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  1. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Read the underlined and italicised bit in my previous post. Even your image shows two examples of such. Bloody Hell.
  2. Security Message

    The message tells you what to do. Tools (box on the left column in admin) > Security Checks (one of the links in that box)
  3. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    URLs are not shown by Google in a properly set up website. It is not rocket science, but if you are brainwashed into believing something else...it might seem like rocket science.
  4. 28d, 2018

    Day 18 - Device Data A way to *attempt* to see some data about the device that the Customer used to place the Order. Consists of 1 module and 1 hook, and a helper file. Core Code Changes NONE Admin Side (Module) Shop Side NOTHING! Admin Side (Viewing Data) Click the new Tab "Device", which shows the known Data; This would be "personally identifiable data" per GDPR rules, so if you are collecting this data... would also need a GDPR module for it...coming soon ;)
  5. 28d, 2018

    Day 17 - Sale Sticker A quick and easy way to make your customers aware that a product is on Special... Core Code Changes NONE - if on up-to-date Edge, otherwise Yes. Admin Side Notice that you can easily change the Sticker Colour. The Sticker Text "sale!" is in the language file, again easily changeable. Shop Side In the Index Page ^ In the Category Page ^ In the Product Page ^ In the Specials page ^ and elsewhere (eg search results), but you get the idea. Summary I've always found it a bit strange that osCommerce software never really made anything of a product on special offer. A decade ago I made a module that did this same thing (add in a sticker) differently, and even just last year an update of that to simplify it. Now this new module is the most simple of all, just a HT module to upload and turn on, assuming on up-to-date Edge!
  6. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    This is Out Of Date. Sites like these post stuff, then don't update it. These links were good, now not. GOOGLE DOES NOT SHOW URLs. For context:
  7. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    ALL. Let's not have personal insults. If you have a different viewpoint to someone else, that is fine. Explain why. More Personal Insults will result in sanctions being taken, which can be as simple as a note (like this post), to outright ban from this forum.
  8. CSV feed import renaming file question

    Yes. Look at these PHP functions (note this is off the top of my head, but it'll give you a starting point); glob filemtime rename
  9. Redirect to home page after account edit

    Revert that change. IN account_edit.php, look for tep_redirect(tep_href_link('account.php', '', 'SSL')); and change appropriately.
  10. 28d, 2018

    And an IP Address module, in case you have collected IPs for each Order. Lots of shopowners collect IPs...
  11. 28d, 2018

    Day 16 - Automated GDPR Does not matter where you, shopowner, are based in the World. It's all about your client, and if any of your clients are EU Citizens...you *must* offer them a way to see what personal details you hold about them, and offer them a way to delete out some of that data. Again...for 100% clarity...it does not matter if you are in Paris France, Paris Texas or China or Thailand or where-ever, if you sell into the EU...you must comply with EU Regulations. This new system helps to show what data you hold on logged in clients. This is a work in progress as I am hoping anyone who gets their hands on this, comes up with ideas for more modules (I can think of at least three more), but want to get feedback before more coding... Core Code Changes NONE New Link in account.php This link leads to a new modularised page. As this new page is modularised it is simple to code up more modules based on individual shopowners needs... For starters I have included four GDPR modules; Admin Side > Modules > Content Intro Just a block of text explaining what GDPR is etc. You can obviously change this to better suit your needs. Contact Details Personal Details Site Details All of the above are MODULES, so can be turned on/off from Admin. Summary A way for EU clients to view the Data you hold. This may very well be enough for their needs, thereby no need to request personal intervention from you, taking up your time. If you have guest accounts, you are stuffed. Ideas for more Modules I can think of at least a few more modules that can potentially be coded. But let's see what you guys have to say after you have this system.
  12. Please report back on your findings when on live server, as I am thinking we could potentially do something with a Hook... Default Hook: load the fa from the fa site Non standard Hook (maybe an addon or such): load the fa from your own server
  13. 28d, 2018

