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  1. We all have differences of opinion, the world would be a boring and sterile place if we did not. Just because you have a different opinion to someone else does not give you the right to call them names in an attempt to cause division and argument. In the German Forum we have a few members arguing about nothing; last night one of the German members brought that argument to this Forum. Let it be known now, that this will not fly here - posts will be removed and one warning will be given to anyone who does similar. After one warning, if the same occurs, your profile(s) will be deleted and you will not be welcome at this Forum. Put bluntly, so that the German members involved are crystal clear; This Forum does not tolerate personal insults and name calling. This Forum does not tolerate multiple profiles being used to continue arguments. This Forum has active Admin and Moderators and we are ready and quite willing to remove you. Play Nice. Or do not Play at all.
  2. If any of the German Members involved have multiple profiles here...let me know by PM which ones you want deleting. If I find any multiple profiles of my own accord, action will be taken against those Profiles and against your main Profile.
  3. Here's what I want to get done to set the Community Version to a "Final" release; 1a. Modularisation of index Title e2828ca 1b. Modularisation of index_nested Title b84136f 1c. Modularisation of index_products @BrockleyJohn to come up with ideas 2. Modularisation of product_info Started this years back. Needs some modules created. Strip Schema dfe5c47 Schema 82a5cfa Buttons d2a5dc4 63fc4ee f1a3dd9 Date Info Options 53e8528 Description Gallery Product Price Product Name 3. Bootstrap v4 Updating full shopside to BSv4 no longer happening 4. php7.2 Updating full shopside and full adminside to be 7.2 compliant. I think we are mostly there on this. 5. getContent calls and Hook calls Discussion needed What I don't have plans for, so will not happen; Everything else Why go "Final" Too many shopowners and developers wanting a fixed release; almost all feedback tells me rolling updates are not welcome. After "Final" No further changes will be made other than occasionally; security tightening bootstrap implementation errors html errors Date for "Final" I was hoping to get it done by the end of this Month, as this month is osCommerce's 18th birthday. I can tell you that this self imposed target will not be met. As per the last four years I'll simply forge ahead as and when I can with the help of a couple of trusted lieutenants.
  4. Will be following as I am super interested in both shopowners and non-shopowners point of view on this.
  5. Would be difficult to write a HT module (for eg product_listing module) as would not know which products need to be in the HT module [due to how the product_listing module is used]. See what I mean ?
  6. Please do give them a go...and if changes are needed or have ideas for other modules, let me know. All my modules are shop side (for the customer). Looks like what @tgely is working on is admin side (for the shopowner).
  7. Almost impossible to do when it is a list of products... Can you see a way to do it other than in the module output ? For product_info...I moved it into a HT module already, but for pages where there is more than 1 product...I have not yet looked at.
  8. disallowed url

    If I remember rightly, tld.txt has not existed in osC from 2.3 onwards (ie approx 8 yrs ago), so you must have quite an old version of osCommerce, or you have updated from an older version and have artifacts left over. In old versions of osCommerce, the function tep_validate_email used a load of code to try to weed out people using fake email addresses, one of those ways was to read a list of allowed extensions from tld.txt, since v2.3 that "heavy lifting" has been done using a different way, unconnected to tld.txt. I have just tested and can confirm that in up to date osCommerce, .surf domains are no problem whatsoever. What you can try, updating the relevant file to this code: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/functions/validations.php
  9. Sounds good. The best way forward is, I think, to get the module bits done for the rest of index and product_info. After this: Move the calls from db to class. That way, the modules can be coded up, and all you/I/John will need to do is implement classes in them. I'm not bothered about any "other stuff" at this point, as I just want to put a lid on this idea of "Edge". If things are wrong...they can stay wrong. Thoughts ?
  10. Bootstrap v4 is not going to happen. Too much work, not enough Community interest. Modularity: Started on this from Day 1 of the Community Build. It's time to get it finished on the pages on which it's been started. It's not a massive amount of work to get this done. Classes: Great, but opens up more work, eg changing coded modules to use classes. Personal Viewpoint: I don't want to be doing any more coding after the end of April. I really want to close the Community Version and just let people do what they want with it.
  11. I think we need to come to a consensus regarding the point at which we declare Final. I don't want to be here 4 years from now...working on Edge. Or 4 months, or even 4 weeks... What are your thoughts for a Final? Also same question @BrockleyJohn
  12. What I want to do is get the Community Version to a "final" place. I'm thinking; index (99% done), product_info (40% done) go modular php7.2 shop and admin (100% done, I think) I've already nuked the bs4 idea, and will leave it at bs3. After that, it's time for something new.
  13. Oh. I dont want to go down that road.
  14. @BrockleyJohn don't forget the install/oscommerce.sql changes for the index_products...
  15. Loads of recent changes to index.php, so will this impact those ?
  16. @wHiTeHaT Yep. No one else is coding to push osc forwards so it might as well be me you and @BrockleyJohn
  17. @BrockleyJohn I think I'd prefer to get as much out of the page and into the module. This way makes it easier for other modules to interact, be built etc.
  18. I do not envisage modules on any page that is not already part or full modularised. That does not mean that the call cannot be added ready for third party bits and pieces. It's taken four years to get to where we are now. Let's get it Final and move on.