets call cookies! I wont taste my hat.

    4. ArtcoInc


      Still waiting for some cake ...

  5. 28d Project comes to an official close, so nows the time to take a look and PM me if you want to see about getting all the code...

    Unofficially, there will be some bonus extras as I am waiting on testers to get back to me...as well have plans for at least 1 more GDPR module!

    PM me if interested, and a massive THANK YOU to all those who were able to join the Project already :)

    1. burt


      Unfortunately, I did not get enough shopowners buy into the Project to allow me to book time out to get the Community Version finalised this month. 

      I was hoping to have it done this month in time for osCommerce's 18th birthday, and to set final so that "addons" can be more easily coded.

      Not to be :(

  6. Hope you and family are OK Eddy ?

    1. Moxamint


      We used to live just a few miles from the epicenter of this quake, but we moved a whole mountain range away 4 years ago.  So we are fine - thank you!  I am very familiar with some of the collapsed buildings, though :sad::sad::sad:

  7. Looking to do a new 28days project so if anyone has an idea for a SMALL or MEDIUM sized piece of code, let me know...

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    2. ArtcoInc



      I know you have a Mailchimp module, and (in one of your prior bundles) a pop-up module. Do you have one that could do this?

      If not, maybe this could be one of your 28 days modules?

    3. burt


      @ArtcoInc I think if someone had both the mailchimp mod  and the popup mod, it should be fairly straightforward to combine the two.  I think, maybe, possibly.  TY for the idea though!

    4. ArtcoInc



      Quick suggestion: Could you include a screen shot with each module? That would make it easier to see what the module does and looks like, without having to actually install each one.

  8. Wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas...

    Best wishes for the coming year, hopefully 2018 will be the year for osCommerce to come alive again.

    Special thanks to all those who have supported the Community Version and very special thanks to all my clients, all of whom I consider friends.

    Cya on the flipside!


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    2. discxpress


      Same to you and all! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the CE and hopefully we can make it undeniable. Looking forward to seeing everyone's fresh ideas next year!

    3. ArtcoInc


      Ho Ho Ho ! :cool:

    4. radhavallabh


      Same to You!! Although I am late!!

      Wishing you a very Happy and Prosprous New Year to all the oscommerce fraternity in advance!!! You all rock!!! The best team ever! :biggrin:

  9. GoT S7.  Thoughts?  @Tsimi 
    For sure not enough Red Witch!

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    2. burt


      I did really like Episode 4 (I think it was 4).  The one where Arya came home and had the swordfight with Brienne.  Same ep I think the dragon destroyed a line of wagons and I was like f-----------ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.  Overall though...the whole thing felt rushed.  Would have been better at 10 episodes I think...

    3. Tsimi


      Yeah, wish they would have given 10 episodes each for S7 and S8. But some episodes had a longer runtime instead. I just hope they don't mess up the end due to lack of time.

      For S8 I would like the following;

      The Hound kills Mountain.

      Jaime kills sister. But it is not the real brother but Aria wearing his face.

      Theon kills Uncle

      Jon or Sam Tarly kills King of the Dead

      Red woman returns with an army of sexy, fire religion women and storms the field of battle against the Dead and unleashes fire magic.


    4. burt


      Yeah I think I've seen that last bit in a vision ;)

      My favrourite character is the hound.  What he calls almost everyone cracks me up...

  10. Been watching the inauguration. Have to say that Americans sure do know how to put on a ceremony. Impressive.

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    2. GLWalker


      It is absolutely absurd to suggest that any outside influence has been responsible for changing an outcome while on the outside. The outside must first be invited inside to do any such damage, as the system is not penetrable any other way.

    3. GLWalker


      The same ones that point blame on hearsay and alleged rumors are the same that claim Texas has no right to once again be its own republic, yet it is perfectly fine for California to withdraw from the Union because their largest counties do not like the outcome of an election.

    4. MrPhil


      Texas does NOT have the right to either split into multiple states, or withdraw from the Union. They gave up those rights as part of being re-admitted to the Union in 1865, after the Civil War. Where except on fake news sites have you heard any SERIOUS talk about California leaving?

  11. No 28DoC this year. Phew...

    1. bruyndoncx


      oh no, and i wanted to go on a spending spree :D

      already achieved your sales target for this year ???

    2. burt


      Hah, I wish! Stress level for this year already reached though lol

  12. All the best for 2017, to all.

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    2. burt


      Thank you T, thumbs up

    3. altoid


      A belated HNY

    4. burt


      Thank you Steve, and the same to you.

  13. If anyone been trying to PM me...sorry my inbox was full. Try again now please.

  14. And now with the release of 2.4 Joli... you won't ever be forgotten John ...

  15. Subtle change on the Forum recognising the work that the Community put into osC....

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    2. PupStar
    3. burt


      Yep, we should be very proud of what we achieved. Not only for what we did in Community Edition, but also for osCommerce going forwards.

    4. PupStar


      I think I can speak for every member here in saying if it was not for you Gary oscommerce would be dead and buried by now!

  16. is spinning...right round...

    1. Biancoblu


      RIP Pete Burns :(

  17. GoT - Season 1. Done! @Tsimi

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    2. Tsimi




      ...and the story continues!

    3. burt


      Watched it. Not quite so keen on the Red Witch anymore lol

    4. Tsimi
  18. It'll be 20/01/2015 forever for you...RIP my friend xx

  19. Dont know where you are my friend, but hopefully you'll have a Guiness on your birthday and be looking down on us with a smile...