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  1. burt

    Email queuing system

    I'm still working on this as and when I can - want to get it as "right as possible" before too many people get their hands on it, as outgoing emails are a (very) important part of any shop.
  2. burt

    version with php7.2

    Without getting into too much detail, I have to take time out of my usual schedule to give time to moving osCommerce forward. I've tried to increase that time in a number of ways, but what I've tried hasn't worked out in the way I'd hoped. There's a distinct lack of enthusiasm (amongst most [not all] shopowners), so I am only able to give 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. I don't blame shopowners - why give cash/time/effort when someone else will - there are some (not many) shopowners who are willing to be the ones keeping the project alive and I thank them for that. I'm aware it's no way to run a project that shopowners depend on, not having regular updates in good time.
  3. burt

    version with php7.2

    7.2 work has not commenced - not enough support in the Community to make it happen in good time.
  4. burt

    Flat Rate Shipping

    If nothing else works, consider getting a pro coder to make it to specification. It's an hours work of coding and testing; Give each product a postage cost maybe in the shipping module as you have so few products? maybe in a new admin page? maybe in the existing admin/categories.php page? In new shipping module look at cart contents and work out cost appropriately
  5. https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/a8e68e5832ecbcbafed279a41a7432432a076469
  6. No reason. HT module would be just as good, if properly coded.
  7. Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for your support over the years.
  8. You'd need to change that script (includes/modules/product_listing.php) to a form along with one button at the bottom. Depending on what version you use, you may also need to create an action for the form. Do these two parts first and get it working to add multiple products/qty into cart. After that is done and working, then think about adding in ajax functionality - which should be fairly straghtforward.
  9. burt

    Index Link Modules

    What do you want to link to, and how do you want to do it? I'd wager everything you can think of has been already made and is available either free or paid-for.
  10. That's something added by browser - for the "search" input type. It's a "good thing" for accessibility etc... What would be a reason for not having it ? Try: https://blog.maximerouiller.com/post/remove-the-x-from-internet-explorer-and-chrome-input-type-search/
  11. You don't need to change "buy_now" to "add_to_cart" to get ajax functionality. I took special care to code both these things so that what you (I think) want can be done without such changes. However, it might be wise to state exactly what you do want.
  12. burt

    Email queuing system

    I've recoded a portion of this as my logic was causing a noticeable slowdown while creating and processing the outgoing emails queue. It's now a bit simpler, yet gives the exact same details, and allows shopowner to more easily "send" himself (eg by cron or accessing a special page). Will get this out to the two testers tonight for further feedback. If that testing goes well, will then put a call out for a couple more testers.
  13. burt

    Email queuing system

    Your outgoing template can be plain text or HTML. HTML is just plain text made fancy after all ... Most (though still not all) email clients these days can handle HTML well.
  14. burt

    Email queuing system

    I'm still ironing out a few things and have to think of a better way to do one thing in particular - it's not a massive issue but a niggling little thing that I won't be happy until it is solved. Hoping to get a couple more testers on board after I have solved that problem... This one is quite a complicated piece of code, thanks to the two testers so far for excellent feedback. That is looking sweet @Dan Cole - really nice.
  15. That should actually be changed to use the bootstrap red. I'll put it on the ever-growing list of to-do's. Good to see a small business using the software, very pleasing.
  16. Always best to either post an image or link to a page... .productSpecialPrice { color: red !important; } in your user.css and then refresh a few times (ctrl+shift+r) to make the .css kick in.
  17. It is red, just a little difficult to make out due to the rest of your site being a similar colour;
  18. Having thought about it for a whole 30 seconds, you wouldn't even need to do that. The HT module would just need to run; update products set products_status = 0, products_last_modified = now() where products_quantity < 1
  19. Why not use a HT module on checkout_success? The HT module would perform the following functions; get the "in stock" number of each product if stock is less than 1, set the product inactive maybe send an email to shopowner to tell them what has just gone inactive You could then also have a dashboard module to show the latest X products that have been set to inactive. It seems fairly simple if you keep it simple as the above ?
  20. that's shafted the users of your fork. Anyone using your fork will still expect you to support it/them.
  21. Fake News. Please stop the negative "slushee" etc comments. AGAIN, as you appear to be the only one propogating this type of comment; FROZEN is a point in time along the CE timeline. That is it, nothing more, nothing less.
  22. This is a fork and you can get support for it directly from @mcmannehan. If @mcmannehan reads this - I would ask him to contact you directly and provide support at his own forum/site.
  23. burt

    Email queuing system

    Unintended: I was playing with the files at the exact time!
  24. You could give it a go by doing as suggested above by jcmagpie => a new admin folder to run alongside your real admin.