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  1. I have not yet come across a "null" problem, but when I do I'll make more investigations - thanks for sharing the code. On the other point about pre-filled items, it's best to not do this - the whole point of this addon is to allow/force the shopowner to create proper tags and descriptions manually. Good crafted words in these places are worth their weight in gold, a precis of the products description (for example) would certainly not be worth as much.
  2. Unless the USA != 223 .... the number attached to any country is nothing more than a auto-incremented ID that is not the same across all shops. Use the country ISO codes ( which never change, eg countries_iso_code_2 ) for such comparisons.
  3. Use the inbuilt ZONES for this. I'm not sure why this is called "Tax Zones", must be changed in the next release. admin > locations/taxes > "tax zones" Set up a new Zone called Payments USA, insert the USA into it. Go to your payment module and set its "Payment Zone" to "Payments USA".
  4. burt

    Oscommerce 2.2 rca Thumbnail image too big

    Are you building sites for clients using 2.2rc2a ? If that is the case, then you are doing them a dis-service and yourself no favours as a webdesign outfit. Start with today. You will thank yourself in 3 months time. Find the support thread of the addon (if there is one) and ask there.
  5. "Big Chooser" from @@swguy would appear to fit the bill. Commercial product and fairly difficult to set up but should do what you want (I think).
  6. burt

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Joe, I can guarantee this will never happen. What you want is not what the next shop would want is not want the shop down the road would want. These two addons are not suitable for inclusion into core; individual shopowners would be expected to muddle through OR if they can't muddle through, they pay a developer for a customised version of osCommerce that does do exactly what they need it to do. In general, and this advice is for all users of osc who require "something" added into the core, ask yourself; is it good for 99% of shops or am I only thinking of my shop
  7. burt

    Module for insurance for 10 euro

    A simple order_total module would be best and this could be set up to add an insurance charge per order, or per product per order. Or anything else. It must exist somewhere in the addons area. If it does not a good coder should be able to create such a module easily.
  8. $name_query = tep_db_query("select products_name from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " where products_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "' and languages_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'");
  9. Almost all .php files should have no ?> final end tag. The only ones that need them are those that output HTML (eg, index.php, product_info.php and so on). In the case of osCommerce almost all files inside /includes/ and subfolders do not need the final end ?> tag. Not having a final end ?> tag prevents the type of error you experienced.
  10. The latest version (which you state you have) addon does not have a ?> at the bottom of that file.
  11. Means you've made a mistake, start over. Whitespace at end of general.php file most likely, this has been covered 100s of times in the forums.
  12. burt

    Thinking of Payment Gateway Integration: Choose ZaakPay

    Please upload your Addon to the addons area: addons.oscommerce.com
  13. Download Winmerge, compare the 2 filesets. Or read the readme (which gives a broad indication of changes).
  14. burt

    Guest Checkout options for v2.3.3 ?

    I like the one that @@mattjt83 has coded. It is not free, but that is a good thing as it means you get a good product with good support.
  15. burt

    Warning sign on template

    Ask the template seller (in this case Algozone) to update his template to work with the latest version of osCommerce. Information for anyone thinking of purchasing a template @ http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/395717-going-back-to-v22/#entry1689046
  16. burt

    Upload add on

    Do you need to attach the uploads to a bought product? Or to the order as a whole ? Or to neither - maybe you need to do as part of their order history ? Or their account ? More details from you will result in an answer that suits your needs.
  17. Not 100% sure I'm understanding the question. The "mini description" is something the shop owner would type, so there should be no need for any of this... I think it is related to your question in chat where you wanted to shortcut the mini description by using a portion of the main description ?
  18. This is unwelcome. You may not place limitations on what anyone can or cannot do with any code you provide to the community. I have reviewed the existing module and see some issues with regards to GPL. Contact me to iron them out, PRIOR to uploading any new code.
  19. You can use it without installing the rest of it. The install of just the opengraph module is less than 1 minute.
  20. Why not add the Opengraph header_tag module, would take you 1 minute. From http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8864 And FYI, I have the SEO Reloaded module working perfectly with USU5 Pro.
  21. Keywords are useless, don't bother with them UNLESS you are selling into the land of China as Baidu (the main Chinese search engine, does use Keywords). Instead use the Keywords system as an internal search engine.
  22. Ok, that helps, thanks. Next question to you is "whats the problem" ? In the screenshot, you show that the "product meta description for SEO" is "Blair's Jalapeno Death Hot Sauce". In the code, it shows the meta description as "Blair's Jalapeno Death Hot Sauce". Functionality is correct. Change the seo description in admin and the underlying meta code should change. Report back if it is still a problem.
  23. URL ? Supply Screenshot of Admin interface for the product...
  24. burt

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    If addon A relies on addon B to work, then the developers of the addon A did not think about things when they coded their addon. Suggest to mailbeez that they rip out the need for this broken addon asap and instead code more generically so users can fit any discount system they wish.
  25. burt

    Dynamic Frame Controller

    @ - it looks awesome, and is something sorely needed as it's so difficult to change the look from page to page. Will be happy to beta test this... :thumbsup: