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  1. Ok, that makes good sense. I guess that you take care of the commission payment to the vendor directly, and the shop need do nothing about that ? Also, would all vendors be selling a $12 product at $15, or might some sell it at $11 and some at $16 (or whatever).
  2. So the user has his own little shop or page, to which he can add YOUR products? Or HIS products? Where then does the payment go? YOU or HIM.
  3. The MATC is in the wrong place. What happens if I as a customer in your shop decide I do not agree with your T&C, yet I did not know about them until too late in the checkout procedure. MATC should be at create_account.php for a 1 off agreement or MATC should be at checkout_shipping.php for a order by order agreement.
  4. I would list the products I need to go and pick (on a mix of orders basis), and have a checkbox near each item, this would be a new admin page where you can select the order to pick or a date range of orders (or whatever). The page would then update to list all the items you need to pick...I would open this admin page in my smartphone or tablet, and when I've picked the items, I would check them off my list. There is I think no data in the cart array to sort products in the manner you describe.
  5. burt

    Customer Cancel Order button

    What would a cancel order button do exactly ? Obviously it would delete an order. What else? Make a refund of money paid to you? Email the customer? Email you?
  6. And, if you can't help with the codebase, you can certainly help by purchasing a subscription. Subscribers get some quite nice benefits, with some more benefits being planned.
  7. It does not matter how technically proficient you are, you can help to speed up development of v2.4 osCommerce. HERE IS HOW: 1. Download and install v2.3.3 => http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads 2. Play with it as much as you can. If you come across something that you think is a bug or inconsistency, post to the bug tracker => http://forums.oscommerce.com/tracker/project-1-oscommerce-online-merchant-v2x/ Someone will respond to your bug to let you know if it is a bug, and provide a fix. Fixes for confirmed bugs will be rolled into 2.4 Let's get this community rolling! Do YOUR part to help bring osCommerce back the success it deserves.
  8. @@14steve14 - you are far more eloquent than me. @@perbuch "Therefore I expect you will change your attitude from now." No, YOU will change your attitude when you have a few more posts and realise how much crap gets posted in this forum, and usually crap forced on us by 3rd party "developers" who know next to nothing about osCommerce and expect their clients to get help here.
  9. burt

    Size Search Addon

    Did it work? @@LexLusa
  10. burt

    Size Search Addon

    A way to do this would be to add a new input box to each product for "size". Then you can make a dropdown (of size ranges), and link that to the advanced_search_result page. The advanced_search_result page would need a new query to deal with the SQL that would return the result. That is not an awful lot of help, but it gives you a basis on which to search for a solution.
  11. burt

    Display Price and RRP Price?

  12. @@pccrafts - it was also a post from a year ago :huh: I have no time for people who buy a product then expect free support from us mugs.
  13. burt

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    Maybe this helps; http://twitter.com/#!/oscsparky/status/83247872673452034
  14. burt

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

  15. burt

    Product with option

    This is the basis, which I created for a client (but have not yet tested live); http://www.clubosc.com/bundle-products.html
  16. burt

    Product with option

    I recently coded up something closeish to that. I have not yet had opportunity to fully test it out.
  17. burt

    To follow the development

    It's gone quiet. No answer to questions here, no activity on github. No answers or updates on twitter. After the fanfare a month ago and the already broken promises about the future of osCommerce, it's disappointing for the community to be ignored.
  18. burt

    PayPal Maximum Transcation Limit

    The sending limit for Paypal is $9999. Therefore, the receiving limit must also be $9999 (less fees).
  19. burt

    Credit Card Module

    You did not define the TABLE_CREDIT_CARDS in the database_tables.php file(s).
  20. localhost (xampp or similar). Why not?
  21. Sorry Daniel - but that did make me laugh. You believed words from a host??!!??
  22. burt

    OSC V3

    90% of those webhosting companies would be resellers of the very few "real" hosting companies. So the conclusion is not quite as dramatic as it could be. In any case, it does not matter what hosts are ready just now - if *any* people want to use 3 for a live shop, they are; a. crazy b. delusional c. mad d. hardcore php developers e. all of the above ;) It is simple to set up localhost with all the required extensions, which is surely enough for developers to get on with developing, and for potential users to test out the bare-bones code that is being released today.
  23. Ask whoever you got the template from. This is not a forum for support of 3rd party products such as templates.
  24. burt

    help editing "free" template

    Free or otherwise, you need to seek help from the template vendor, as this particular vendor is well known for producing templates that hack up the core code beyond belief.