    Day 15 - Batch Actions You get up in the morning and check on your admin to find you have a few new orders, or maybe more than a few! Now you have to cycle through each order, updating order status, updating the customer by appending comment, printing an invoice, printing a label... that's potentially 10 clicks per order. If you got 20 orders that's maybe 30 minutes wasted! Core Code Changes NONE New Sidebox Link New Page in Admin This standalone page recreates the "order" page but adds in Batch Actions. You invoke the batch action by ticking the tickboxes (notice them next to each order ID). At this point, you can do a number of things; Print Invoices Click the "print invoices" button. This opens up a new page which has all the (ticked) invoices on it ready for printing. Each invoice starts printing on a new sheet of A4 paper. Print Labels Click the "print labels" button. This opens up a new page which has all the (ticked) packing slips on it ready for printing. Each label starts printing on a new sheet of A4 paper. Update Order AND Send Email Dropdown a new Order Status, and (optionally) insert your Comment into the other box. Click the "update order and send email" button.... The order gets updated to the new order *and* email is sent! Update Order Dropdown a new Order Status, and (optionally) insert your Comment into the other box. Click the "update order" button.... The order gets updated to the new order (and no email is sent to the Customer)! Summary With this new system, it is possible to update 50 or more orders, as well as readying them for printing and readying them for label printing...IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE
  14. It could be as little as one week from now, or not. Timeframe really depends upon a number of shopowners stepping up to bat, and allowing (more) time to be given by two people. Final consists of one more job, but that job is a large one; bootstrap v3 to v4
  15. SEO URLs in OS

    You do not need SEO Urls. I would argue that even this is out of date. When is the last time you saw a URL (of a properly set up ecommerce site) in (eg) Google? Here is an example with no setting up, just an out of the box install of our osCommerce. Wheres the URLs ?? You could argue, and I would wholeheartedly agree that "Friendly Urls" matter. Take for example a radio advert or a printed leaflet, which one of these is more easy to remember; some-super-site.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=123 or some-super-site.com/widgets/123 But this is *not* SEO Urls!
  16. Email Compliance = Junk Folders

    You really should make your best attempt at changing the code per my post above. It should still be very close to your files, maybe just different line numbers.
  17. Probably is better to wait until "Final" (which is close-ish). After this only hotfixes will be added to Core. Therefore languages will be easier to translate once and not have to maintain.
  18. 28d, 2018

    Day 14 - Moar Password, Going Backwards Today I have two small HT Modules which don't really do much of anything other than make your site a bit more functional. Core Code Changes NONE (for both) 28d14.1 - Password and Confirmation Checking We optimised the crap out of the create_account page in order to remove the old .js system of checking on inputs to replace it with the all-new html5 way of checking on inputs. Super! Except we never did anything about ensuring the Password and Confirmation matches. So, what happens, in standard Community Version, if someone gives a password, then gives a different confirmation: the page reloads with an error message. By adding this HT module you stop that totally. It looks like this, which matches the other Error messages; You can change the error message to whatever you want, no problem. 28d14.2 - Deny Back Button Sometimes, it's possible for a customer to use the "Back" button on their browser, which makes for a potentially interesting problem. Typical example would be in the checkout, which can cause issues with shipping etc. Customers can get into a real mess, apparently. To try to solve it, I made a HT module that disables the back button in browser. Possibly useful for funneling through the checkout area?? There's nothing to show on the Shop Side, so here's a picture of the admin side;
  19. You can host it locally if you like; see https://fontawesome.com/get-started
  20. In product_info.php find the word; addslashes and change it to htmlspecialchars See if that solves it.
  21. TY @Tsimi https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/70c5a7a1fc9548365e2e8450f535c7073dda430e
  22. @Tsimi @justcatering @altoid TY. You guys have done your part already for which I am grateful and I hope all the other shopowners who have not yet been able to help, are grateful. If I can get 10 more shopowners involved in the 28d offerings...I can take a week off and pay someone else to take a week off to get bs3 to bs4 done in that week. Then we can pronounce "final" and be done with the whole thing, other than hotfixes. ps, thank you to the other guys whom I have not mentioned for helping! You know who you are, I am grateful to you.
  23. With thanks to the handful of guys who have bought my latest 28d Modules, thereby giving me some time to spend on the Project, the following has been achieved; Update Font Awesome to v5 Update deprecated "each" loops to "foreach" loops, for php7.2 compat Update emails to accept -f parameter, this should solve emails being marked as spam by (eg) hotmail Update login content module for has-feedback and placeholders, cosmetic change requested by many. Add in more Custom Data Points If you want to see more work being done on the Project, pitch in and help. Or if you cannot code, help by spending a few dollars. The next task is a big one. I need YOUR help. Updating from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.