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Status Updates posted by burt

  1. Please note that I have temporarily moved one discussion to allow time for cooler heads to prevail. 

    The thread starter has been informed that the discussion went sideways and that the thread will be returned in a short while.

    No need for anyone to be concerned about missing posts.

  2. Good constructive conversations and ideas in the Phoenix Club.

    Watch out for upcoming which removes some dead-wood code and gives the checkout a nicer look.

  3. Last two months have flown by.  Phoenix is now even better than when it was launched on July 4th. 

    Thanks to all who support the project, provide code, provide feedback and constructive criticism etc :thumbsup: 

    1. burt


      Flying high :D 

      Pro coded addons now available in the Phoenix Club...

    2. peterpil19


      You are doing an incredible job! Phoenix is awesome...

      I would encourage others join the Club and become supporters. Just one of the freebies for supporters is worth the modest entry ticket,. not to mention being feeling good about being part of something great.

    3. valquiria23


      Congratulations Burt, Happy month of Phoenix birth.
      I want to join the Club and support this fantastic project, do you accept me?

  4. Phoenix Rising...


  5. Multiple Accounts.  

    Please do not make the moderators life difficult by creating multiple account personalities.  

    When multiple accounts are found...the newest account(s) will be suspended.