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  1. This is what the delivered code does; https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php?cPath=1 So, it is obvious that something in your site is incorrect. And I suspect that is a problem in your language files. Download a new now and compare your main english language file to the one in In addition check your tep_create_sort_heading function in /includes/functions/general.php
  2. I don't quite understand why you would need to call them individually? Can you explain more that?
  3. burt

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    I'll pass that back to the 35 to 40 shopowners who, over the years, have given their all to support the project.
  4. burt

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    There you go people, we've been told off for not doing enough. LOL
  5. burt

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Indeed, a big thank you.
  6. burt

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    It's not going to.
  7. burt

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Nope. They can learn how to use Github just like everyone else did.
  8. burt

    Facebook Shop

    You might want to link to some more reading (eg at facebook). I've done lots of facebook things, but I have no clue what FB still use, what they have deprecated etc. A quick summing up of my own mods shows; FB tracking FB comments (for products) FB responsible social link FB comments (for the osc blog) FB catalog (uses an XML of products) I know there's more but I gave up looking...
  9. burt

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Anyone is welcome to fork the main github repo, and send PR's when ready. So long as the changes are coded in a way that; makes sense coded to a good standard modular (if possible) I look forward to seeing more people get involved in the actual codebase at Github.
  10. So long as person recommending is actually a user of said addon...what harm can be done. Everyone wins. Note that ambassador status is not the same as partner status.
  11. >> Happy users, per Haralds guidelines, may recommend products and services from Partners.>> Partners are developers, hosters etc who pay (in case you did not realise this) to keep osCommerce alive.
  12. It's as fridgebox aka oscmarket aka henry says...it's difficult to determine what type of GTIN to show if the GTIN has been stored correctly... In that thread is some code I found and linked to. This code allows you to pass a padded GTIN (ie 00000123456789) and it will correctly determine what type of GTIN to output. Note that I did not look closely at the code (only quickly tested it). That code plugged into a new GTIN module would, I think, near enough suit your needs.
  13. GTIN must be saved padded to 14 digits. Had this conversation recently with “fridgebox” check back through his posts...
  14. burt

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    Products I think.
  15. burt

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    Totally forgot about that. Well remembered!
  16. burt

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    IIRC (I haven't played in the admin side for a long time) there is a category sort order feature (where you can input numbers). I think you just need similar for products; add in another input on the admin/categories.php page for products "sort_order" get that working first so you can insert numbers to sort things Once that is working; do the changes as above for "PRODUCT_LIST_ORDERED" but call it "PRODUCT_SORT_ORDERED" in any SQL change sort by sort_order DESC|ASC as appropriate It should be `fairly` straightforward, and should not take you more than an hour I'd guess if you break it down into small chunks.
  17. burt

    [Addon] Product Sort Within Category

    I added a couple of sort orders in recently, if you search on PRODUCT_LIST_ORDERED that will give you everywhere you need to change to add a new sort; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/search?q=PRODUCT_LIST_ORDERED
  18. burt

    Admin - Configuration Heading_Title

    Your configure files are incorrect. Post at the Commercial Forum to get someone with a bit of knowledge in to help you out.
  19. burt

    Customer Birthday Discount

    Make sure that you have the permission of these people - per GDPR.
  20. Yes. I envision it as admin inserting words from an email that is sent by a customer. There is nothing to stop anyone from modularising the page and then adding a module to allow testimonials to be added...it may even be good for core.
  21. He's definitely not. But I believe I found the cause; http://www.attias.ch/tshop/ext/photoset-grid/jquery.photoset-grid.min.js Gives 500 error, get that sorted.
  22. Your screenshots show it fairly obvious that your configure.php files are incorrect.
  23. burt

    add global attribute to cart

    There is an easy way...if you consider that each product is an "option" in the order... Make the "giftwrap" option into a product. And have it as a cross-sell/up-sell on the cart page.
  24. Pls try installation on a different server. This will rule out a server problem. as far as I am aware no one else is reported installation problems like this.