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    Forum Software Update (31st July 2018)

    Quirk on the react icons, they appear twice:
  2. burt

    Mailchimp App with 3.0API

    2.5 years ago was early adoption of v3 - and a lot of what was available in v2 was not available in v3. Some things in the documentation for v3 simply did not exist in the code or did not work. Today (or at least the last time I looked), the API does not include their roll-up of GDPR, which means the API is unusable for "Joe Average" shopowners who does not want to have to delve deep into code or does not want to spend money on a developer.
  3. Two questions there, that I can answer; I believe so. Frozen is frozen, like Gold was gold. It won't change, it's a point in time. There should be no other Forks discussed at this Forum, but I let that slide if the one who forked is actively moving osC forward If they are not doing much of anything other than loading it up or trying to split the community...links get removed. Yes. It'll take time as it is done on a small part-time basis. I thank you @Tsimi for understanding that the sale of my code allows me to give more time than I normally could and as more time is given, things move faster. Thanks!
  4. What you accuse me of, never happened, other than in your own misunderstanding. When you (or anyone) jump to a conclusion (not only about this, but many other things)...the conclusion is usually incorrect. But hey, I really want to see you do well in the Admin Project, so... Good Luck!
  5. The posts from the other day across two or three threads which I had to collate into one ""un pleased" post, where you basically shit on me, other users and osCommerce - all done in public - until I collated and moved into the team discussion area. Which you then deleted, along with hundreds of other posts as part of your "cleaning up". It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to be accused of something that I never did, then to see you performing the action that you accuse me of. The action itself, no problem, just the words from the other day is a problem for me.
  6. I have no PM from you other than the one where we were discussing your brother, weeks ago. There isn't a possibility that this can be a part of Frozen for two reasons; whitehat made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with anything I am working on, in his words: "I am 100% done with you" whitehat did not fork his Repo (it is clear that you do not understand what that means, so believe me when I say he has made it difficult to merge) Let us say no more on the matter, and please stop mentioning me with regards to working with others. These people themselves need to approach me to have a frank discussion as I need to know they are not going to bale out when things get tough.
  7. For clarity, it was not me who deleted your post. And I do not know to whom you sent a Beer and never got the courtesy of a thank you & reply?
  8. Thank You T. Appreciate those words, that means a lot.
  9. Unfortunately because you did not fork there isn't a way that the two repo's can easily be merged :-\
  10. The words I got from you just a few days ago, and now again this?!? Uncool. Good luck with this Project. And as for your comment @valquiria23 - there is at least one other active Team Member so stop stirring the pot please.
  11. burt

    Form verification within a Modal

    If you get stuck or find yourself going round in circles...I can put together a hard-coded (ie, quick and ugly) example... Just let me know.
  12. burt

    Form verification within a Modal

    OK...some pointers; in your .js bind the checking to the Submit of the Form, NOT the click of the Button - this will allow the HTML5 email checking to do its thing On submit, prevent the default action of the Form and also ajax Post the email address to a different file for it to be added to the database - this can also manipulate the modal to give a "success" message For now, forget about closing the modal... - if you close it you won't be able to easily see and understand what is going on Those pointers 1 and 2 should be enough to get you at least another few yards forward.
  13. From my side, assuming that you are directing this at me, whatever people think they see and know; there are no differences. wHiTeHaT wants to do his project, so he should do it. I suspect many shopowners shall be very glad to finally see a bootstrapped admin.
  14. There is (in the addons somewhere) a manual order maker. I am not sure how it works (or if it works)... But if that could be used, that could be a way out of the mess. So long as you have the customers details and the order details. A client of mine had the same problem on monday evening. I put it down to paypal being glitchy at the time, as orders prior and since have been recorded fine (both at paypal end and at her osc shop end). I spent a bit of time manually :-\ adding in the missing order directly in phpmyadmin for her to get it sorted.
  15. o_O someones not happy...

    1. valquiria23


      not happy with what? why? please detail !!!

    2. Java Roasters

      Java Roasters

      Can't make everyone happy, that is the way the cookie crumbles.  

    3. burt


      No doubt about that!

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  16. Are we in agreement that this new CCPA does not affect the vast majority of osCommerce users ? Hands up who does USD25m per annum... Hands up who has 50k customers...
  17. burt

    Side bar design

    Correct. stylesheet.css was deprecated custom.css was added - custom.css is used for necessary .css going into core, this file should not be touched by anyone except those working on core - this file over-rides the bootstrap css file and the fontawesome css file user.css was added - this is the only .css file that developers and shopowners should be using as this file will *never* be updated/changed as part of core - this file over-rides the bootstrap css file and the fontawesome css file and custom.css file
  18. I've given up trying to get through to you. You have a really closed, narrow-minded outlook on a lot of things. This is business 101: business owners use the best tool at their disposal. They want something, they go and source it. That is the end of this part of this thread, thank you. Any more replies about what should or should not be in the core of osCommerce will be removed and posters will get one warning of "off topic crap".
  19. That sums up my thoughts on it, perfectly.
  20. I really don't know. It should be easy, but some people just don't see it. Shopowners will need to decide which version they want to use, hunt it down and install it as it WILL be an external extra. It won't be.
  21. I imagine then that most osCommerce users are exempted as (in my opinion and understanding); barely any will have Gross > 25m usd I personally know of two (osC based) businesses that do this level of business barely any have customers > 50k Again, one of those shops (above) is near to that number Sell personal info? WTF? I am certain no ecommerce business owner stoops that low.
  22. Well, we disagree on that and as it's me making decisions and I am saying "the future is modular", it is time to stop with the ethos of "more in core". There will be *less* in core, for the reasons already mentioned. If these people are running a business they will choose the best product that fits their need and not the product that costs nothing. If they choose a different cart: good luck to them.
  23. burt

    Content module coding help

    They can be blank, as they are extended in the __construct function. Look at the first 6 lines under the class cm_footer_conditions_modal { and The 6 $this-> in the your cm_footer_conditions_modal() / __construct function.
  24. burt

    Content module coding help

    These two things let tthe script know what it is and where it should be.