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  1. Developer Feedback Channel

    All, please refrain from posting in the Developer Feedback channel unless you are;

    1.  A client of the developer
    2.  The developer (ie, right of reply)

    Thank You.

  2. For crystal clear clarity, two posts have been moved into a hidden area pending review;

    Post 1:  advertises a Fork [needs review by HPDL as forks are historically unwelcome at this forum].  Any such posts...will be moved for review by HPDL and may then re-appear after review has been made. 

    Post 2:  a slanderous post about me after moving post 1.  Any such posts about any member are unfair and therefore unwelcome.  

  3. o_O someones not happy...

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    2. valquiria23


      not happy with what? why? please detail !!!

    3. Java Roasters

      Java Roasters

      Can't make everyone happy, that is the way the cookie crumbles.  

    4. burt


      No doubt about that!

  4. If I'm not mistaken, today is osCommerce's 18th birthday.  Wonder if anything is planned for today...

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    2. burt


      There we go.  Nothing :wacko:

      Why do I have that scene from Under Siege in my head :cool:

    3. tgely


      Lets call cookies! I wont taste my hat.

    4. ArtcoInc


      Still waiting for some cake ...

  5. Hope you and family are OK Eddy ?

    1. Moxamint


      We used to live just a few miles from the epicenter of this quake, but we moved a whole mountain range away 4 years ago.  So we are fine - thank you!  I am very familiar with some of the collapsed buildings, though :sad::sad::sad:

  6. If anyone been trying to PM me...sorry my inbox was full. Try again now please.

  7. And now with the release of 2.4 Joli... you won't ever be forgotten John ...

  8. Subtle change on the Forum recognising the work that the Community put into osC....

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    2. PupStar
    3. burt


      Yep, we should be very proud of what we achieved. Not only for what we did in Community Edition, but also for osCommerce going forwards.

    4. PupStar


      I think I can speak for every member here in saying if it was not for you Gary oscommerce would be dead and buried by now!

  9. is spinning...right round...

    1. Biancoblu


      RIP Pete Burns :(

  10. It'll be 20/01/2015 forever for you...RIP my friend xx

  11. Dont know where you are my friend, but hopefully you'll have a Guiness on your birthday and be looking down on us with a smile...