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  1. Use whois to determine where the IP is coming from - if that place is not important, just ban the whole IP range using htaccess.
  2. Raiwa is too modest to mention himself. @raiwa You've already taken hours of his time, so why not pay for those hours and all the upcoming hours he will spend with you.
  3. This means that you are looking at a category that has products. As both osCommerce and Phoenix stand, a category can contain subcategories OR products. Not both. I can see that you believe your category has only subcategories, but I ask you to check again that there are no products in the category, not even inactive products. You can also check in phpmyadmin at the categories_to_products table to make sure there is no orphaned entries showing for the category id.
  4. There is no ability to perform a redirect in admin. Good news for you is that we are in the process of adding in pre-placed hooks now. What you need to do is add in a callout, in admin/includes/template_top.php and test it. Then let me know where you added and what you added and how you tested it...and it might become core code. If any of the items in bold are not provided, it definitely will not become core code.
  5. There is no injectRedirects callout in admin. That is why it does not work.
  6. You will do no better than contacting these two; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix#certified-service-providers @raiwa and @BrockleyJohn
  7. Just truncate (EMPTY) the sessions table. Do not delete (DROP) the table.
  8. They are different products, look at their text...
  9. I'm sorry to tell you but Frozen (which is a newer version than you have!) went EOL (End Of Life) yesterday. You should update to Phoenix if you want to easily get support from here on out. For the error, consult your host and see what they can get from their error logs.
  10. There are approx 75 Forum Members waiting in the Queue for access to the Phoenix Club - 99% have zero posts and a throwaway email address. 
    I cannot tell if you signed up to spam the joint or if you are a real person interested in Phoenix. 

    If you have asked for access and have waited more than 24 hours, message me with the URL of your shop...or some other way to show me you are not a fly-by spam-whore.

  11. burt

    Steps to Get Complied with Cookie Consent

    No it's not, and thanks for the Spam.
  12. Here you go: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix#certified-service-providers Both of whom are available on this forum for you to converse with by Private Message. @raiwa @BrockleyJohn
  13. burt

    Lost with version to use

    Frozen is EOL (End Of Life) on Monday. You should therefore avoid it for a new store and as @ecartz rightly says, Phoenix v1.0.6.0 is the de-facto standard of osCommerce; https://www.oscommerce.com/Products&Download=oscom2ce-phoenix-v1.0.6.0
  14. 1. this thread is not for phoenix 2. there is a phoenix club 3. to get a list instead of a grid, set the width of each thing in the display to 12. It is now a list.
  15. Code https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce Demo https://template.me.uk/frozen2bs4/index.php Reminders Frozen is still frozen (at bootstrap v3) Admin is still not bootstrapped
  16. burt

    Report of specific product sole and to whom

    Because I like playing board games, I'll message you a .zip file which you can upload to your admin area and then use to download that data. It might work or it might not - no harm in trying - your shop is ancient version of osCommerce unfortunately. Sorry for your loss.
  17. That would not be possible with a core code change in old versions. The old style page requires each module to be 50%, and this is done using a table, where the modules have no influence over the layout. In effect, this type of coding is as old as the Ark as the "controller" is the page, not the modules. Modules are saying: Here's my Content Page is saying: Here's the slot where you are going. In the recent update, I recoded the page and all the modules to give the modules control over the layout. Modules are now saying: Here's my content and here's my width. Jump. Page is now saying: Yes Sir. How high?
  18. burt

    Site quick Find question

    Within the next few weeks, I'll be releasing a Supp Code which does something that would be almost ideal to be refactored into a Filtering system...
  19. burt

    Site quick Find question

    It's doable, bluff it using the SEO keywords search engine. Give it a "code", eg: All products that fits a compact firearm = FITCF. In your product page, then link to advanced_search_result.php?keywords=FITCF That gets very unwieldy very quickly if 1 product needs multiple "codes". And you have many products. A better way would be some way to set up "codes", then in the product addin/editing page have a tab that allows you to assign 1 or more codes. Then have a new page showing all codes and ability to drill down to find what the customer looks for. IE: a filter system.
  20. burt

    Product Attributes Random Order Problem

    Sort Ordering would be a very simple change to add in the product_attributes area. Support a good coder to allow him/her to take v1060 and make the changes, then (if you wanted to help others in the future) give us back the code to potentially add into the Core.
  21. This is a setting in Admin > Configuration > My Store.
  22. So is that file problematic ? Forget the missing backslash, I forgot to backslash it.
  23. What I'd like to do is this; I will log into the Phoenix Demo and amend a file via the define_language I will FTP it down I will attach it here At that point, you can open in your editor a let know what you see...