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    Site Counter

    IIRC, site counter was removed a very long time ago (years, perhaps 4 or 5 years ago). The questions I asked prior to its removal; what use is that count to the shop owner what use is that count to a site visitor Concluded (crowd-sourced) answers were "useless" and "useless". To re-instate it in Phoenix, a way to do it would be to build out a footer_suffix module for it or maybe it could be done by a siteWide hook.
  2. I introduced this Bug in 👎 I've pushed a fix in 👍 As an easy todo, here and now, fix...do exactly as @René H4 states; uninstall the module and then re-install the module.
  3. Loads of posts got nuked when someone went on a bit of a rampage. It's gone.
  4. Or, if you are looking to use the zip files I provide for updating...just follow the relevant instructions, then at the end of the instructions... admin > tools > security checks
  5. Install using the /install/ folder. Once installed, the first thing you do is admin > tools > security checks and fix any "insecurities", one of which will tell you about /install/
  6. Now you mention it I do (vaguely) recall writing a post explaining how to (fairly) easily add a category image to the Title Module, which was then taken further in the codebase ready for people to start using... https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/modules/content/index_nested/cm_in_title.php#L41 I don't remember a core-code separate category image Module though...I could very well be mistaken on that though.
  7. It's a long time since I saw a RC2A, but I am 99.9 certain that the functionality never existed in the 2.3 series. It only takes a module! Maybe someone can make it for Core?
  8. I dont know...what is the effect of it being "1" instead of say "6" ? I
  9. Lots of ideas there to try. You just need to play with "l-g-i" in the product listing module ... l-g-i stands for List Group Item and may display the data as you want it ...
  10. Can now be done with ZERO core code changes. Now is the time to do it then. Take action, starting today.
  11. At this moment, today...Phoenix is the only viable option for a shopowner who wants a php7 ready and responsive version of osCommerce. I work on Phoenix every day, pushing it forward as best I can and I have a good group of shopowners and developers backing me up and giving ideas and advice. If I wanted to start up a shop or to update an older osC version, I would utilise Phoenix and become involved in where it goes next.
  12. burt

    Help Testing site

    jQuery version is out of date (and I think the version you have on site is the insecure version) => Update to jquery 3.4.1 There is a very large gap under the footer (the gap size seems to change depending on what page you're looking at) => investigate what is causing that gap Other than that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It looks fine to me.
  13. Nope, oranges has no text inserted by the shopowner for use in product_lists, so no text shows...that actually shows something "quite cool" - the inbuilt ability to have Equal Height boxes even though the data for each may be completely different. Notice how all the buttons line up really great at the bottom? No more "equal heights" problems... Perhaps take the time to install v1.0.2.0, and play with it ?
  14. What is "this release", I'm guessing you meant to tell us "Phoenix"? Paypal App has been built into the CE (Gold, Frozen etc) for years...
  15. Where-ever a product is shown (other than product_info.php), the display is in a set format, broadly like this; Subtle difference depending on where (and what) is displayed. EG, the reviews box shows some reviews text and stars. If you did not notice, then I have done my task well.
  16. Phoenix Special Thanks to Forum members for constructive feedback and bug hunting to Phoenix Club members for constructive feedback on the new Layout to Language Maintainers Notes for Language Maintainers @cupidare DE @raiwa ES @Fredi RU /includes/languages/english.php /includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_reviews.php How to update ZIP FILE, easy upload. Find out what version you are on now; admin > tools > version checker, then perform the necessary updates; Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes All previous hotfix zips are listed in this thread. EG, if you are on, you must perform hotfix to the latest listed hotfix, then; Apply the changes -> Read and perform the "if updating an existing phoenix" section DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL FULL VERSION You could simply download & install the latest full v1.0.2.0 https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/ COMMIT BY COMMIT (MANUAL CHANGES) to https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/compare/ WHAT IS SIMPLEST I suggest the simplest way (assuming you are on is to grab the zip, unzip it, and upload the files. If Updating an Existing Phoenix Make sure that you have first updated fileset to (by either manual commit, or uploading zip), then; Install New Modules There are no NEW modules to install Uninstall Existing Modules Completely turn off (uninstall) Admin > Modules > Header Tags > Grid/List Javascript Reinstall Existing Modules Completely TURN OFF (uninstall) and THEN TURN ON (reinstall) the following module(s); Admin > Modules > Content > product_info > Also Purchased aka cm_pi_also_purchased Admin > Modules > Content > index > New Products aka cm_i_card_products Admin > Modules > Content > index_nested > New Products aka cm_in_card_products Admin > Modules > Content > index_products > Product Listing aka cm_ip_product_listing Delete Obsolete Files includes/modules/header_tags/ht_grid_list_view.php includes/languages/english/modules/header_tags/ht_grid_list_view.php Run SQL Some SQL needs to be run (eg in phpMyAdmin) to set up the new database entries and to update some existing database entries. Please ensure that you have made a DB backup prior to running this (or in fact any!) SQL https://pastebin.com/Ed8B6nuT Enjoy!
  17. burt

    Contact Us Form ~ Set Time

    Always state what version osc you are using when asking for help/advice.
  18. TY. What version of Phoenix is this based on? I'm guessing either (based on the unneeded version.php file) or based on the zip name. english language files - not needed in a russian pack any file that is not a language file, also need removing /includes/version.php (says /includes/apps/paypal/version.txt & there might be other files ... I have not checked any further Assuming you want linking from the Phoenix Readme, you'll need to get it up to date (which is currently, with coming tomorrow. Will you then )ongoing) be able to keep this Branch updated to mirror any language changes in the Master version of Phoenix? Not immediately changes eg within minutes - but certainly as soon as practically possible of a Phoenix release. If it's an impossibility to update it regularly, no problem, just let me know.
  19. Assuming talking about this: HTML (any, there is no limit)...works well. That display is: <p>Fruit contains <b>many</b> nutrients and vitamins essential to health. Eating fruit is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet.</p> <dl class="row"> <dt class="col-sm-3">Description lists</dt> <dd class="col-sm-9">A description list is perfect for defining terms.</dd> <dt class="col-sm-3">Euismod</dt> <dd class="col-sm-9"> <p>Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper eget lacinia odio sem nec elit.</p> <p>Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.</p> </dd> </dl> <div class="w-100"></div> <img src="images/store_logo.png" class="img-thumbnail" width="300"><br><br>
  20. So far as I recall, this functionality has never been available in osCommerce... As you say...as we're now modular...it needs a module.
  21. Straightforward option is to migrate some of your database tables from 2341 to Phoenix. Many shopowners have done this and it is straightforward if you have a technical proficiency. If you are not technical my suggestion would be to post at the Commercial Area and get some quotes to have your shop professionally updated; https://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-inquiries/
  22. No, I assumed that the link from FB would be to a product page. If you use the OG tester tool ( https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ ), on a product page it should give a lot of useful data, I just tried the Pears on demo Phoenix; I suppose that the OG module should be updated for a sitewide use, as someone on FB might link to your homepage or specials page or something.
  23. TY, but I'm sorry to say it needs to look like this (examples): ES: https://github.com/raiwa/OSCOM-CE-Phoenix-Spanish-language-idioma-espanol DE: https://github.com/cupidare/OsCommerce-CE-Phoenix-German-language-Deutsches-Sprachpaket File by file in the correct locations, not one zip.
  24. Turn on Open Graph HT Module. So many things to explore...