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  1. burt

    Products Monitor

    Nice mod. I might port this to 2.x series.
  2. burt

    new order in database

  3. burt

    Contributing to core code

    Fork it on github. Work on your own fork. Any good changes can easily be picked up by HPDL.
  4. Hi Alan I am successfully using the Github version (without the css changes) with no problem. Is it possible that you have introduced an error somewhere? Or is it possible that you have neglected to completely update your code to that in the Githb?
  5. Yes, this is possible but is not straightforward. You need to; 1. (obviously) set up the colour options 2. link an image to each of those options 3. make a smaller image for each of those options and link those to show the larger version 4. use javascript to swap out the large image based on the colour selected 5. use more javascript to change the selected option based on which image is presently "live"
  6. burt

    Free Shipping to certain areas

    You will need to create (or have created for you) a shipping module which; 1. the store owner can insert prices for postcodes 2. the shipping module then picks up the postcode and charges the correct amount (free or otherwise) It is possible that this already exists as a contribution, you can try a search for it.
  7. burt

    New search architecture

    Always happy to help test something interesting.
  8. burt

    Converting V2.2 add-ons to V3

    Well, it's not hard to convert from 2.2 to 3, however it is not for anyone who is not completely at ease with oscommerce.
  9. burt

    Template install

    Ask the template provider!
  10. You also need to make the template admin file... admin/includes/templates/
  11. burt

    Purchase Without Account

    Peter, I agree with everything you have to say. PWA has never been a solid addition to any site in my opinion - it's better to strip out some of the checkout and only "hide" other bits. Remember that a buyer doesn't need to create an account, he does need to give contact details and payment info though - and if an account is created from that, then it's all good.
  12. burt

    Contrib admin in next osC

    You own osCommerce as much as the next person, so if you want this to be a reality, you should go ahead and code it up. Or get someone to code it for you. There are at least 2 donation modules that I am aware of.
  13. burt

    Fix Design Details

    I believe you have to install no contributions to create space in an infobox. Just use CSS. What are you trying to achieve exactly? That said, I agree with you and hope the code in v3 is more semantically correct.
  14. The only thing I can think of is to parse the img src through a PHP page which counts and updates the database as necessary. So the link will look something like: <a href="http://www.snowzone.net.au/demostore/default.php?ref=14" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.snowzone.net.au/demostore/image.php?image=banner_a&ref=14" border="0"></a> Now image.php will need to parse the ref and add an impression to the database, but will also need to send a mime type and display the image. Not simple and definately heavy on the database... Whilst doing this, I just logged back into Snowzone to build a banner and get this: <a href="http://www.snowzone.net.au/demostore/default.php?ref=14" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.snowzone.net.au/demostore/images/" border="0"></a> The img src is not giving an image... .jpg or .gif or .png etc... HTH
  15. I think that it should be kept 100% seperate. I run an Affiliate Scheme on a site and 95% of my Affiliates are people wanting to earn a $?$, they are not interested in becoming a customer. Maybe this is a UK-centric thing though? Don't know. No worries, the one I presently run does exactly that - "thanks for signing up - now go check your email and log in" type of thing...
  16. The only thing I can see is that when I signed up, I was automatically logged into the Affiliate area - I didn't have to wait for my email to arrive with the username/pass combo. I went to build myself a banner - and my ?ref=0 which was wrong. So I logged out and back in (using the details sent in the email) and now my ?ref=14 So that could be a problem... HTH
  17. http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,329/type,5 Not perfect, but workable.
  18. burt

    add fav2

    Copied & pasted from the readme file included in the zip:
  19. Theres only one file to look in :shock: Lines 36 and 39 of add_favourites.php